Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Laptop Cooling Pad; An In-Depth Review

We have reviewed a handful of laptop cooling pads, many of them come with a single large fan for quiet operation. Others come with two, three if not four fans. One brand named Superbpag, just went all out in this aspect of cooling, as it equipped on of its product with a whopping six powerful fans. What makes this cooling pad special? How does is fare with its competitors? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide and find out.

Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Cooling Pad is most definitely designed and made for gaming. Anyone who would need six fans definitely needs help in cooling their laptop’s battery of CPU in long hours of gaming.



Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Cooling Pad as its name suggest, comes equipped with six powerful fans. That’s more than double of what many cooling pads comes with in the market today. It’s also a well-designed and well-built tool that users can carry around and use anytime, anywhere.


6 Silent Fans and Adjustable Fans for Optimal Cooling and Maximum Thermal Heat Dissipation

As said earlier, this cooling pad comes equipped with six powerful fans. The best thing about these fans is that, they don’t just whir heat away at a rate of 1000RPM, they are also adjustable, making 70 CFM of airflow.

For adjustability, you can control the laptop cooling pad by:

Controlling the fan speed by choosing “-“ and “+” buttons or through the 4 Speed adjustable which shows P1 to P4 adjustments where you can adjust from slow to fast.

You can also control different fans: the second button from the right controls the number of fans working. The screen will show F1 to F3 choices, where F1 refers to the two middle fans, F2 to the four corner fans, and F3 for all six fans.


Dual USB Interface Design

Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

One of the most common complaints among cooling pads is that, they take up the space of the ever-important USB port, which many users use for variety of laptop tools, such as external keyboard and mouse, and hooking up various workstation peripherals, such as speakers and of course, gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. This Superbpag cooling pad on the other hand, provides the extra USB port with its built-in dual USB hub, allowing easy and convenient connection for more USB devices.


Design and Features

Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

The first thing users will notice when they take out this product from its box is how large it actually is. It’s designed to hold laptops up to 17 inches of size.


Super Slim Profile and Light Weight for Portability

Though relatively large, the Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Cooling Pad is actually thinner than most cooling pads designed for gaming. Consequently, it’s also lighter, which obviously shows portability.


Touch-screen Buttons with Blue LED for Cool Gaming Feel

Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Cooling Pad comes with a high-class touchscreen control buttons to conveniently adjust the operation of the fans; quite a nice touch, especially since we don’t usually this kind of feature in many laptop cooling pads.


A Clamp to Hold Thicker Laptops

Many people miss out in this aspect of laptop cooling pad, but it’s actually pretty important especially for gaming laptops, which are obviously thicker than most laptops. The clamp keeps laptops in place and from sliding off the surface, especially important for changing angle setup.


Raise and Lock Stand

Superbpag cooling pad raises your laptop enough to provide adequate airflow below and optimal viewing angle, whether you’re sitting or lying down. The legs locks in place to secure the height that you wish to have and set the laptop at the best angle possible for comfortable viewing/working.


6 Levels of Adjustability for Ergonomics

Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Adjustability options seem to be the biggest challenge most laptop cooling pad face, as many models come in flat one-piece setup, without features that let you adjust the height of your laptop. This one however, comes in with six different height adjustment options, allowing you to choose the best height setting, and angle which you can rest your keyboard for optimal ergonomics.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

The benefits of having multiple smaller fans over single large fan may be clear-cut, but the Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Cooling Pad goes all out with a whopping six individual fans. Without discrediting single fan models, the additional fans that come with this laptop cooling pad should benefit users looking to maximize airflow and heat dissipation.

The fans are relatively noiseless, though six individual motors powering each, it can be expected that this cooling tool will be a bit louder than other models. In exchange though, the manufacturer has provided multiple different fan configurations that allow users to allocate power straight to specific trouble areas of their laptop, such as the CPU or the battery.


Also, it comes with wide adjustable height options, giving users good options for a more comfortable and ergonomic computing setup.

As with most products of its kind in the market however, Superbpag 6 Cooler Fan Cooling Pad also has some limitations. For one, there is no way of disabling the LEDs. Though it looks quite cool, some users may not need/want this feature running all the time. Also, the multiple fans running simultaneously make somewhat louder noise than single or double fans.

Nonetheless, this cooling pad has lots of excellent features going on, such as the temperature display and manual control buttons, as well as the onboard USB 2.0 ports, which provides great convenience for all types of users. It’s a well-built and a sturdy cooling pad that easily outweighs all the negatives.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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