Tree New Bee Cooling Pad; An In-Depth Review

Though it’s true that new models of laptops come with improved ventilation system, many people still have the problem of overheating laptops, especially gaming laptops. This can cause serious problems for people who depend on their portable computers on a daily basis, such as data loss, which is the most common problem that can happen to an overheating laptop. For hardcore gamers, overheating is a serious threat, as heavy games require a lot of processing power, which results to high temperature. High temperature can also cause serious damage to other components of the computer, such as the motherboard, graphics card, processor, ports, etc. Fortunately, the fix for this problem is pretty simple – aid the laptop in its cooling using laptop cooling pads. One good example is the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad, a cheap laptop cooler that the style, portability and efficacy you need for laptop gaming. Is it worth your money? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad is designed for laptops, particularly for gaming, as it comes with that futuristic gaming style and feel. It comes in angular design which complements perfectly with blue LED fans underneath the black metal grill.



This cooling pad has lots of things going one as it packs style, portability and functionality all in one piece for a very affordable price tag.


Four Fans for Optimum Cooling, Impressively Quiet

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Multiple smaller fans are often to effectively push air through the interior of the laptop. Though they’re indeed effective in cooling, most of the time however, smaller fans generate noise, which can cause slight inconvenience for users, especially those who share room with other people. The fans in this cooling pad however, are impressively quiet. Tree New Bee products actually have a reputation of having good quality fans, and this one is no exception. Even on their max settings, the fans aren’t particularly loud.  That means you get maximum cooling with minimal noise pollution.

Comes with Extra USB Ports for Connectivity Convenience


Modern cooling pads connect to your laptop via USB for power. This however means you have one less USB port for your use, which can sometimes cause inconvenience if you wish to connect other devices such as your smartphone and peripherals to your laptop. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad however, saves you from that trouble by providing extra USB ports where you can plug your devices through and connect to your laptop.



Design and Features

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Many cooling pads come with minimalist, but creative design. They come in different styles and themes, since most are designed mostly for gaming, and people who intend to use their laptops for entertainment. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad is quite stylish in its design; the alien spaceship-like shape and black-themed body will surely attract any gamer looking to have a top-notch piece of equipment to pair with their gaming laptop. As with most cooling pads, it comes with a pair of legs that can be set to elevate the backside of the pad for a slightly tilted and comfortable viewing angle.


Tree New Bee Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

There are four fans measuring 120mm in diameter each. They spin at a rapid speed of 1200 rpm, that is usually more than enough cooling power to cool most 17-inch laptops.


With Blue LED Lights for that Gaming Feel

LEDs have become staple in cooling pads, and rightfully so, as many models, such as this one, specifically designed for gaming. The blue LED lights are well placed in the middle of the fans, which mean each of the four fans lights up, giving you that sensational and futuristic style.


With Control Wheels to Control the Power of Fans

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Unlike most cooling pads that only comes with On/Off switch for their fans, this product give you the total control of the amount of air that gets into to your laptop and save battery life in your laptop by giving you the controls for the fans. The fans are paired in bottom and top pairs, and each pair has control wheel button.

These buttons also let you control the brightness of the LEDs. Unfortunately, they don’t allow independent dimming from the fan controls.


Anti-Skid Arms to Keep Your Laptop In Place

To keep the whole thing from slipping and unwanted movements, the manufacturer has provided two anti-skid arms for the laptop. This will keep the laptop on top, and let you work in your most comfortable position without worrying about your portable computer.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line


Tree New Bee Cooling Pad indeed, offers great value for your money for many reasons; it may be cheap, but it does deliver the efficiency and built quality that we all want for a product of its kind and purpose.

Naturally, the style of this cooling pad doesn’t offer the most comfortable setup for bed, primarily because the stand is designed for flat surfaces, as it needs to use air around for effective cooling.


As with most products, it has its shortcomings as well. For one, the blue LEDs cannot be dimmed independently with fan controls. Also, the stand may be adjustable, but the adjustment range is pretty limited. Both of these shortcomings however are understandable, given the limitations of the design and of course, the price of the product.

All in all, the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad is a highly functional and relatively affordable tool, with the quality that you can depend on for your laptop. It’s a great tool for gamers, as it has no problem cooling down laptops from hardcore games, which ultimately helps extend the life of the device. It is well-built and comes with everything you can expect and will need for a product of its kind. The materials are of good quality as well.

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