Viewsonic VP2772;  An In-Depth Review

Though the rise to popularity of cheaper 4K monitors has had many of us excited in the recent months, 27-inch displays is still considered as the ideal display for professionals. Viewsonic for example, has established itself to be a brand for serious computer professionals, and one of its newest additions Viewsonic VP2772, is living up to its reputation, as it’s widely considered to be the best 27-inch monitor in the market today. Many complain about large monitors with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Though this is generally fine for people on a tight budget, as a professional, you want something that can give you a little more space to work on. It’s for sure, not a cheap display to buy, but is the investment worth it? Read this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide and find out.

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Who is it for?

If you’re a serious computer professional looking for a competitive and dependable 27-inch display, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then you should really consider Viewsonic VP2772. It’s a very versatile display; you can watch movies and play games with this screen, but that’s not what this monitor is really designed for. This product is designed to handle color quality-demanding work. Thanks to its optimal color accuracy, this monitor provides a lot of convenience for professionals. If you’re looking for professional-quality imaging, and still want to save a huge chunk of money, then this one is for you.



Best 27-inch Monitor for Your Money

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The 2560 x 1440 resolution of this Viewsonic monitor, along with professional grade IPS panel makes the right combination of flexible design, excellent set of features and outstanding image quality. It’s a professional class 27-inch display that doesn’t cost a fortune.


Accurately Display 99% of the Adobe RGB Wide Color Gamut for Full Color and Details

The Viewsonic VP2772 is able to display 99% of rich true colors of wider Adobe RGB color space, allowing users to enjoy fullest color and details. This makes the monitor perfect for graphic design, photography, media creation, publishing, CAD/CAM drawing and much more.


12-bit Color Engine and 14-bit LUT Reproducing 68.7 Billion True-to-Life Colors

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This Viewsonic monitor uses 12-bit color engine alongside with 14-bit LUT, allowing it to support image color rendering and HD content. Also, this allows the display to reproduce up to a whopping 68.7 billion colors, ensure true-to-life images without compromising the signal quality, while the 14-bit LUT provides smooth color gradations.


High Performance LED for Stunning Color Clarity

The high-performance LED equipped in this product offers 2560x1440 native ultra-high resolution, that’s four times the standard 720p resolution we have in the past couple of years and 1.8x resolution of Full HD 1080p. This results to clearer and more stunning picture quality. It’s a perfect tool for professional graphic designers, as it flawlessly interprets designs in detailed colors.


No Color Distortion Between Monitors with Delta E ≤ 3 Color Accuracy

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The Delta E ≤ 3 Color Accuracy of Viewsonic VP2772 is displayed accurately in this monitor’s screen, and even on daisy-chained displays, without compromising or differences in color reproduction. Each display is well-calibrated by Viewsonic’s technician, giving it the average Delta E ≤ 3 value. This way, each monitor has the same exact excellent color performance.

Improved Response Time for Versatile Performance

Compared to its predecessors, the response time of this Viewsonic monitor has quite improved. This monitor has a response time of 6 ms. Though this is still far from impressive, we can’t expect this monitor panel, with this resolution to be excellent at this category. Most people however, may not be able to recognize the difference, only those with extra-sensitive eyes for motion blur.

In terms of input lag results, this IPS display falls under the average category. Which is still not the top choice for hardcore gaming, particularly those who are looking to play long hours of fast-action games like FPS games.

Users can adjust the “Response Time” from the OSD, but this can cause reverse ghosting effect.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

As a 27-inch sized monitor, the Viewsonic VP2772 is usually enough as a standalone display.  However, we obviously have different needs and requirements for our workstation. Those looking to expand their screen real estate even further are lucky, as this Viewsonic monitor has VESA support. For more ergonomic setup or even dual monitor setup, the 100x100 VESA-mountable design of is a great feature to take advantage of. The adjustability of the stand may provide some ergonomics and flexibility, but third-party ergonomic solutions like LCD arm and dual monitor stand offer far more superior function and support. While there are limited options for monitors 27 inches big, Dual Monitors Guide has got you covered.


