Tools to Make Your Multiple Monitor Setup More Beautiful

Tools to Make Your Multiple Monitor Setup More Beautiful


Actual Tools

(Image from

This application is from, and it comes in free and paid form. The purpose of this program is to fix all the shortcomings of Windows in a multiple monitor setup. It is designed for all computer users with multiple monitors who are looking to improve and simplify their multi-display experience. It provides several multi-display options way beyond the options your Operating System offers, giving you more things to enjoy about your multiple monitors. It simplifies the configuration, management, and every day use of the monitors.

It includes a screensaver, a taskbar, continuous wallpaper, improves mouse control, locking to a screen or application, and allowing quick changes between displays


Ultra-Wide Widescreen Wallpapers

Take advantage of multiple displays by putting up pretty and ultra-wide wallpapers. There are tons of websites online that offer both free and paid wallpapers, such as Digital Blasphemy, Wallbase, and Simple Desktops. Multi Monitor Group also lived up to its name and offers many various designs of wallpapers for dual, triple and even quad monitor setup.


Take Advantage of Windows

Access Windows’ Display Control Panel by right-clicking any blank area on your desktop. Click ‘Screen Resolution.’ A window will open and show you the displays that are active on your computer. Click any inactive display and select “Extend these displays” at the menu to get your desktop display across them. Click “Identify” to get the associated number of the monitor. From here, you can adjust the numbers to represent the physical layout of your monitor.



(image from AMD)

Eyefinity system from AMD tries to make the spaces between multiple displays “invisible” for applications – group multiple monitors and make a single big display. For the most part, this system works well, especially for gaming. However, there are some limitations for this system – if your monitors are not identical, then the lowest native resolution will be duplicated all across the other displays. Also, if your monitors are not of the same sizes (if the size vary more than 5%), then bezel corrections are turned off.


Keep Things Nice and Tidy

With dual or multiple monitor setup, you will have more than enough desk space for your, and with more than enough desk space, it is quite easy to end up with a mess of icons and hard to find things you want to use. Fences from StarDock  is a good solution for this dilemma – it will help keep your desktop nice and tidy by organizing icons of applications, hide and show your desktop with a simple click, mirror folders’ contents on the desktop, and automatically sort your icons into their appropriate “fence.” This simple program will help all your monitors work in harmony.


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