Samsung S34E790C; An In-Depth Review

Over the past couple of years, we have seen quite a lot of exciting trends to his the PC monitor market. 4K monitors for example, offers unparalleled sharpness, while 21:9 panel provide the best widescreen experience for both games and movies. Another big trend that’s hitting the market by storm is the curved PC monitor, a monitor with a gentle arc design that is said to improve immersion, be it for work, games or watching movies. Samsung S34E790C combines these two latest trends in one panel, it’s a 34-inch wide 21:9 panel with a curved screen. How does it work? Read this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide and find out.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a monitor upgrade, but don’t have the luxury of space to have two monitors sitting side-by-side, then your best option is to buy one big monitor. Samsung S34E790C is a good option, since it doesn’t only offer 34-inch wide panel, it also has 21:9 aspect ratio on 3440 x 1440 WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) resolution on a curved screen. Design wise, this monitor demands attention. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can easily complete your desk with great design. Quite a nice way to future-proof your computer.



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Samsung S34E790C has a curved screen panel, which is said to help make the 34-inch wide screen manageable, by reducing the viewing angle distortions that is usually present in large panels. The slight curve is tuned perfectly to the natural radius of the human eye, which the brand says provides better image quality and observed contrast.


Curved Screen for Immersive Experience

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Samsung S34E790C claims to be the best in its class of curved screen, pair that with the ultrawide 21:9 Aspect Ratio and you will get a truly immersive viewing experience, with big, bold, vivid and stunning panoramic views, whether you work or play. It’s a great display for comfort and enjoyable viewing experience.


WQHD Resolution to Fit with the Massive Size

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The colossal 34-inch panel is paired nicely with a WQHD or Wide Quad High Definition resolution (3440 x 1440), a resolution that sits between the 2560 x 1440 of most 27-inch panels and 3460 x 2160 of 4K UHD panels. Most monitors at 21:9 aspect ratio out there is only at 2560 x 1080 resolution.

This extra resolution allows Samsung S34E790C to run images on screen nicer and sharper. The extra pixels provides great level of sharpness, perfect for the massive size of the screen, but not to the extent that you need to use Windows scaling system just to zoom in. The color pops out nicely, and in amazing details, with good black representation. Whether you’re looking at photos from your camera, watching videos or playing games, you will be pleased by the thorough quality of this product. Colors are vivid, while black ink looks very clear on screen text. The setting is usable out of the box.

Gamma value is at 2.18, which barely deviates from the ideal 2.2 score. The panel however, delivers 97.3% sRGB gamut coverage, which is pretty good. The monitor fell short in colour temperature, as it scored 7032K, which is way off from the ideal 6500K, making it look cooler than the its rival LG 29EA93, but still warmer than the Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC, another close rival.

Despite the deeper blacks and high contrast of this display however, it’s better balanced than its LG and Philips counterparts.


Picture-by-Picture Technology and PIP 2.0 for Easy Multitasking

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Equipped with Picture-by-Picture feature, users of this Samsung monitor has the power to connect this display to two different PCs simultaneously and see the desktop of both PCs all at the same time on a divided screen. That’s a great multi-screen functionality for multitasking.

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The PiP 2.0 technology works much like the PiP, but it allows more convenient viewing of two PCs as it lets you watch movies and videos in one window and simultaneously work on other stuff, say a word document or a spreadsheet. Be it 480p or 720p, this technology doesn’t downscale quality, rather, it maintains the source’s original resolution, up to High Definition.

Improved Gaming Experience through Decent Response Time and Refresh Rate

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If you’re looking for a massive monitor that can double as a work monitor and gaming, then you will not regret having this Samsung curved display. The 4ms response time may be way short than the 1ms standard in competitive gaming, but it is decent enough for most games, even for fast-paced action-packed FPS games. It is paired with 60Hz Refresh Rate. It also comes with Game Mode feature that detects and changes in-scenes picture settings, such as color and contrast, giving you clearer picture. On-screen motion is clear, and without major signs of judder, ghosting and motion blurs.


Flicker Free Technology

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Samsung S34E790C is easy on the eyes, as it comes equipped with Flicker-Free technology. This means comfortable use, less eye strain or less risk for eye fatigue. You can read documents clearly, work, watch movies, edit photos, and play games for hours without hurting your eyes.

Consistently Excellent Viewing Angles

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When it comes to viewing angles, this Samsung monitor provides excellent viewing angle, consistently. There are no signs of deviations, which is of course, something you can expect, given the curved VA panel it uses. However, the curve can cause a little issue for multiple users.


Thrifty Power Consumption

Despite running in an ‘almost-4K’ quality and massive 34-inch screen, the Samsung S34E790C is thrifty on its power consumption. It only needs 39W for 150 cd/m² brightness. Spread that brightness throughout the screen and you will get 93 W/m², which is way lower than the average 100 W/m² most monitors run with have these days. This costs around $11 a year for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of use.


Dual Monitors and Multiple Monitors Setup Options

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In terms of dual monitor options, there aren’t much options available for this Samsung monitor, as more often than not, no one will need two 34-inch sized panels sitting side-by-side on his desk. There are however, quite some great ergonomic solutions out there. One great example is the LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm.

