Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk; An In-Depth Review

Most lap desks in the market are designed for utmost functionality for mid-sized to larger laptops. That’s why they come with great stability and disperse heat effectively. However, for a convenient and ergonomic setup, that’s why they almost always come with larger work surface. While it’s a convenient feature, it sometimes defeats the purpose, as the lap desk become too large to be carried around. This is what the Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk tries to address. It’s designed for smaller models of laptops for utmost portability. What makes this product unique, if not better than its competitors? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.


Who is it for?

Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk is obviously designed for netbook users, particularly anyone with 15-inch laptop or smaller. It’s the ultimate lap desk for students, travelers, and even businessmen on the go. It’s compact, lightweight, and extremely portable, making it an excellent choice for users of smaller laptop sizes.



Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk is dubbed as the ultimate portable workspace. It is small, compact, easy ad extremely convenient to use, whether on-the-go, or lounging on the comforts of your sofa, particularly for netbook users.


Beautiful Work Surface for Smooth and Convenient Feel

This lap desk comes with smooth work surface perfect not just for working on your laptop, but even for writing, drawing, etc. It’s neither slick nor slippery, and it’s perfectly smooth, no bumpy parts whatsoever. It also comes with a metallic glimmer that gives it quite an industrial but also solid feel.


With Luxuriously Soft and Comfy Memory Foam

Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk comes equipped with a thick premium memory foam which is so soft and comfy that it changes and molds its shape to the shape of your lap, providing excellent comfort, support and stability.


With Built-In Handle and Dedicated Slot Convenience and Portability

Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

Designed for portability, this compact and lightweight lap desk comes equipped with a built-in handle, making it extremely convenient for users to take it with them anywhere, anytime. The built-in handle is also paired with a convenient slot for your tablet or smartphone. This works best for users using netbooks with removable display.


Design and Features

Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

Nice and Sturdy Surface

As with its full-scale version, the Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk offers nice and sturdy work surface that provides smooth and comfortable feel for its users. It’s perfect not just for working on your netbooks, but even for writing, drawing, reading, or working in bed.


With Angled Design to Angle Your Laptop At Perfect Position

Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

As with most nice lap desks out there, this too comes with a nice angled design that effectively provides both comfort and support for laptop users. It puts both the user’s hands and the laptop to a perfect ergonomic position, easing up stress from the wrists and provides comfortable viewing on the portable computer’s display.



Lightweight, Perfect for Users On The Go

Lap desks are definitely made for users on the go. Unfortunately, many compromise their portability for functionality. Indeed, it’s hard to target both sides of the spectrum, as you definitely will need to prioritize one feature to emphasize the other. So if you’re simply looking for a tool to pair with your netbook and take with you as you travel and work in hotel rooms, cafes, trains, planes, etc., then this one is perfect for you. It doesn’t take much space and it’s extremely light and compact that you can easily stash it inside your luggage or briefcase and take it with you anywhere you wish to go.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

There’s nothing much to complain about this lap desk, as it pretty much delivers what it claims. It’s mini, meaning, it’s meant for smaller laptops (netbooks). But that’s exactly what it aims to be – to provide an ergonomic platform for netbook users. It’s compact enough to fit to your luggage or even briefcase, and light enough to be easily carried around inside your bag.

It comes with a premium memory foam, which provides soft and comfy support for your lap. In terms of materials used and construction, it’s definitely top notch.

If you’re looking for a compact lap desk, then the Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk is definitely for you. It also comes with an extremely affordable price tag.

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