ViewSonic VX2452mh; An In-Depth Review

We have seen dramatic increase of budget monitors for all kinds of purposes in the past years, and this includes the gaming monitors, giving hardcore gamers flexibility for display options to pair with their expensive rig. One good example is the ViewSonic VX2452mh. Though it’s relatively older model (released in early 2014), its performance and functionality is still pretty competitive against newly released gaming monitors. The best part about it is its cheap price tag. But how does it stand against today’s newer models? Here’s an in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

As said earlier, the ViewSonic VX2452mh is a cheap gaming monitor. But don’t mistake its cheap price tag for low quality, as it comes with great specs for gaming such as blur-free action for smoother and better gaming experience. It also works well as an office monitor, as it can deliver good color performance for general computing.



The ViewSonic VX2452mh is an example that you don’t need to spend huge chunk of money for a quality gaming monitor. It runs with incredibly fast response time for smoother gaming experience and paired it with incredibly high contrast ratios to cater the needs of gamers on a budget, be it for desktop or game consoles games.


Fast Response Time with Gaming-Centric Feature ClearMotiv II Tech for Seamless Gaming Action

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

ViewSonic VX2452mh runs at 2ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response time as well as the brand’s own ClearMotiv II technology, which when enabled, provides seamless and fluid gaming action. Blasting zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox 360 went smooth while at 1080p motion handling. There were no artifacts streaking or noticeable ghosting. Burnout Paradise ran at PlayStation 3 also showed blur-free and clean gaming action.

For desktop gaming, both StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Batman: Arkham Knight was fluid, though there were some minor issues on fine-tuning of colors using the gaming-dedicated preset – Game Mode.   

The ViewSonic gaming monitor showed superb motion at 60fps (or higher at maximum 1080p resolution) in both console and desktop platforms. There are no signs of clipping, tearing or lag. Of course, you should always consider the graphics card your pair it with (for desktop).


Sharp Image Quality, Decent Colour Accuracy, But Comes with Issues on Grayscale Performance

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

Displays using TN (Twisted Nematic) based panel are expected to struggle in overall picture quality, but surprisingly, this ViewSonic monitor remained sharp. There were some trouble with its grayscale performance (in lightest and darkest shades) based on DisplayMate 64-Step grayscale test. The lightest and darkest shades of gray looked crushed, making the lightest look whitewashed, while the darkest shades just look black.

Colour accuracy is pretty decent, as CIE chromaticity test shows colros red and blue stayed quite close to their ideal coordinates, while green is a way outside its ideal zone. Skewed green of course, is quite common among TN displays, but it doesn’t affect image quality much. There were no signs of tinting, and screen doesn’t appear oversaturated with other colors.


Mediocre Viewing Angle, As Expected with Any TN-Based Displays

As with any displays using TN panel, ViewSonic VX2452mh have viewing angle issues. Images on screen start to dim and shift when viewed at 45˚ off from the center.


Decent Power Consumption

ViewSonic VX2452mh consumes 21W of power at Standard mode, which is pretty good, though it’s pretty high compared to its closest competition Dell P2314T which can bring down power consumption all the way down to 16W. However, activating the Eco mode can also bring down VX2452mh’s power consumption to 14W without compromising the screen’s brightness.


Dual Monitors and Multiple Monitors Setup 


This ViewSonic  works great in dual monitor or even triple monitor setup, thanks to VESA-compliant mounting holes. The two popular choices out there is the Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm and MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand. Both can provide stable and secured hold of two VX2452mh side-by-side, but are very different from each other ,structure wise and performance wise.

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm (image from Amazon)

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm offers two independently-adjustable articulating arms, which means better range of movement and versatility for the dual monitor setup. It is made up of solid polished aluminum construction for quality. It also comes equipped with the brand's CF (Constant Force) technology for smooth and easy adjustments.

MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

If you're tight on budget, or you simply don’t need articulating arms for dual monitor setup, then you can opt for MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand. It can easily clamp on any desk and hold two displays side-by-side. It's also one of the more affordable options out there.



