Viewsonic TD2240: An In-Depth Review

With easy-to-learn and easy-to-use functions, Windows 8 is taking the computer scene by storm. More and more people are turning to this OS for convenience and better productivity, whether it’s for general computer use or specific professional computing tasks. However, it’s no secret that Windows 8 is designed for touchscreen function. Thus, those who wish to switch in this new Operating System needs a display with touch technology. Enter ViewSonic TD2240, the brand’s newest addition for its touch-screen monitor line. It has a very responsive touchscreen system, with good color accuracy and generous set of inputs and outputs for variety of computing tasks. Know more about this touchscreen monitor here at Dual Monitors Guide’s review.

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Who is it for?

The ViewSonic TD2240 touchscreen monitor is packed with convenient features and designed for full compatibility with Windows 8. With 10-point capacitive touchscreen system, generous set of connectivity options, decent to good image quality performance, this ViewSonic display is perfect for people looking to take full advantage of Window’s newest OS.



Excellent Touchscreen Monitor for your Windows 8


The ViewSonic TD2240 represents the brand’s latest addition in its touchscreen monitor line. It uses a Vertical Alignment (VA) panel and works with a 10-point capacitive touchscreen system that delivers responsive and smooth Windows 8 experience, along with bold colors, high native-contrast ratio and generous selection of features and ports.


Windows 8 Compatible for Easy Access to Your Favorite Applications

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This monitor from ViewSonic is designed to work perfectly with Windows 8. This allows users to use it for MS Office Suite applications, web surfing and various multimedia entertainment. It also gives a shortcut for Windows Store access, allowing users to download variety of useful applications and fun games, in addition to apps for social networking, online messenger, chatting, and many more.


Good Color Accuracy and Grayscale Performance But Average Pixel Response

This ViewSonic display is quite a solid performer. Color accuracy is good, though not as stellar as the Dell P2314T. Blue and green colors stayed close to their ideal coordinates, while red was spot-on. In terms of grayscale performance, this monitor reproduces every shade of gray quite well.

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Action-packed high-definition movies like The Avengers showed well-balanced colors, with sharp details, while keeping skin tones look natural. The 3000:1 native contrast ratio of the panel along with the solid grayscale performance makes highlights and shadows of the movie look great.


Though action movies look decent with this monitor, fast-motion games such as Burnout Paradise on PS3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360 remained decent. Not surprising, considering this monitor is only capable of performing at 25-millisecond (black-to-white) pixel response. If you’re a serious gamer looking for a monitor that can handle your needs, then you should consider Viewsonic VX2452mh, the brand’s monitor dedicated for hard-core gamer, as it plays games at 2-millisecond (gray-to-gray) pixel response, with very affordable price tag.


Highly Responsive 10-Point Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

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This ViewSonic touchscreen monitor is equipped with Projected Capacitive touch technology, one of the leading touch technologies available in the market today widely used for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This gives the display the 10-point multi-touch technology, durable and scratch-resistant surface, highly accurate and ultra-responsive touch system for variety of computing tasks such as web browsing, typing, gaming, or using of various touch applications.


Variety of Picture Settings

The TD2240 has variety of picture settings to help you set the best display for your computing needs. This includes the basics such as Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, Dynamic Contrast and Overscan.

For Eco Modes, there are three (3) settings to choose from; Standard, Optimize and Conserve. Audio adjustments also include the basic three; Volume, Mute and Input Source. While Power Management Settings comes with the Sleep Timer and Auto-Power-Off option that will set the monitor on Standby mode if no signal is detected.


Equipped with SuperClear Technology for Wide Viewing Angles

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With SuperClear technology, images displayed on ViewSonic TD2240s screen remain accurate, and vivid in colors, with consistent brightness levels all through the 179° angle, whether it’s above or below, left to right – images don’t look distorted or saturated in colors.


Generous Selection of Ports and Inputs/Outputs

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ViewSonic TD2240 has two (2) USB 3.0 ports mounted on its left for easy and convenient access, while the back cabinet houses two (2) more USB 3.0 ports, making it easy for users to connect the monitor to various storage devices and PC peripherals. The back of the cabinet also houses the usual input/output options like DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA. The HDMI port supports MHL protocol (Mobile High Definition Link), allowing users to display contents like audios, videos and photos from a compatible Android smartphone. The back cabinet also houses the audio input jack and the headphone jack.

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This monitor has two (2) built-in 2-watt speakers that work decently. They may sound tinny when set at the highest volume level, but they work just fine for watching videos in YouTube, system sounds and video chats.


