Samsung S24D590PL; An In-Depth Review

The Samsung S24D590PL is the brand’s attempt to release an affordable and all-around monitor, with that signature Samsung style. This particular model is the 24-inch sibling of Samsung Series 7 S27C750P (its 27-inch sibling), which stands in a unique stand, meant to turn heads. This display is highly considered as one of the best gaming monitors in the market today, and certainly the best this year 2014. Is it really worth all the hype it’s getting? Read this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide and find out.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for the best gaming monitor released this year 2014, then you don’t need to look any further, as the Samsung S24D590PL certainly beat its competition in a significant margin. Though there are lots of cheaper options out there, there are many reasons to choose this 24-inch gaming display from Samsung; one big reason is that it is an excellent all-around monitor.



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Bright and Vibrant and Undeniably One of the Best Gaming Monitors 2014


Offering 1080p Full HD resolution and Mega DCR, this 24-inch Samsung LED monitor is fully capable of showing rich and colorful picture quality. Its extra-wide viewing angle ensures that you get the best visual experience where you sit, while its Game Mode preset makes sure you get the best gaming display scene after scene.


Equipped with Game Mode Preset for Improved Gaming Experience

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One of the many reasons why experts and gamers consider the Samsung S24D590PL as the best gaming monitor for 2014, is its Game Mode preset. This preset lets users optimize their gaming experience with one simple touch of a button. The preset automatically changes display settings; adjusts contrast levels and improves colors, allowing gamers to see the best picture quality scene after scene. This preset also works hand-in-hand with the monitor’s fast video response, which means gamers can keep up with the action with less blurring and lag.


Expanded Viewing Angle for Improved Entertainment and Movie Experience

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The expanded viewing angle of Samsung S24D590PL (178° both vertical and horizontal), makes it a great display for entertainment, particularly for watching movies. No matter where you choose to sit in your room, you will be getting the same picture quality and visual experience.


Mega DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ration) for Crips, Clear and True-to-Life Colors

The Mega DCR that comes with this Samsung gaming monitor makes way for brilliant picture quality. It’s a sophisticated technology that allows users get to experience crisp, crystal-clear and true-to-life colors. This feature also manages contrast ratio in real-time, delivering brighter and more vivid colors, deeper blacks and more pristine whites.


Magic Upscale to Keep Picture from Degradation

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Equipped with Magic Upscale technology, this Samsung monitor displays pictures at their best quality, without any sign of degradation. This technology works in improving colors for crisper and more lively images, way better quality than what you see in most monitors of its size and smaller.


With Eco Saving Mode to Help Minimize Power Usage and for Better Energy Efficiency

The Samsung S24D590PL has an Energy Star rating of 6.0, but that’s not all, as it also comes with a three (3) Energy Saving modes that you can use for all your viewing needs. The three options are the 25% less power consumption, 50% less power consumption and the Power Saving Off option. This Samsung gaming monitor also comes with a built-in timer, helping you time your computer use and save big in your computer’s energy consumption.

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Unfortunately, this Samsung monitor doesn’t come with VESA mounting holes, which makes ergonomic options limited. You can always use sit-stand height adjustable desks though and put two of these monitor side-by-side for dual monitor setup (or more for multiple monitor setup). Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk for example, is an excellent electric sit-stand desk that doesn’t hurt the bank. It comes with a sleek and elegant table top (you have 12 different tabletops to choose from), versatile design, equipped with nice easy-to-use electric controller, works and adjusts height smoothly and made up with solid and excellent build.

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However, if you really need a more ergonomic type of setup, then you can use VESA adapters. These are cheap solutions that will convert your monitor with VESA mounting holes standards, allowing you to take use third-party LCD arms and dual monitor arms for a more ergonomic and flexible setup.


Design and Features

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The small, sleek, and elegant design of Samsung S24D590PL makes it a great space-saving display for work desks, entertainment rooms or any gaming consoles. Despite being made up of plastic materials, the cabinet uses faux metal effects, making it look attractive and simply classy. Build quality is not its most aspect, but it’s never a big issue.

Easy Setup and Hassle-Free Operation

Setting up this monitor is a walk in the park. It comes with limited, but sufficient, adjustment options, making the stand very easy to assemble.

The on-screen buttons is great, as it makes way for hassle-free operation. Rather than putting tons of unusual and hard-to-identify buttons, Samsung only put four (4) buttons for on-screen menu and controls. These buttons are strategically placed at the back, bottom right corner of the cabinet.


Minimalist and Great Space-Saving Design to Fit Every Work Desk

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The sleek and space-saving minimalist design of Samsung S24D590PL easily makes it a great display for any desk. The stand is undeniably an eye-catcher, and looks cool in any work desk. The small footprint takes significantly small space; users won’t have to deal with any distractions.

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Its stand makes it look like it’s floating weightlessly on your desk, while its minimalist design looks both practical and beautiful in any workstation.


I/O Ports

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For its connectivity, the monitors comes with two HDMI ports, which is far more superior than legacy ports such as DVI, which means you can connect this display straight for a laptop/PC setup with gaming console plugged. That’s a convenient way to get rid of adapters. Older computers can also utilize the D-Sub (VGA) port. 

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The monitor’s built-in HDMI lets users connect their screen straight to their Blur-ray player, high definition laptop, cable or satellite box, HD game console, or any device with an HDMI output. Simply pressing the monitor’s source button also lets users connect their computer to the VGA port and switch back and forth. This monitor also comes with an audio jack for users to connect their speakers and headphones.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Thanks to its excellently low input lag, great contrast and deeper blacks, the Samsung S24D590PL is both an outstanding gaming monitor and good all-around monitor. The two HDMI connection comes as standard, making it quite a flexible display compared to its competitors. It also works with great viewing angle and decent color accuracy, making it a good choice of display for entertainment.

With its sleek, elegant design, the S24D590PL saves space on your desk or entertainment console. HDMI and VGA ports give you a range of connectivity options, and Magic Upscale ensures a sharp picture when you connect a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to view content on a larger screen. Additionally, the monitor's Eco Saving function lets you save energy at the touch of a button.

If there are any drawbacks in this product, it is lack of VESA mounting holes, which means users would just have to stick to its unique, if not weird, T-shaped stand. Obviously, its design is about acquired taste; some may like it, some may not.

All in all, the Samsung S24D590PL is impressive in almost all areas, whether it’s for gaming, entertainment, or work purposes.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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