Vacuum Laptop Coolers Reviews

Vacuum laptop coolers provides a unique and efficient alternative for laptop cooling that no laptop cooling pads can provide.

Many recent models of laptops have really tried to up an ante of mobile gaming by packing their computers with new technology and features, such as 4K display, full blow desktop-class GPUs such as the GTX980, SLI, etc.  This obvious, pushes the performance envelope so much that it results to another important issue that needs to be addressed – heat management.

Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler (image from Amazon)


When laptop overheats it is draining more and more power from the battery, just to run the internal fans at maximum. This results to shorter overall lifespan of the laptop, as the fans struggle to cool the internal temperature of the computer. Now, we all know it can cost a handful of money to completely replace your laptop’s damaged parts, and last thing we want is get a new laptop and experience the same problem like a cycle. So rather than doing the same cycle and experiencing the same problem over and over again, you can simply get cooling help from laptop coolers.

Heat management has been a problem for years, and though we already have tons of options in the market in the form of laptop cooler, to address this problem, many of them can be either hit or miss. Most laptop coolers in the market are in the form of a pad, where you sit your laptop on and cool things down with a series of USB-powered fans.

Vacuum laptop coolers on the other hand, takes a different approach. It’s attached to the side of the laptop and sucks the hot air out vacuum-style, giving your laptop’s built-in exhaust fan a boost. They’re extremely compact in size, lightweight, and portable. Here are some of the best products out there in this category.

Check out our list of the best vacuum laptop coolers here:

Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler Review

Opolar LC05 Laptop is designed for high performance laptops, whether it’s for CPU-heavy work such as video editing or graphic design, gaming, or different types of highly demanding tasks that causes the laptop to heat up.

Opolar LC06 Laptop Fan Cooler Review

As with its older brother, the Opolar LC06 Laptop Fan Cooler is designed for users of high-performance laptops, especially those high-end ones used for video editing, graphic design, gaming, or other CPU-demanding tasks that causes the laptop to heat up.

KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler Review

KLIM Gaming Laptop Cooler is designed for high-performance laptops that needs help in cooling, especially people working in tasks and programs that require heavy CPU work, such as photo and video-editing, big title games, etc. It’s also light and pocket sized, making it extremely portable and easy to carry around, perfect for users on the go.

Patekfly Intelligent USB Vacuum Cooling Fan Review

Patekfly Intelligent USB Vacuum Cooling Fan is obviously designed for laptop users, especially those who use their laptops for games or running huge software and/or multiple programs. It’s simple box-type design is also a good option for professionals looking for a vacuum cooler with non-distracting design.

Patekfly V5 White Vacuum Cooling Fan Review

Patekfly V5 vacuum cooling fan is made for laptop users on the go, particularly professionals who doesn’t want to have fancy-looking accessories for their computers while working away from home or office. It looks simple and basic, but definitely delivers the job.

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler Review

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan is designed for superior laptop cooling, and it’s fully equipped to deliver all its claims of lowering the temperature of your computer, keeping it fully operational at healthy temperature level for longer period of time. It comes in a futuristic/gaming-centric design, making it an excellent choice for users who love to play games on their laptops.

Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan Review

Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan is obviously designed for laptop users, and this one seems to have a good balance of gaming and industrial feel, making it a good choice for users both gamers or non-gamers. And since it’s compact and pocket-size, it’s the perfect choice for laptop users one-the-go.

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan Review

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan is designed for laptop users who don’t want to bring around futuristic/gaming-centric gadgets when working on the go. It doesn’t come with fancy blue LEDs and LCD screen, rather, it looks simple, neat, and slick, making it a great solution for professional users who use their laptops for work and business.

Tree New Bee Gaming Portable Laptop Cooler Review

As with its cooling pad counterpart, the Tree New Bee Gaming Portable Laptop Cooler is definitely designed for laptop gamers. It is compact, lightweight and pocket-size, making it a good solution for laptop users on the go. It’s fully equipped to provide the optimal cooling for any type of laptop use, even long hours of gaming. The best thing about it is it comes with affordable, if not cheap, price tag.

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