Taskmate Executive Electric Desktop Review, The First Electric Desktop Riser

In the past couple of years, we have seen how the market of workstation solution evolved from simple manually adjustable standing desks to electric standing desks. The most common complaint in standing solutions is that, many people don’t want to change their workspace completely and ditch their office desk. This is where the rise of desktop riser started. Taskmate took the challenge to another level by designing an electric desktop riser with their Taskmate Executive Electric Desktop – a featured-packed standing desk solution designed for professional workstation.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a sit-stand desk solution that will not make you ditch your existing office desk, and you want something with executive look to go along with your professional vibe of your workspace, then the Taskmate Executive Electric Desktop is for you. Unlike most desktop riser, it is designed with modern sophistication and packed with features to revamp your workstation and computing experience.



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The executive design and futuristic approach of Taskmate Executive Electric Desktop easily transforms any workstation to look professional and sophisticated. Many people consider this product as the first wave of what we can expect in the future – combining sophistication for functionality. Though this is not the most sophisticated out there, it surely is a giant leap in terms of desktop riser design.


Easy and Hassle-Free Operation

Most desk risers available in the market today rely on counter-tensioning systems, gas springs, and some muscular assistance to move from one position to the other. The Taskmate Executive Electric Desktop on the other hand, ditches these old-school systems to make way for a more powerful, easy, and hassle-free operation – one-touch electric motor system. This system is surprisingly strong and relatively swift and smooth, moving at a 1-inch per second rate. Users can switch from sitting to standing position, and vice versa, in around 10 seconds in this technology. All computer geeks and gadget lovers out there will surely love this really cool technology.

With Adjustable Keyboard Tray that Fits to Your Computing Needs

While most desktop risers we have seen these days come with extra monitor platform, this product from Taskmate opted to bundle the Executive Electric Desktop with an adjustable keyboard tray. This tray ergonomically fits to any type of computing tasks and any user’s computing requirements. Thanks to its vertical adjustment (positive and negative adjustment) and tilt adjustment (7 inches tilt range) that allow users to set their keyboard to the best position for their hands and wrists. It is also very durable and reversible for right or left hand mouse setup. It also comes with cushioned keyboard and mouse wrist to add comfort to users. This type of feature can’t be found in most desk risers in the market today.

The tray however, uses a knob to stay in position. Expensive models out there uses lift-and-lock mechanism or lever-lock mechanism to optimally secure the keyboard tray. The knob is inferior compared to these mechanism, and may cause annoyance once in a while. Experts suggest using this desk riser with an articulated monitor arm to complete your workstation’s ergonomic features.


Equipped with Handy Add-ons

This desk riser from Taskemate bundles many handy add-ons with the main body to support various features and let you put more things on your workstation. Also, it lets you add whatever accessories and add-ons you want to setup the workspace that perfectly fits to your work needs and preferences. This includes a flat screen monitor arm for better display positioning, keyboard tray and copyholder for wrist and hand-friendly computing and keeps important things at arm’s length, etc.

A good example of these add-ons is the tablet/document holders. This feature comes in bundled with the Taskmate Executive Electric Desktop. When attached to the riser, they provide extra real estate for important documents or files and programs need to access from your tablet. These platforms are angled on either side of the riser to keep important things at arm’s length. Aside from the added real estate, these arms also add to the riser’s ‘modern’ look, quite futuristic for some, but definitely an industrial aesthetic.

You can also choose to add the durable tabletop surface option to give the riser a height adjustable workbench for light assembly. Its adjustability is great for multi-user and multi-shift work environment.


Silent and Stealthy Sound, Causing No Distractions to your Housemates or Officemates

Up until now, loud and annoying sound has always been the challenge of most motorized tables and various office products. The Executive Electric Desktop from Taskmate doesn’t have this problem though, as it is pretty stealthy on its operation. Its motor noise is only around 65 decibels, which can be still noticeable, but its way stealthy compared to the deafening noise found in most products.


Design and Features

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The Executive Electric Desktop by Taskmate is by far, one of the most modern, if not futuristic desktop risers out there today. It is not at all simple, rather it’s a sophisticated product that comes with tons of things to offer to easily revamp one’s workspace and computing experience. It is packed with features designed to provide comfort, ergonomics and convenience for various computing tasks


Instantly Transforms Your Existing Desk to a Sit-Stand Desk

Designed to fit to your existing desk, the Executive Electric Desktop from Taskmate is made to instantly transform your traditional workspace to a comfortable, ergonomic, and healthier workstation with its sit-stand mechanism. This riser is adjusted vertically, with a single push of a button. This is an ergonomic solution that works well in almost any type of work and computing environment.


Impressive Weight Capacity, Allowing Users to Put More Important Things at Arm’s Length

The Taskmate Executive Electric Desktop is quite strong, with an impressive weight capacity of up to 50 lbs. This means that this desktop can hold the better part of your workstation with it, and things you want to keep at arm’s length, such as tablet, mobile phone, pen, notebook, etc.


Two Adjustment Options

The two (2) adjustment options of Executive Electric Desktop gives it the flexibility and versatility to let users position and set the desktop riser on their most ergonomic and comfortable position. It’s a vital feature that adds dynamic to the product’s function – it changes the distance between the monitor and keyboard as the user switches from sitting to standing position, and vice versa


Tech Specs

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Bottom Line

The Executive Electric Desktop is the very first powered desk riser in the market today. This desk riser is small enough to fit to most existing desk and blend in nicely to any workspace. Though operating and making adjustments in this riser is relatively easy and straightforward, assembly is not, or rather, mounting its add-ons is not easy. The electric body of the riser comes pre-assembled. And though the manual shows instructions on how to setup the whole thing, it doesn’t clearly illustrate the details, especially in terms of how to attach pieces. But despite these flaws, this desktop riser is still one of a kind in terms of design and functionality.

Build wise, the Taskmate Executive Electric Desktop is definitely durable enough to stand the rigors of daily use for just about any task. Its sturdy steel frame keeps workstation elements stable. The base of this desk riser is designed to support as much as 70 lbs. and it comes with a non-slip pads and Velcro that keeps the whole thing in place. Also comes with mounting screws options. The electronic actuator allows the device to move and switch positions without making annoyingly loud noise. It can be a little expensive, but it definitely is a good addition for people with already-great office desk and wants to upgrade their workstation with sophisticated desk rise. Check out Dual Monitors Guide to see more in-depth reviews like this.

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