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This solid monitor arm can hold displays of up to 40-inch big or 30 lbs. heavy. It has sturdy mounting system, while its arm is conducive for heavy lifting, both working and for entertainment. It’s solidly built and has all the components and features you need for optimum viewing and working experience. It can also be mounted on your desk and provide all the adjustments you need, from height, tilt, swivel, or pivot, improving viewing experience and minimizing the risk for back aches, eye strain and neck pains.


Design and Features

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Sporting a 34-inch curved goodness, the Samsung S34E790C demands attention. It comes with a T-shaped stand with brushed metal finish for sophistication, while the matte black screen cabinet perfectly complements the subtle curve.


Its size and resolution helps it compete against the top 4K panels in the market today, particularly with Philips Brilliance BDM4065UCas both has the same 100ppi. However, Philip’s product is 40-inch wide, which is obviously too large for most desks.


Buttons and Controls

Samsung seems to be jumping to this new trend of using joysticks for navigation buttons for their displays. And we love this trend. After all, it makes the control feel more intuitive, while making it convenient for users to navigate multiple buttons on the façade. S34E790C doesn’t come with a lot of option on its Menu, but it has the important ones, including Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, and even Overdrive. It can be awkward to use at first, but once you get the hang out of it, it becomes simpler. Also, the On-Screen Display is better than its rival from Philips, it is sharp and slick and a tad faster, rather than being pixelated.

This Samsung display has two Magic Bright modes, but both were mediocre. Cinema mode raises brightness level to 329 nits, but on the expense of black levels, colour accuracy and contrast, making colors look oversaturated, which is exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve in activating Cinema Modes in monitors. Also, there’s the Dynamic Contrast mode, which also lowers colour temperature and Delta E.

For colour temperature, there are four options available. However, none of them really provide the best balance. The cool options set colour temperature to 8,485K and 10,178K, while warm options heats the screen to 531K and 5,002K. Unless you are keen to making your images look icy cool or very oversaturated, you are better off leaving these options.

The Magic Bright Standard Mode seems to be the best option in this monitor. It work by providing the best brightness level for office work and improve other attributes simultaneously as well.


Reasonable Port Selection

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In terms of I/O ports, Samsung S34E790C has a pretty reasonable set of selection. There are two (2) HDMI ports, a DisplayPort connector, a headphone jack and four (4) backfiring USB 3.0 ports, which should be enough for most settings. The two (2) HDMI ports let you use your computer for Picture-in-Picture 2.0 (PiP), which means it can display two different image sources on one screen, similar feature with LG 29EA93.


With Decent 7-Watt Speakers

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The backside of the panel houses two 7-watt speakers, with enough volume, definitely a clear step up from what we get from most monitors today. It has a huge bass, but it is a bit overwhelming for its mid-range and top-end tones, which are both underwhelming. This monitor comes with a ‘Music mode’ which works by balancing the ranges a little, but the result is still mediocre. However, if you still have your trusted headphones and speaker, then you will be better off with them.


Large and Gorgeous Stand to Pair with the Gorgeous Panel

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The Samsung S34E790C comes equipped with a brushed metal stand that nicely follows the curve of the screen. It’s a T-shaped stand with a faux-metal (silver plastic) finish and prominently large, measuring 21 in x 10 in (width and depth). The backside of the stand uses glossy black plastic. It attaches to 100mm x 100mm VESA, making way for alternative mounting. The materials used for the stand is excellent; it provides sturdy and stable base for the massive panel and keeps the display from vibrating. It allows height adjustment and vertical tilt. However, it doesn’t allow horizontal pivot.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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When it comes to offering something new and unique in a display, be it a computer monitor or a TV, Samsung often let their originality (which is sometimes outlandish) stylish differentiate their products from the rest of the market. The Samsung S34E790C certainly has that ‘Samsung flair’, not just in styling, but more importantly in viewing experience. The 3440 x 1440 resolution on a 34-inch ‘UltraWide’ screen provides good amount of working space, practical choice for people who want to upgrade their setup, but can’t have dual monitors setup. Also, it’s a great display for playing games and watching movies. The subtle curve provides great aesthetic appeal, but it’s too subtle that we don’t think it really ‘revolutionize’ the viewing experience, but at the same time, it doesn’t really make a completely alien experience. It does however, add a little more depth and comfort.

Performance wise, it’s a very respectable monitor. Response time is decent for a VA panel, with pleasingly low input lag, which results to better and more well-rounded gaming experience. It has deeper blacks that can compete with current IPS panels in today’s market. With a little tweaking (provided that you know how to), you can bring out accurate and vibrant colors, with stunning shades that really stand out. Contrast performance is very impressive, making great atmosphere for scenes in movies and dark games, something many huge LCDs out there can’t match. Screen surface does a good job in avoiding grainy look in light shades.

Out-of-the-box image quality however, is lackluster, and color accuracy suffers due to VA gamma shift and issues on minor sharpness compared to other 34-inch IPS monitors. Static contrast is weaker than many VA panels. Also, there are some visible pixel response weaknesses here and there, as the display can only support 60Hz native resolution. Also, for professional photographers, the subtle curve may result to some issues, especially when it comes to editing.

With its price tag, the Samsung S34E790C certainly belongs to the higher end of the market. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies in this case. All in all, it offers solid and enjoyable experience, particularly for games and watching movies. It has its shortcomings, but its solid performance makes it quite a good choice in a highly competitive market.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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