Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat; An In-Depth Review

The top two things we look for a quality laptop cooler are one – they can’t be cheaply made, and two – they must be powerful enough to provide the cooling we need for our mobile computers. However, there’s one thing many people miss out – finding the right size. For laptops 15-inch and bigger, especially gaming laptops, they definitely need a cooling pad large enough to support both its size and the cooling it needs. Fortunately, we have plenty of good options in the market, as most cooling pads are designed for laptops up to 17-inch of size. One good example of a product that effectively combines all these three is the Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat. What makes this laptop cooler tick? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat is for all types of laptops; it’s good enough to provide the cooling assistance for all types of laptop use, even for gaming. It comes equipped with three powerful, but impressively quiet fans, and it’s simplified and straightforward design comes with plenty of really cool features.


Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat is probably the most unique, yet simple and unassuming laptop cooling pads out there. At first glance, it looks like a lap desk where you simply place your laptop on top to elevate it off your desk and allow better airflow. However, looking closely, you will notice that it’s more than that; that it’s a high performance laptop cooling device for all your mobile computing needs.


Three Ultra Quiet HydroDynamic Triple Fan System for High Performance Cooling

The Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat comes equipped with three HydroDynamic fans designed to cool high-performance laptops up to 18-inch of size. These USB powered fans are lined up at the back, positioned to target all possible ventilation entrances to the laptop.


Precision Dial to Adjust and Control Fan Speed

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat (image from Amazon)

At maximum speed, the fans can run for up to a whopping 3000 RPM. But that’s not even the most impressive thing for this tool, as the manufacturer also provided a way to control the speed of the fans, allowing users to find the best operation setting for specific tasks. Obviously, we want to set it at maximum speed when gaming, and low to medium when working, especially at night, for minimal noise (though, the fans are relatively quiet).


Advanced Airflow Straighteners for Efficient Spot Cooling

This cooling pad can focus airflow when it is needed, providing efficient spot cooling where it is needed most.

Design and Features

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat (image from Amazon)

Durable and Super-Low Profile Design

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat is pretty neat; slim and sleek, as it’s designed for medium-sized gaming laptops. It’s thin, which means you can easily slide it inside your backpack, briefcase, or laptop bag and bring it along with you anywhere you go. All of its three fans are housed inside and visible from behind, though you can still see them from the front through the aluminum grill surface. It also comes with blue LEDs to indicate the fans are running, something staple for many gaming laptop cooling pads.

The package comes in a low-key box, which is fine, as we don’t expect a fancy package from a simple tool such as this one.

This thing also fits 15-inch laptops perfectly, though it can accommodate 17-inch laptops, with an overlap of 1-inch on both sides.


Aluminum Alloy Grill to Dissipate the Heat

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat (image from Amazon)

The front surface of Chill Mat is constructed using aluminum allow, which means it’s super durable without the added weight.


Non-Skid Feet to Keep the Whole Thing Secured In Place

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat (image from Amazon)

This cooling pad comes with elastomer feet, providing a nonskid surface stability, keeping the whole thing from sliding or moving on your desk.


Tech Specs

Package includes the USB cable, user guide and the chill mat.


Bottom Line

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat is a good example of what everybody should be getting for their 15.6-inch laptop. It comes in a sleek and elegant low-profile design, three fans that ran quietly on slow and medium setting (a little noisier around the high), but nonetheless, it completely ventilates the laptop.

It’s a well-built product, with heavy duty fans and adjustable fan speed. However, obviously, it has its own set of drawbacks as well. For one, it’s not good for lap use, second there is no height adjustment options available. Those who use their laptops on their desk would surely love to have a height adjustment options for their cooling pads.

Nonetheless, the Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat is still a good deal. It’s reasonably priced, and delivers in its promise of cooling, especially for gaming and high utility use.

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