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The Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm for example, is your best choice out there. It’s a fully adjustable dual LCD monitor arm with solid polished aluminum construction and high quality materials. It can supports two 27-inch displays and both arms can be adjusted independently, allowing users to reposition their display; up, down, forward and back, with one simple touch, and still keep the displays secured and stable in place through the help of its patented Constant Force (CF) technology.


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If you don’t like the dual monitor setup, but you want the flexibility and ergonomic convenience of fully adjustable an LCD monitor arm, then you should check out Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm.  This LCD arm comes with a sleek, adjustable arm is designed to lift displays and all-in-one computers that weights up to 30lbs. The arm has 5 inches height adjustment, along with all the smooth tilt, pivot, extension and retraction and change of orientation (portrait to landscape and vice versa). This arm can also help keep your desk space neat and clean from cables through its superb cable management system, while the patented Constant Force technology keeps your display stable and secured in place.



Design and Features

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Like most Viewsonic products, the Viewsonic VP2772 is not the most good-looking monitor out there. It doesn’t feature the usual rounded corners and sleek lines we normally see from high-end monitors. Rather, it sports an industrial charm. Of course, if you’re looking for picture quality and performance, cabinet design is the least of your concern.


SuperClear IPS Panel with Wide Viewing Angles

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Wherever you sit in your room, the Viewsonic VP2772 makes sure you get the best view. Equipped with the SuperClear IPS technology, this new monitor from Viewsonic can deliver uncompromised picture quality even at extreme angles 178° both vertically and horizontally. Experience consistent brightness, accurate and vivid colors in both sides, above, below and front, without any color distortion. This makes VP2772 a great display for movies.


Buttons and Functions

OSD display of VP2772 is not the its most impressive feature. For the most part, the on-screen display is comprehensive and easy to use, with easy and straightforward navigation. However, its presentation is quite dull utilitarian, with a few puzzling icons. It would have been much better if they presented the icons with actual color temperature or in addition to color presets like Native, Bluish, Cool and Warm.

However, once you get a hang of it, everything becomes easy to work with. There are also dedicated sRGB and Adobe RGB presets, different response time levels to choose from, adjust the Gamma level manually, and the Overscan mode should you need it.


Well-Equipped Inputs and Outputs for High-Definition Daisy Chain Capability with Flexible Connectivity Options

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This Viewsonic monitor comes equipped with 2 DisplayPot inputs and 1 DisplayPort output, allowing users to daisy-chain multiple monitors and for easy cable management. This monitor also keeps its high-definition content and color consistent across screens. The Quad HD on the other hand, is supported on two daisy-chained displays (two screens total), while the Full HD is supported on four daisy-chained displays (four screens total).

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The HDMI and DVI inputs on the other hand, allow users of this display to connect the monitor and toggle between different sources. It’s also equipped with built-in 4 USB 3.0 ports for versatile and fast connection with various peripherals.


Easy Setup

Setting up this monitor is conveniently easy. The main arm is already attached, which means all you need to do is attach the base. This can be a little tricky, as 27-inch is not a small screen to work with. But then again, Viewsonic makes it’s easy to tighten and secure.


Ergonomically Designed Stand for Optimum Comfort and Productivity

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This monitor isn’t only equipped with the best feature and functions for optimum performance, as it’s clear that the brand also took time in planning its ergonomic design. This product gives you the freedom and flexibility to set the screen however you want it, thanks to its wide range of movement. Simply choose from 0-5.9 inches height adjustment, 120° swivel, 90° pivot, and 5° to 23° tilt adjustments.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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It can be really difficult to find faults in Viewsonic VP2772. It’s undeniable that this monitor really gives the best bung for your buck; it’s very well-equipped allowing it to deliver outstanding performance, packed with great features that you can really take advantage of, and the level of professional quality at an affordable price. However, it has its own share of drawbacks as well, or should we call it, areas to improve on, as they are not really big issues that affect that performance and quality of the product. These are the monitor’s boring design and somewhat fiddly menu controls. Also, this monitor consumes more power than usual. Other than that, there is not much to complain about this Viewsonic monitor.

All in all, the Viewsonic VP2772 can certainly hold its head up high, as it was able to surpass its predecessor Viewsonic VP2770-LED. Though it is still a little pricey, users get more or less the same level of picture quality, performance and set of features as the more expensive competitors in the market, such as the Asus PA279Q.

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