Slate Mobile Lapdesk; An In-Depth Review

As with other ergonomic products, there are tons of lap desks out there that promise consumers with tons of purposes, but barely solves a couple of common issues. One of the handful of products out there that actually delivers its promise is the iSkelter’s Slate Mobile Lapdesk – a lap desk unique in both design and functionality, providing users a convenient portable work desk they can carry around for their laptop. It’s also a great product for Apple fans as it comes with unique features that work perfectly well for your iPhone, iPad and of course, Mac laptop. What makes this portable laptop desk special? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.


Who is it for?

Slate Mobile Lapdesk, obviously, is for laptop users who are looking for a portable partner for their mobile computer. It’s specially designed for Apple product users as it comes with plenty of features dedicated for Apple gadgets, such as iPhone and iPad slots. Also, it is made up of bamboo, so those who love natural products over plastic would really love to have this lap desk.



Slate Mobile Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

Slate Mobile Lapdesk does everything you ask for a lap desk, and more. The most notable feature of course, is its beautiful and smooth bamboo surface designed with excellent concept.


Excellent, Unique Design Concept

Slate Mobile Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

This lap desk is made by keeping everything you would need in a laptop stand. It may look traditional and basic, but it’s actually far from that.

As said earlier, this product is made out of a block of bamboo, with specialized holes for cables and ventilation. It also comes with a built-in flush-mounted mouse pad and a “display doc” slot cut dedicated for your small tablet such as iPad (vertically) or smartphone. The bamboo used for its work surface looks fine and crisp.

Wide and Spacious Work Surface

The work surface is quite wide, providing a good space for you to work on your laptop, plus a dedicated space for your external mouse. It also comes with a dedicated slot for your smartphone or tablet, thermal protection and cord cutouts.


Light and Convenient Travel Buddy

Despite its large work surface, the Slate Mobile Lapdesk is light and easy to carry around, and it can lift your portable computer to the right height position that you need to be able to work, read and play comfortably. Perfect for laptop users who are always on-the-go and needs a quick and hassle-free tool for their laptop.


Quick and Efficient Solution for Your Laptop

Slate Mobile Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

Slate Mobile Lapdesk is quick and easy to use, which is essentially the best part about it. It’s designed with practicality in mind, providing incredible functionality along with excellent aesthetics.

And because it is extremely easy to carry around and quick to use, it makes an efficient laptop accessory; as it helps dissipate heat, allowing you to comfortably work on laptop for longer period of time, without the fear of overheating.

Needless to say, this comfort and convenience will take care of you as you work. Your posture will improve, as the work space is designed to provide you the right space for your laptop and mouse, and put the display at just the right eye distance.


Design and Features

Design wise, Slate Mobile Lapdesk is undeniably elegant and warm. It is extremely inviting and comfortable to use, thanks to the rich bamboo that gives both calming inspiring feel. The corners are round, which is an important aspect to keep the lap desk from chipping. Build quality is impeccable, truly a well-thought of and well-engineered lap desk.


Convenient Cut Slot for Mobile Devices and Rubber Pad for Your Mouse

Slate Mobile Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, the Slate lap desk may look basic and straightforward, but it actually comes with unique features that you can hardly find from its competitors today – the useful cuts. The minimal design of this lap desk actually makes way for unique and convenient features such as the useful cuts, which serves as a dock your smartphone or tablet. It holds mobile devices upright. It also allows you to dock mobile devices for convenient charging.


Slate Mobile Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

The work surface also features a dedicated rubber pad for external mouse. It is a little rough which is beneficial for friction, but feels soft nevertheless once you use your mouse with it.


Grid Holes for Ventilation

Slate Mobile Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

One of the most common complaints in laptops that lap desks address is overheating. Though many offer practical ways to keep laptops in their cool operating temperature, such as cooling fans, many choose to design their work surface with ventilation holes and seamless curves to heat in dispersing the heat. And this one really does an effective job in doing so through hole grids. No rocket science involves just simple, yet effective ventilation holes that helps keep the laptop from overheating.



Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Rather than the standard plastic and/or metal material, this one is made up of a premium bamboo, ensuring lightweight, durability and incredible aesthetics. The pros of course, are quite obvious; it looks smart, sturdy thanks to smart look and long-lasting material and ergonomic design. Though it’s not cheap, it’s definitely reasonably priced.


The display dock feature may be handy, but the slot can be rather loose for brands and sizes of smartphones and thinner tablets, which can be an issue for clumsy users. If there’s any way they can improve their product in this area, it would be adding a rubber lining to the slot to provide a more secured grip and eliminate the concern of possibly scratching the mobile devices.

All in all, the Slate Mobile Lapdesk is a lovely product. It looks simple, but it’s packed with features that you will need for a product of its kind. It’s slightly on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it’s definitely a good investment, especially for Mac users.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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