Samsung U28D590D Review; True Budget 4K Monitor

The Samsung U28D590D is really an interesting display to say the least. It’s one of the first batches of 28-inch monitors working in 4K resolution, and it’s easy to understand why more and more people are being attracted to it – it’s affordable and simply amazing – truly an evolution in computer display industry. What makes this monitor special? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to learn more!

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a monitor upgrade, then 4K should be in your list of options. 4K display is the next best thing to computer display, and getting one means future-proofing your computer station with the best resolution and display quality there is. Samsung U28D590D is for people looking to jump into 4K monitor but don’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s an affordable and amazing display for almost all types of computer use.



The first batch of 4K displays is undeniably expensive, but in the past year, we prices have significantly dropped fast, making high-resolution monitor achievable in many households and offices. Samsung U28D590D is one good example of a new wave of 4K monitor, and it’s said to rival the best of the best in the market in terms of functionality and affordability. It runs with a 3840 x 2160 resolution, and it has tons of things to brag about. It’s quite versatile and very well-equipped, even ideal for gaming.


Shows Images at 4K UHD for Stunningly Detailed and Realistic Picture Quality

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Samsung U28D590D lets you see your 4K content that way it should be seen. It displays picture in stunning and life-like details that will make anybody watching its screen feel and experience what realistic viewing is about. Thanks to the UHD (ultra-high resolution), this monitor displays four times better than full HD, allowing the screen to show stunning images of whopping 8 million pixels. Its highest brightness level is 370 cd/m², which also helps in displaying brilliantly clear and vivid images.


Ultra-Fast 1ms Response Time for All Your Action Movies and Games Needs

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Not many 4K displays designed for action packed movies and gaming. As a matter of fact, some struggle in supporting high-paced action scenes, causing the screen to blur and judder. The Samsung U28D590D however, is different, as it can deliver all the exciting scenes and cuts of action movies, sports, and games. Thanks to the ultra-fast 1ms pixel response rate performance; the fastest pixel response rate in the world today. Viewers can see the fastest actions and motions on the screen smoothly, without any hints of motion blur, ghosting and judder. Gamers will experience no lag, even at the most crucial moments of the game. All the details of characters and environment are displayed on screen along with UHD clarity and realism.



Game Mode is One Press of a Button to Improve Your Gaming Experience

This Samsung 4K monitor lets you enjoy your games the way they should be played, as it comes with a Game Mode preset that can adjust the monitor’s display settings for the best gaming settings with one single touch. Game Mode preset detects requirements for scenes, adjusts to contrast and improves color quality, making light spots look brighter and dark sports darker. Pair that with the ultra-fast 1 millisecond video response time, and you get smooth transitions without lags or any distortion. This is a perfect feature for gamers, as the monitor can definitely keep up with action.


1 Billion Colors to Show You Everything You Should See from Your Screen with Brilliance and Accurate Details

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This monitor displays colors in richer and more vivid fashion, the way it should be in 4K screens. Most good-quality monitors today display 16.7 million colors, this one right here tops everyone in its competition by an incredible 64 times more, as it can display a whopping 1 billion colors. This means accurate, well detailed, natural, and vivid colors, with smooth transition from shades and tone.


Embedded with Samsung’s UHD Upscaling Technology That Automatically Detects the Right Resolution for Specific Contents

The U28D590D brings out the best of its screen and picture quality, thanks to its Upscaling Technology, which automatically detects original resolution settings of each content; adjust and improve picture quality, gets rid of up-conversions and reduces noise for clearer and sharer images.


With Picture-in-Picture 2.0 Technology for Fluid Multi-tasking Experience

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Like other 28-inch sized displays, this too right here is built for multi-tasking. The Picture-in-Picture 2.0 Technology embedded feature lets you enjoy your display at 100% resolution. This means you can watch videos, work on documents and excel files, and open various apps and programs, all at the same time, whether you’re watching your favorite sports events, stream YouTube or watch action-packed movies at 1080p, 720p or 480p resolution. It maintains the same quality without downscaling contents, keeping your video content crisp and clear.


Also, the advanced multitasking technology of this Samsung 4K monitor lets you do things you haven’t and could never do before in other displays. The feature lets you connect two PCs to one monitor, and simultaneously see both computers in one screen (divided into two). This means you can use this monitor with both your desktop PC and laptop, and work in both computers all in one screen.


