Samsung S27D590C; An In-Depth Review

Samsung is truly the current king of home cinema equipment and curved TV, and there’s no denying to that. Recently, they applied this curved technology to computer monitors in their Samsung S27D590C, the world’s first curved mid-sized monitor that promises to push computer entertainment to new heights. But does the curve technology really provide better viewing experience? Does it justify its mid-range price? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide and find out.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking to revamp your workstation and try something new in your computer display, then one of the many things you can check out is the Samsung S27D590C – a curved VA monitor that sports the same competitive qualities that other Samsung display brings. It’s a beautifully designed display that brings a lot of news things to the table. It’s also great for gaming, particularly in PS4 and Xbox One consoles.



Curved VA Monitors, Extremely Sharp and Great Colors

Samsung S27D590C is a 27-inch curved LED monitor that boats full high definition resolution. It delivers life-like colors and accompanied with built-in stereo for an impressively immersive viewing experience. Unlike the traditional flat screen LCD monitors out there, the curved screen of this display preserves image integrity, keeping images from distortions, especially at the panel’s edges. 


Curved Screen for True-to-Life Image Quality and the Best Viewing Experience

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The Samsung S27D590C is especially engineered to mirror the human eye’s natural curvature, which preserves the distance between the computer screen and the eyes and significantly reduces eye strain and relieves stress. This curve also delivers true-to-life picture quality compared to the conventional flat monitor screen, making the monitor look bigger than it actually is.

The 3000:1 static contrast ratio of this display makes way for good deep dark shades and bright, contrasting light ones. The 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution is well utilized by its curved screen technology. It sports a flicker-free standard WLED backlight, offering better sRGB coverage of standard gamut, while allowing the screen to pump our brightness at 300 cd/m².

For display and general use, Game Mode has the best Preset settings, but the contrast can be a bit too dark, and you may have to increase the brightness level a bit (1 to 2 notches, or even more) in your game’s menu option to get the best level. Game Mode also essentially improves saturation and changes gamma, showing you better details in dark scenes.


Decent Response Time with Three Different Settings to Suit Various Computing Tasks

This Samsung curved VA monitor has 4ms response time, which is pretty decent in today’s competitive market of computer display. But then again, the VA panel makes it difficult for the monitor to promise any impressive gray-to-gray pixel response, as it can vary in response time depending the shades involved. It does however, comes with three (3) different setting options. “Faster” setting will give you the best and smoothest quality possible for your games and movies. “Standard” response time is great for picture, while you may have to endure small ghosting issues.


With Built-In 5-Watt Dual Stereo Speakers

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This Samsung curved VA monitor comes with dual 5-watt, two channel stereo speakers, which is capable of delivering rich surround sound. Built-in speakers are add convenience to your workplace; they don’t consume extra space in your desk, and save you from the hassles of work surface clutter.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options


The Samsung S27D590C is truly designed for optimum entertainment, as the brand claims to be the ‘king of home cinema equipment’ and ‘curved TV.’ Which is why it’s just fitting that Samsung included VESA mounting holes on its back cabinet. For dual monitor and multiple monitor setups, it can be difficult to work with two curved displays sitting side-by-side. For comfort and ergonomics however, there are lots of options out there.

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If you want to mount this monitor on your desk, your best choice out there is the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm. The durable and polished construction of this product is well tested and proven to last 10 times longer the expected life expectancy of many competitive brands out there at roughly half the price.

Design and Features

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Samsung S27D590C is one of the most beautifully designed computer monitor you will see in the market today. Samsung really invested big in studying how the human eye works, as this monitor just finds the right curve radius for the screen, giving your eyes the same distance with comfortable and immersive viewing. It sports a nice 20° screen tilt that lets you see everything on the screen no matter where you are sitting. It also features clean and understated look that will keep you focused on your screen better.


Buttons and Functions

The On-Screen Display (OSD) of S27D590C is accessible through its joystrick (‘JOG button’), similar to what we have seen on a number of recent monitors from Samsung, such as the SD590P AD-PLS models.

Pre-Set Viewing Modes Designed for Better Entertainment Experience (Games, Movies, and Sports)

Samsung is known for making amazing display quality, and their curved VA monitor is no different. Equipped with MagicBright color modes, Samsung S27D590C is able to optimize its screen’s brightness and contrast level automatically to provide the best display content possible for any given situation. It has six (6) pre-programmed modes, including Game Mode, which lets you switch settings and see everything from tiny texts up to the most intricately placed details in fast-paced games. Also, Movies and Sports Modes let you experience entertainment in your PC like never before.


With Picture-by-Picture technology to Let You Connect Multiple Monitors

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Samsung included their Picture-by-Picture technology to S27D590C, allowing users to double or even triple their screen area through dual monitor or multiple monitor setup, and improve multitasking capabilities or making a more immersive experience for entertainment (movies and gaming, which require graphics card).



(image from Amazon)

The curved screen is paired with a curved stand, which is composed of a brushed aluminum base and narrow bezel take up minimal space, creating a sleek look and reducing clutter, leaving you with more desk space to work on.


I/O Ports

The ports include DisplayPort, VGA, HDMI, 3.5mm audio input and 3.5mm headphone jack. This means you can easily connect your game console, Blu-ray player, or additional S27D590C monitors using the HDMI, D-Sub, and DisplayPort connections at the monitor's base.

(image from Amazon)

Another great thing about the design of this Samsung monitor’s cabinet is its VESA mounting holes. The back cabinet sports 100 x 100mm VESA holes. Given the monitor’s curve, you can easily have a wall mounting set up with this display and have a good entertainment monitor. You can also look for more ergonomic third-party solutions such as fully adjustable monitor stands and desk mounts.


Tech Specs

Package includes the Samsung 27-Inch Curved LED Monitor S27D590C, HDMI cable, Audio Cable, Quick Setup Guide, Warranty Period and Customer Support Phone Number.


Bottom Line

A couple of weeks ago, LG introduced its very own curved ultra wide display in the name of LG 34UC97, a 34” UltraWide displays with 3440 x 1440 resolution, which is quite massive for everyone's work desk. Fortunately for people looking for a curved mid-sized display, there is Samsung S27D590C, a VA panel monitor that sports the same curved screen design. The idea behind the curved design is to cover your field of view naturally, giving you better viewing experience that what traditional flat screen provides. Combine that with Samsung’s sophisticated design and you have a wonderful curved screen that seemingly floats mid-air.

Truly, this monitor successfully improves our viewing experience through the nice integration of entertainment features for both gaming and multimedia. It’s well equipped for entertainment, such as the built-in dual speakers that delivers good sound quality, and a Game Mode that smartly detects changes on-screen automatically, eliminating blurs and ghosting and improves colors and contrast for better game visibility. The pixel response may be far from the ideal, but it’s good enough for general use. The curve may seem barely noticeable when you sit close to the screen. But it can make a difference in your viewing comfort.

Though some of its specs fall short to today’s high-end competitors, the curve is still a relatively new technology. The best part about this display is it is reasonably priced, if not affordable, which can easily justify some of its mid-range specs.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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