Helps You Save the Planet with Mercury-Free Backlight and Low Energy Consumption

This monitor lets you take your part in helping save the planet – the panel’s backlight is mercury-free and the product is Energy Star certified, which means it has low in power consumption. This LED monitor can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars in your electric bill throughout its lifetime.



Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options  

Touchscreen monitors provide a lot of convenience with its straight-forward and easy-to-use interface, not to mention Windows 8 makes everything practically easy. ViewSonic TD2240 is a quite an impressive display in many areas, particularly in its touch system. Pair that with third-party ergonomic monitor stand and you get the best out of this display. 


If you wish to make your workstation more ergonomic, then you can get rid of the stand and mount this monitor to a more flexible monitor arm or more sophisticated workstation. This product comes with VESA-compliant mounting holes, and optional mounting bracket for your convenience.

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Surely this monitor comes with a fully adjustable stand that lets you use its touch interface comfortably. However, the stand keeps the display in one particular spot on your desk and can be a space-hugging piece of hardware in your workstation. If you want to free up some space in your work desk, then you can opt for a more flexible monitor stand or a more versatile LCD arm such as the Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm. This LCD arm is great for touchscreen monitors, as it is designed to provide smooth tilt, pivot, extension, retraction and height adjustments. This means you can pull your monitor closer so you can touch the screen or push it away for better viewing experience.

This LCD arm can also help keep your desk space neat and clean from cables through its superb cable management system, while the patented Constant Force technology keeps your display stable and secured in place.

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For dual monitor setup, users have lots of options. Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp is one of the most affordable and practical choices out there. It is very solid and stable, considering its price, and it can clamp to any desk easily.

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If you’re looking for optimum ergonomics, where you can adjust each arm independently, put one monitor on top of the other, or even use this monitor alongside with your laptop, then then you should check out Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm.  It’s a fully adjustable dual monitor LCD arm, made up of made up of solid polished aluminum construction and high quality materials. Each arm can be adjusted independently, allowing users to reposition their display; up, down, forward and back, with one simple touch, and still keep the displays secured and stable in place through the help of its patented Constant Force (CF) technology.


Design and Features

The TD2240 is made up of edge-to-edge glass and bezel-free design, which allows for easy and smooth swiping, pinching gestures, while giving the monitor a classy look. Its panel is made up of high-grade panel with industry leading pixel performance policy. The glass screen however, is quite reflective and a magnet for fingerprints.


Scratch-Resistant Surface

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The touch display of ViewSonic TD2240 is made up of 7H Scratch-resistant surface, a special type of protective glass that provides improved scratch protection ensuring durability, and consistent high-quality protection even in high-traffic areas such as public environments, educational settings, and kiosks.


Flexible Stand and Ergonomic Dual-Hinge Design

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The ViewSonic TD2240 is a 9-lb monitor with 2.3 inch thick cabinet. It is supported by a scissor-like stand that provides quite a lot of ergonomic adjustments to help users find the best angle for their workstation. The stand allows height adjustment, tilt monitor forward for 5° and backward up to 90°, which allows the display to stand parallel to the desktop.

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The dual-hinge design of this touchscreen monitor on the other hand, provides an ergonomic, comfortable and sturdy support, as it allows the screen to rest flat on your desk or table. This provides an ergonomic design that provides optimum comfort and better productivity, whether it’s for home, office or school use.


Buttons and Functions

Since it’s a bezel-free design, its Power switch and four (4) other function buttons are mounted on the right part of the cabinet. However, buttons doesn’t come with on-screen labels, which means there’s some learning curve to get used to the buttons for making adjustments.


Tech Specs

Package comes with the VGA, MHL, and USB cables and a resource CD with drivers and a user guide.


Bottom Line

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Though it’s true that ViewSonic TD2240 doesn’t come cheap, it does come with a lot of features and high-end specs to justify its price. The 10-point capacitive touchscreen gives way for smooth swipes and operations of the screen, while SuperClear technology makes the screen visible inside its wide viewing angle. Also, the monitor is perfectly suited for Windows 8 OS, helping users take full advantage of this new and amazing Operating System from Windows.

Also, the generous ports, and inputs/output options makes the display convenient to hook with various PC peripherals and multimedia devices, giving you the freedom to use the display in any way you want, be it an important piece in your office, or for home entertainment.

This mid-sized touchscreen monitor deserves all the love and respect it gets.

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