Design and Features

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

ViewSonic VX2452mh sports a familiar black cabinet with glossy black bezels with a clear trim, giving it a sophisticated, if not expensive look. ViewSonic’s logo is located at the center of the bottom bezel, which comes with a clear plastic below that glows blue when the display is on. The 24-inch Twisted Nematic (TN) panel runs 1920x1080p Full HD resolution with an anti-glare screen coating. There’s also the familiar ViewSonic  Gouldian Finches in its upper-left corner. The cabinet is 2.1 inches thick and weighs 7.6 lbs.



Buttons and Controls

Off to the right hand corner are the four function buttons as well as the Power switch.

For its Picture Settings, ViewSonic VX2452mh offers nothing fancy, as it only comes with the basics. Aside from the usual brightness and contrast levels, there are 5 color temperature settings (namely blueish, cool, native, warm and sRGB). You can also create and save your own color-temperature settings through the User Color option.

For Manual adjustments, it includes Dynamic Contrast and Eco Mode settings, Volume and mute and input settings.

There are no Picture Presets in ViewSonic VX2452mh though, but you can activate the Game mode (which is still basically a Preset) by pressing the Up arrow button. When activated, it improves game’s brightness, providing better scene visibility in dark areas while playing games. Colors may lose their luster though.


Basic Selection of Connectivity Options

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

The backside of the cabinet houses the generous of inputs/outputs, namely HDMI, DVI and VGA ports, as well as a couple of audio jacks (input and output). Unfortunately, there are no USB hubs and DisplayPort.


With a Pair of Built-in 2W Speakers

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

Integrated monitor speakers has always been a welcome addition, as they provide convenience for daily use, especially for users looking to save precious desk space. As with most integrated speakers however, the 2W speakers in ViewSonic VX2452mh sound tinny. It offers moderate sound quality for everyday computing, such as watching videos online, etc. But if you’re in for more immersive experience, you’re better off with your trusted headphones or high quality external speakers.


Nice and Glossy Stand Has with Limited Adjustability, with VESA Mounting Holes Though

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

The monitor is paired with a glossy stand with a round base that can tilt up to 20˚. But that’s pretty much all the stand can do, as it doesn’t offer height, swivel or pivot adjustments, which is unfortunate, considering more and more monitors now come with fully adjustable stands. 

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

Fortunately, there is a set of VESA-compliant mounting holes, allowing users to mount this display to a third party ergonomic mounting solution, such as monitor stand with articulating arm, or to a dual monitor arm or triple monitor mount for dual monitor or triple monitor setup.


Tech Specs

Package comes with the VGA, DVI and audio cables, a Quick-Start guide and a resource CD. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an HDMI cable.



Bottom Line

ViewSonic VX2452mh is one of the many proofs that you can get a good gaming monitor without spending lots of money. It’s one of the cheapest products of its kind, but it brings a lot of good things to the table, such as fast pixel response performance of 2ms (gray-to-gray), as well as sharp image details and bright picture quality. All of which don’t require much power. Of course, if you’re looking to maximize its capabilities, then you must pair it with a high quality graphics card.

It has the common issues of TN-based panels, such as poor viewing angle, and subpar colour accuracy and grayscale performance. Also, its features are pretty limited, it doesn’t even come with convenient preset modes.

All in all, ViewSonic VX2452mh is a great option for gamers on a budget. It’s sleek and has decent all-around performance that can also works perfectly for everyday office computing use. It comes with a gaming-centric function in Game mode, flexible inputs options such as HDMI, as well as a pair of built-in speakers. Gaming wise, it’s a quality performer, with 1080p resolution. If your budget can stretch for another hundred dollars though, BenQ XL2420TX offers better all-around performance, and comes loaded with gaming features, such as the 12Hz refresh rate, which would better improve gaming experience. It also comes with an ergonomic stand, a USB hub and 3D capabilities.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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