Samsung U32D970Q; An In-Depth Review

It is quite easy to say that Samsung’s latest computer screen, Samsung U32D970Q 32-Inch Screen LCD Monitor, is specifically aimed at professionals. This doesn’t mean that it’s a standard office panel though. For starters, it’s certainly belongs to the more expensive price range, but it’s something that one who is looking for a swanky desk will out for. Does this monitor carry the same Samsung kind of quality it promises to have? Check out this in-depth review at Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

The Samsung U32D970Q is designed for the people in the serious work environment. It’s an impressively well-rounded large screen with the performance you can expect from quality Samsung to deliver. The large screen doesn’t only display larger content, but more importantly provides ridiculous color precision. It offers 10-bit colors, which means it can display more than a billion colors with superb accuracy.



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Samsung places a lot of big confidence in their Samsung U32D970Q 32-Inch Screen LCD Monitor, and that its factory calibration has a lot of big claims. The benchmark results confirm their confidence is certainly not misplaced.


Ultra High Definition Quality for Superior Detail and Immersive Viewing Experience

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The Samsung U32D970Q works at 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution or Ultra High Definition, which means it packs four times as many pixels as the standard Full HD (1920 x 1080) monitors. Pair that with its expansive field of view, this 32-inch display has 40% more viewing space than the 27-inch monitors today, perfect for anyone looking to make their computer monitor an all-in-one display for work and entertainment.


Great Color Settings Options Plus White Balance Correction, Perfect for Graphic Designers, Photographers and the Likes

This new Samsung monitor comes equipped with industry-standard color calibrations, along with 99.5% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB compliance, allowing it to minimize color discrepancies between monitors and help ensure consistency (great for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups), whether viewing print files or digital media files. Also, the 16-bit look-up table (LUT) of U32D970Q delivers even color gradation.

This display also lets you enjoy perfectly fixed white balance, making colors more accurate than ever. Thanks to its advanced H/W calibration technology and White Balance Correction, this Samsung monitor knows exactly what white balance settings needed, and then expertly correct the color temperature of your monitor for more vivid quality of display.


Superb Color Accuracy, Color Temperature  and Colour Gamut

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The average Delta E of U32D970Q is at 0.89, which is quite stupendous. Its maximum is at 2.75 isn’t much poorer – it means colour accuracy will be superb across the board.

For the color temperature, 6777K is on the cool side, one of the best results we have ever seen. Its brightness is at 244 nits, which is decent. Anything above 200 nits should be enough for almost all types of computer users though. The contrast ratio is at 739:1, which is also quite decent.

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The impressive factor of this Samsung screen is at its ability of displaying the sRGB and Adobe colour gamut. Both of which are displayed with 100% coverage. Adobe colour gamut in particular is trickier, more impressive, and best for designers.


Split Screen Feature for Multitasking

Big monitors like this lets you work on multiple things simultaneously, open multiple program windows and applications all at once for better productivity. This Samsung monitor lets you become more productive than that, as its split screen feature lets you divide your screen into two or four split screens.

The brand’s Picture-by-Picture technology also allows you to plug your external multimedia devices, such as laptop or camera, to the monitor and view your multimedia files to the larger screen.


Decent Response Time and Input Lag

The U32D970Q is no gaming screen, which means having an ultra-fast response time is not its primary concern. This however, doesn’t stop Samsung from trying to reach wide range of users, as this product comes with a ‘Faster’ features in its default settings. The average response time of this display is at 29.6ms with 8ms gray-to-gray response time, which should be enough for many games, except the most demanding titles.

Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

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Huge computer displays like Samsung U32D970Q definitely needs optimum support. For better viewing flexibility and optimum ergonomics, with stable and secured support, we suggest the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm. It’s a nicely polished monitor arm made with extra durable construction. It’s been well tested and proven to last 10 times longer than the life-cycle of many competitive brands.

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For 32-inch dual monitor setup, you can have the Planar Monitor Stand 997-6504-00. It can support two monitors of up to 32-inches, with maximum weight limit of 26 lbs. per arm. It is made up of all-metal construction, ensuring solid built. The only plastic parts you will find are the tightening knobs and some washers. It offers flexible adjustments; you can slide your monitors in and out the pole, twist, pivot, etc.  It comes with a cable organizer to help keep your desk or workstation neat, and it is very easy to setup and install.

