Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad; An In-Depth Review

Single large fan may provide the cooling we want without the noise. However, the benefits of laptop cooling pads with multiple fans can’t be undermined, as they can help target specific areas for more efficient spot cooling. So how about combining single large fan with multiple smaller ones to get the benefits of both worlds? That’s exactly what Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad had in mind, as it combines four smaller fans with one large fan at the center of the cooling pad for efficient cooling.

Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad is definitely designed for gaming laptop. It’s large enough to accommodate most gaming laptops, and efficient enough to support the cooling needs for high performance gaming. It comes with simple, but effective features that we always look for a practical cooling pad.



Like its 6-fan sibling, the Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad is a well-designed and a well-built tool that users can easily carry around and use anytime, anywhere. Its most obvious difference from the former of course, is it uses one large central fan in the middle instead of two, and surrounded by four smaller fans. Though there are of course, some differences in its interface.


5 Fans for Nice and Powerful Airflow with Quiet Operation

As with its 6-fan counterpart, the Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad comes with nice and powerful airflow for maximal thermal heat dissipation. The good thing about these fans is they don’t just whir heat away at a rate of 1200+-10% RPM (for small fans) and 2000+-10%RPM (for big fan), they’re also adjustable; giving you the freedom to choose the airflow setting you want. This comes in handy when working on different tasks and setups. Obviously, you want the fans to be at maximum speed when gaming, even at medium speed for a nice and quiet operation when working, studying, typing, etc.



Design and Features

Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

One thing you will quickly notice when you pull this product out of its box is how large this cooling pad actually is; and rightfully so as it is designed to hold laptops up to 17 inches. Of course, you need to consider your surface area when choosing a larger cooling pad.


Thicker Clamps To Secure Thicker Laptops

Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

The clamps in the 5-fan superbpag cooling pad are significantly thicker than in most cooling pads. Many people miss to check this feature, as they wouldn’t think about these clamps to hold their laptops up. However, they’re actually quite important, especially for securing thicker laptops from sliding off, which is usually the case for gaming laptops.


A Pair of USB Ports at the Back

Staple to superbpag are two USB ports, both located at the back. This basically means one USB port to power the pad, and another to get that USB port back. This means the USB port it uses in your laptop is replaced, and you can plug in whatever device you wish to connect to your laptop right through the cooling pad.


With Airflow Control Speed Switch

Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Unlike the 6-fan cooling pad which comes with touchscreen buttons, this product uses a control wheel to On/Off and control the speed of the fans. You can hear the switch click for On and Off, and adjust the fan speed by simply turning the dial. It’s quite a nice feature, as most of us would really love to have a sense of control in using this type of tool; there are times where we want a maximum fan speed for gaming, and low to medium speed while we’re working for minimal noise, especially at night.


Raise and Lock Stand

Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

As far as tilt angle, this one comes equipped with a little stand at the bottom that goes out, which provides a good range of setup settings to choose from. It raises the laptop to provide better airflow and adjusts the viewing angle of the screen as well, so you get the best setup whether you’re lying down or sitting. It’s not too tilted though, but it’s okay, as you may not need to tilt it on its maximum setting most of the time. The leg locks in place to secure the height and tilt angle.


Tech Specs

Included in the box is the USB plug to plug cable.


Bottom Line

With Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad basically, you get a laptop cooling pad with five efficient fans with variable fan speed controls, and allow several vertical adjustment options. It comes equipped with a thicker pair of clamps to support thicker laptops, which is an extremely convenient feature for gaming laptops.


For cooling efficiency, the fans do a pretty good job in delivering excellent airflow. And even at highest settings, they’re whisper quiet, which is impressive given how powerful the individual motors can be.

As with most cooling pads in the market right now, Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad has some limitations. For one, that blue LEDs provides that cool gaming vibe, but there’s no way of disabling them without turning off the fans. Also, it lacks the traction bumpers, which would help keep your laptop stick in place. The clamp provides good security, but some users would want something that provides good traction for extra support and keep the laptop from sliding off.

All in all, the Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad is quite a nice deal. It’s reasonably priced, if not affordable, and extremely efficient in its claim of cooling. It may not come with fancy controls and aesthetics, but its basic, straightforward and no-nonsense design is what makes it extremely practical

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