Thermaltake Massive TM; An In-Depth Review

Most of us when we search for laptop coolers, we often categorize our choices from business, home and gamers’ use. Obviously, gaming-centric models provide the most optimal cooling system for the obvious reason that heavy gaming heat up laptops faster. They’re however, often bulky and heavy, as they come with larger body to support larger laptop and larger fans for better air circulation. These usually make them a poor choice for professional environments, such as an office, where you share a room with multiple people. Thermaltake Massive TM manages to split the difference between aesthetic and cooling performance, as this laptop cooler solid performance and unique features. Also, it’s one of the very few of its kind to come with automatic cooling mode. What makes that feature special? And is this cooling pad really that special? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Who is it for?

Thermaltake Massive TM is designed for laptop users, especially those in need of better cooling for their laptops to keep it overheating as they continue to multi-task or play games for hours. It is packed with features which set it apart from the rest of its competition, and it’s fully equipped to deliver optimal cooling with efficiency.




A Pair of Massive Fans for Effective Cooling That Doesn’t Distract Anyone

Thermaltake Massive TM comes equipped with a couple of massive fans circulating air at slightly higher than 61 CFM. Those digits may seem like a step down compared to higher-end models that comes with three or four fans, but what many people forget is that, bigger fans are more powerful, and they don’t have to spin faster to generate powerful airflow, as the larger blades are more effective in pushing air through.

Also, bigger fans are quieter. At 31 dBA, this cooling pad is quiet enough not to bother other people inside the room.

Smart Cooling System for Efficient and Quick Cooling for Your Laptop

The best thing about the dual fans is that, they can be adjusted manually or automatically, giving users the ability to optimize the cooling. The TM in its name stands for ‘Temperature Monitor’, and probably the most useful feature of this laptop is the four adjustable temperature sensors, which reads the temperature of various points of your computer, making smart cooling even more efficient and faster.

Aside from the Auto and Manual buttons for cooling, Thermaltake also provided a Turbo button for maximum cooling power. There’s also a lock button to keep the controls from being accidentally pressed, and of course, the buttons for switching fan speed.

There’s also the Smart Multi-Function display panel which shows the information from the temperature sensors.



Design and Features

The package comes in typical Thermaltake fashion – huge black box with red details. The backside of the box lists all the features of the box in many different languages, as well as the specs of the cooler. Also inside includes the manual that shows all parts of the cooler and how to connect the wiring as well as the purpose of the buttons. There’s also a foot long USB cable that you will use to power the cooler.

Thermaltake Massive TM (image from Amazon)

The outer material of the pad is mostly plastic, but it sports a sleek aluminum finish on top to make it durable. It also comes brushed with grille for the panel, allowing maximum airflow and effective air circulation under the laptop. The aluminum centerpiece is quite strong, and at this price point, most cooling pads use cheap or thin plastic or metal mesh to make the cooling pad light, but this result into flimsy body.


Cooling Controls for Efficiency

Thermaltake Massive TM (image from Amazon)

Thermaltake Massive TM is a massive device, which gives it all the ability to accommodate larger laptops. The controls are positioned in front and center, which are easy to access but quite try at the same time, as it also means there’s a good chance you will press them accidentally. Fortunately, Thermaltake addressed this designed flow by including a lock button, which practically deactivates the controls temporarily.

The controls consists six buttons and a temperature display screen. Naming the buttons from left to right, the buttons include the power button, auto and manual mode, turbo button, temperature adjustment, and button to switch the display from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. In combination with four adjustable heat sensors, these buttons lets you regulate the speed of the fans both automatically and manually. Also, each pins allow calibration, which lets you monitor separate areas of the laptop that is in need of better cooling to avoid overheating during extended use.


USB Connectivity for Convenience

Thermaltake Massive TM (image from Amazon)

As with most laptop coolers, this one comes with USB cables that plugs straight to your laptop to get its power. To compensate however, the pad comes equipped with an additional USB port which you can use to connect your flash drive or various USB peripherals to your laptop.


Height Adjustable Feature for Comfort

Thermaltake Massive TM (image from Amazon)

Though this cooling pad is not as adjustable as many of its high quality competitors, it does come with some adjustments that improve its comfort and ergonomics a little bit. You can definitely adjust the height through the cleverly designed feet which can stow flat or fold out twice, giving users three options of height adjustments.



Tech Specs

Bottom Line


Thermaltake Massive TM takes home the cake in terms of functionality and extremely helpful features, making it a great solution for laptop users looking for maximum control over their laptop cooling pads. It comes with an elegant brushed aluminum finish that gives it an exceptional and sort of expensive and solid look, along with hexagonal grill large enough to accommodate large laptops. The fans itself are high quality, as it’s made up of highly durable plastic.

For adjustability, the feet offer three levels of height adjustment which is more than enough for most users to find their comfortable positions.


As with other products out there, there are definitely some areas this pad can improve on. For one, the USB ports can be hard to reach. Also, its Auto Cool function can be spotty at times. In terms of build, the form factor may seem bulky for regular-sized laptops. But then again, as its name suggest, this pad is designed for larger laptops. Also, there are no rubber grips or fold-out supports, simple and practical features that gives users a peace of mind as they keep the laptop and the cooling pad in place.

Thermaltake Massive TM is definitely loaded with features, almost more than we could ask for a cooling pad. These smart features take this cooling pad way ahead of its competition. Do these features distract the pad from its core functionality, or improve its efficiency? Well, this highly depends on the user. All in all, this product is definitely worth your money, and it’s reasonably priced as well.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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