Design and Features

The Samsung U28D590D is a huge and beautiful 28-inch monitor, and it makes a lot of sense to make it the centerpiece of your workstation or desk. The minimalist contemporary, yet sophisticated design easily makes it an eye-catcher. It’s made up of high quality materials, with clean lines and sleek and modern look. It comes with an understated T-shaped body, which makes its picture look even more prominent.

The side of the screen has chrome-effect silver plastic surround, while the screen itself is made up of thin (20mm) glass, with a little bulking at the center.


Light Matte Coat to Keep Glares and Reflections off the Screen, and Still Have More Vibrant Images

The surface is of the screen is coated with light matte, which is somewhat comparable to the AD-PLS panels in some Samsung monitors. This allows the screen to show clearer and more vibrant images than the stronger anti-glare surface.

Easy Setup

Despite its big size, the U28D590D is quite easy to build and setup to your desk. The stand easily clamps to the back of the screen, while the base comes with pre-installed screws.

This display is well engineered and designed to look smart, so it pushed its buttons and controls around the back. One tiny power light slices through the glossy bezel.


Joystick for Buttons and Controls

Rather than having a row of buttons, the single joystick works as a power button as well. This may feel a little odd at first, and it may require a little learning curve, but after a few days, you will eventually figure it out. Also, the sensible menu of Samsung makes it very easy to learn, it is well laid-out and works without frills. Sideway movements of the joystick give quick access to the Settings Menu, while tapping the button shows the full On-screen Display of the monitor.


Versatile I/O Ports to Support All Your UHD-Compatible Devices

This Samsung UHD monitor is great for game consoles as well as desktop PC gaming. Thanks to the two (2) HDMI ports located at the back of its cabinet, you can plug this display to your PC and game console simultaneously, which means you don’t need to go through the hassle of unplugging and plugging each time you wish to switch between devices and play different games. 


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Also, with the DisplayPort connectivity, you can connect this monitor to UHD-compatible devices and content. It supports HDMI 1.4 (3840 x 2160, 30Hz) and Display Port 1.2 (3840 x 2160, 60Hz)


Sleek Stand But with Limited Adjustability

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The Samsung U28D590D is undeniably sleek and beautiful. However, it’s not the most flexible and versatile in terms of adjustability and ergonomics. The aluminum stand is slim and sleek, which fits nicely with the cabinet’s black plastic finish. The base, along with its stand, is beautifully designed. It’s made up of T-shaped thin metallic angled front plate, with matte silver plastic. The right side of the stand has the label ‘UHD’ on it, which highlights the monitor type. However, the stand has barely any adjustments; it doesn’t come with swivel, height adjustment, and pivot (to switch between landscape and portrait mode). It does however, comes with a tilt function, which lets users adjust their display a little. It’s designed that way to consume less space, giving users minimal distraction in their desk for maximum viewing. It is also not the most stable and sturdy base, as one tap of the monitor can cause the cabinet to wobble.

Also, this Samsung monitor don’t support VESA mounting, and it lacks few helpful peripherals, such as USB ports and built-in speakers.


Tech Specs

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Bottom Line

4K display has never been this tempting, the affordable price tag, along with extra pixels and 1 billion colors, are just three of the many reasons for us to jump into its bandwagon. The screen can show the latest movies, games and titles in great dose of fidelity. Also, design wise, this Samsung 4K display seems to be a better option for most desks and environment. It comes with a really attractive design with decent number of input options. The monitor can support all the latest games and action packed Blu-ray movies, thanks to the ultra-fast 1ms pixel response rate and reasonable contrast ratio.

Despite its great functionality and affordable price tag, the Samsung U28D590D also has its own share of shortcomings as well. One is that, it lacks the USB ports, which has become a requirement in most new displays models today. It also lacks the versatility and flexibility on its stand, and it doesn’t come with VESA mounting holes, which means you don’t have many ergonomic options for this display. Also, its input lag is much worse than its rival Asus PB287Q.

All in all, the Samsung U28D590D bolsters the brand’s name in its competition. Performance wise, there is nothing much to complain about this monitor; it can show great details in both dark and light scenes and environments. Pair the stunning resolution with ultra-fast pixel response time and 60Hz response rate and you have great monitor for both entertainment and gaming. Of course, to fully take advantage of this display, you need to have a good rig with high-end graphics card.

For more in-depth reviews and buying guides like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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