VersaDesk Sit-to-Stand Electric Standing Desk; An In-Depth Review

Most sit-stand desk converters in the market come with the same design and functionality, to the point that they become hard to distinguish from each other, as more and more products from different brands look the same. VersaDesk Sit-To-Stand Electric Desk Converter offers a unique treat for its users. Though it basically looks pretty much the same with most desktop converters in the market, this one actually adjusts electronically, making it more convenient for users to switch positions on the fly. Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Who is it for?

VersaDesk Sit-To-Stand Electric Desk Converter is designed for computer workers who spend long hours on working on their computers on a daily basis and wants to save their health against the negative effects of sitting. It’s electric which means it’s motorized, and conveniently moves and switches from sitting to standing position as you please. Simply press the button and stop at your desired height setting and you’re good to go.



VersaDesk Sit-to-Stand Electric Standing Desk (image from Amazon)

Electric Standing Monitor Adjusts With the Simple Press of a Button

In the front right hand corner of the top level surface, there two buttons: one for going up and one for going down. This is what makes the VersaDesk Sit-To-Stand Electric Desk Converter so perfect, as it allows users to either have the desk sitting flat on their existing desk for sitting position, or raise it up to their desired height level for standing position.


For Users of All Sizes, Thanks to Wide Height Adjustment Range

VersaDesk Sit-to-Stand Electric Standing Desk (image from Amazon)

The height adjustment range is 20 inches, which is more than enough for most types of users. That means users up to 6 foot 5 inches, or even 6 foot 6 inches, can definitely use this product without trouble. Also, the great thing about the height adjustment is it has NO stopping points. That means any user can find his or her perfect height setting, as it can be stopped at any point you want to. That height adjustment of course, can also depend on the height of your existing desk.



Design and Features

VersaDesk Sit-to-Stand Electric Standing Desk (image from Amazon)

As with other VersaDesk sit-stand desk converters, the 48-inch VersaDesk Sit-To-Stand Electric Standing Desk Converter features two different levels, the upper level for the monitor which also includes cable management system, and the lower level for your keyboard and mouse. Pretty much the same with many sit-stand converters out there, which is actually perfect for two main reasons: to achieve proper position in both sitting and standing.

VersaDesk Sit-to-Stand Electric Standing Desk (image from Amazon)

Obviously, you need two different setups for two different settings. When sitting, we can have the monitor and the keyboard on the same height setting. However when standing, having the monitor and the keyboard at the same height will put our hands in an awkward, definitely uncomfortable position. The ergonomic position is the wrist must be just a little lower than the position of your elbows when standing.  Also, the monitor must be kept at eye level, or a little lower so you can keep your neck in a neutral position while working at standing position. This is where the two-level design comes into play.


No Assembly Required

While many desks come in easy-to-assemble feature with well-laid out and clear instructions, VersaDesk skipped this part fully and offered this product fully assembled. Simply pull the desk off of its box, place it on your existing work desk, set up your computer and peripherals, and voila! You’re good to go.


Strong and Solid Lift Support

This desk converter can lift up to a whopping 80 lbs. of equipment, which should NOT be a problem at all for 2017.


Bottom Line

VersaDesk Sit-To-Stand Electric Standing Desk Converter is without a doubt, a gorgeous and versatile desk. The fact that it can hold up weight up to 80 lbs., is simply impressive. Also, the product comes fully-assembled and ready-to-use out of the box, making it a convenient choice for users who doesn’t want to go through the hassles and stress of assembly.

The common problem among motorized height adjustable desks is the noise that the product produces when it’s moving. Fortunately for this one, the motor isn’t obnoxiously loud, making it a good solution for office workers or people who share work space with others, as it certainly doesn’t cause any distractions.


Also, the power brick is mounted inside the desk, which means there’s only one cable that you need to pull and plug into the wall to power the electric standing desk converter.

If all that is not enough to convince you, then you should know that this product is covered by a lifetime warranty. Experts Los Angeles craftsmanship and parts are covered for life. That’s how confident they are in their product’s quality.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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