Design and Features

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Just by looking at it, Samsung U32D970Q is already impressive. It’s well-built and fine details shows the cabinet is solid. The solid built is paired with subtle good looking details, such as brushed metal base with darker material elsewhere. Also, the cabinet allows screen adjustments; the ergonomic stand comes with a sophisticated hinge, which allows flexible adjustments, allowing you to fit your screen to your everyday needs, making it superior than its rivals in this department.

The minimalist design of this monitor provides any desk clean aesthetic, making any desk very pleasurable place to work.


Streamlined Design to Fit Your Home or Office Workspace

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Samsung continues its tradition of sleek and streamlined design with the Samsung U32D970Q. The monitor’s cabinet is designed with unobtrusive narrow bezel with controls nicely concealed.


Buttons and Functions

This Samsung display has physical buttons, all strategically located underneath the main bezel, with corresponding icons at the front bezel. They are snappy and easy and convenient to use. These buttons provides access to the most common function options of the monitor, such as volume, brightness, source and screen mode.



PLS Panel for Brighter Images and Better Viewing Angle Performance

For the inside, Samsung used PLS panel with an LED backlight, quite a different route than its closest rival Dell, which uses IPS panel for the Dell UltraSharp UP3214QSamsung definitely made PLS technology more interesting in counterpointing the IPS, as it is capable of providing better brightness while at the same time, maintaining good viewing angle performance.


Well Calibrated to Get the Most Superior Image Performance Possible

Hints of meticulous factory calibration are included right in its box, as every screen comes with a comprehensive test result sheets. The test result covers Gamma, uniformity, Delta E and greyscale performance, and it is quite handy.

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The factory calibration that comes with this monitor is not the only helping hand provided in its package. The brand also included the Natural Color Expert Pro software, which can also function the same way – calibrate, test for uniformity and verify the settings of the screen, along with keeping the calibrations accurate through the embedded Samsung chipset.


I/O Ports

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This Samsung display has one input Dual Link DVI, one HDMI, and one headphone port, with two DisplayPorts and four USB 3.0 ports. They are not very easy to access though, because aside from the two USB 3.0 connectors located at the back of the cabinet, every port faces downwards.

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Like its rival Dell, this monitor also has no sign of HDMI 2.0, meaning the DisplayPort use is crucial to get the most of this display.


Fully Adjustable Screen for Your Comfort and Ergonomic Needs

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The screen can tilt, swivel, adjust in height up to 130mm and pivot to let you switch your orientation between landscape to portrait, and vice versa. Thanks to specially designed joint that allows free, flexible and versatile adjustments.

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Removing the monitor from its brushed aluminum base will reveal the VESA wall mount holes, which mean you can opt for more fully ergonomic solutions, such as LCD monitor arms, desk mounts, or wall mounts, to make a more comfortable workstation.



Tech Specs

Package includes the Samsung 32-Inch 970 Series Professional LED Monitor, HDMI cable, DP cable, USB 3.0 cable, power cord, install CD, and quick setup guide.


Bottom Line

It’s clear right off the bat that Samsung is serious on its take of targeting the work market through their latest display Samsung U32D970Q. It’s an incredibly well-rounded screen, with top-notch color accuracy, impressive uniformity and good contrast. It’s also very capable of rendering sRGB and Adobe RGB gamuts with 100% accuracy, something its closest rival Dell couldn’t do.

Samsung certainly out done themselves in terms of the color production of this display, as it is specially designed for specialist scenarios, from film production, to TV, up to medical use. What’s more impressive than this is that, they backed up this product with calibration software to make it more accurate performance, crucial for professionals whose work relies heavily on the accuracy of their computer display.

The only drawbacks we can think of this product are its somewhat antiquated navigation controls and of course, the hefty price tag. Other than that, it’s a completely impressive 32-inch screen monitor performance and aesthetic wise.

All in all, the versatility, uniformity, image quality, and specialist screen modes of Samsung U32D970Q 32-Inch Screen LCD Monitor makes it one of the most impressive screens released this year 2014.

For more in-depth reviews like this, and ergonomic workstation tips, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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