Samsung CF791; An In-Depth Review

When curved screens monitors was first introduced to the market, it brought a lot of buzz, as the promises to provide better viewing experience through improved viewing angle had people really intrigued. Plus, they look stunning, and the idea of curved screen panels is just hard to pass. However, the first batch of these curved screen monitors weren’t as impressive as they ought to be on paper. And people started to figure out why – the benefits of curved screen can truly be appreciated in larger models, which is why it works with TVs. This became a challenge for manufacturers, as try to sell the benefits of a concave screen to people who been used to looking at flat screen monitor throughout their lives. Samsung seemed to have figured it out with their Quantum Dot technology. A few weeks ago, we reviewed its Samsung C24FG70, a 24-inch curved screen that sports the new technology. And just recently, they released another curved screen monitor, this time it’s a larger screen. Meet Samsung CF791, an ultrawide 34-inch curved screen with the revered Quantum Dot technology, and it’s easily one of the most stellar screens to date. What makes this monitor special? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Samsung CF791 is for anybody looking to experience the benefits curved-screen monitor with Quantum Dot technology. It’s a large luxuriant display with excellent picture quality, thanks to its accurate color after calibration.



Samsung CF791 is definitely not your run-of-the-mill monitor. It’s 34-inch ultrawide screen sports a curve deep enough to wrap your field of vision. Sounds impressive? Well, it has another big trick up on its sleeve – the quantum dots.


Quantum Dot Technology for Splendid Image Quality

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

The word splendid doesn’t seem to give justice to the advantage quantum dot technology screen provides. It’s kind of a jargon, but we’ll try to explain it the best way we can. The excellent picture quality of the screen comes from the nanocrystal semiconductors that fill the screen. They bend light much better, allowing the screen to show unparalleled contrast ratios, color depth, and all sorts of stimuli for the human eye.


Immersive Viewing with the Impressive 1500R Curvature

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

Aside from the Quantum Dot technology, the 1500R curvature of Samsung CF791 is one of the many impressive things that set it apart from its competition. The deeper curve easily provide better field of view for the viewer of the monitor, as it provides a cinematic experience for movies, and put viewers right at the heart of the action.


Massive Screen for Users to Multi-Task

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

The 32-inch screen of this Samsung monitor may feel like overkill for many users, but for some users who do a lot of multi-tasking on a day-to-day basis, then the 21:9 ultra-wide screen aspect ratio of this monitor provides the total flexibility you need for a more productive day in the office.

Also, it comes with the staple PBP (Picture-by-Picture) function which lets users connect two input sources to the monitor (through HDMI and DP) while keeping the original image quality. Also, there’s the another staple PIP (Picture-in-Picture) which lets users resize the second image to cover up the 25% of the screen and position it anywhere they like. Both features provide incredible convenience for multi-tasking, making this monitor a perfect solution for extremely busy individuals who do a lot of multi-tasking on a daily basis.


Incredible Image Details Through WQHD, VA Panel Also Does Its Job In Contrast Ratio

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

Samsung CF791 runs in Ultra WQHD resolution, which is a whopping 3440x1440 resolution. That is 2.5 times more pixel density than your ordinary Full HD resolution. This enables the screen to run razor-sharp images. Also, the great pixel density makes more room for users to work on, as more content are being displayed on the screen at once. This results to less scrolling and zooming when working on larger spreadsheets and browsing through different websites.

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

For the contrast ratio, this monitor runs at 3000:1, that is made possible by its Vertical Alignment panel. This technology minimizes light leakage across the screen for deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Mounting Options


We don’t normally see large screen displays such as this Samsung 34-inch monitor in a dual monitor setup, as having two gigantic screens in front of you would be too much in most cases. Thus, the size and curved screen of CF791 is more than enough to provide superb viewing experience. But that doesn’t mean it can't be improved. Enter mounting options for large screen displays.


Large screen mounting options provide better comfort and ergonomics for  larger screen displays. If that's what you're considering for this product, then here's your best option out there.

Ergotron Interactive Arm, VHD (image from Amazon)

One good example is the Interactive Arm, VHD from Ergotron. This wall mount can support screens ranging from 30-inch to 60-inch in size and weight of 35 lbs. to 70 lbs. It is fully adjustable, allowing you to swing, lift and turn your display to any direction, and make the screen look like it’s floating in the air. This monitor lets users move their monitor or TV into multiple positions with one simple touch; no more sore necks and caused by awkward angles



Unexpectedly Better Gaming Performance

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

When we think of larger monitors on curved screen, the first thing that comes into our mind is better picture quality. And as we all know, monitors invested into such area don’t usually have gameplay characteristics to show off. This Samsung curved screen monitor is a different breed, as it is packed with features to satisfy your gaming needs. Boasting 100Hz screen refresh rate to minimize stytter and 4ms response time paired with AMD Freesync technology and Game Mode feature for smoother gaming performance.


Design and Features

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

Before you even turn this thing on, the Samsung CF791 exudes elegance. We don’t normally see white and silver finish in TVs, let alone in monitor, but this product opted to this neat and elegant colour scheme. It sports a white backplate with low-profile silver bezels which looks nothing short of fantastic.


With Good Quality Built-In Speakers

Integrated speakers have been a staple for monitors of this size. The logic is simple, many users can’t go without their speakers on their workstation; so to help users reduce clutter on their desk and keep their workplace spacious, manufacturers included built-in speakers on their monitors. And as we all know, built-in speakers don’t usually have the prowess for good audio quality, with many speakers were only 2W.

This Samsung curvedscreen monitor on the other hand, comes equipped with a pair of 7W speakers embedded to its body. This allows users to enjoy their movies, music, games and various online content without cluttering their workspace with an auxiliary desktop and speaker cables.


Connectivity Options

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

For I/O ports of Samsung CF791, there are two HDMI ports, 1 DP and Two USB ports for high-performance multiple connection interface. This means users can hook up their PC, game console, additional monitors, and even various media devices and peripherals with this monitor.


Beautifully Engineered Stand with Ergonomic Adjustments

Samsung CF791 (image from Amazon)

The beautiful monitor is supported by an equally beautiful broad aluminum-colored disc with glossy white armature that seems to hold the screen effortlessly aloft. It’s quite a uniquely design stand, as most bases we find in the market are either rectangular or square, and it’s easy to appreciate the nice round base. It holds the monitor nicely and keeps it from wobbling, which is nice, since ultrawide monitors are notorious in being wobbly. Plus it offers tons of ergonomic adjustments that usually don’t come with monitors of its size. The base is large enough to provide ample support, but it’s not too large that it causes obstruction on your desk.


Also, there’s a narrow articulated armature clad attached from the glossy white plastic at the back side of the base. This arm provides impressive adjustability; rather than making audible clicks or requiring a little bit of muscle to get the right monitor position, the arm moves with just the right amount of resistance before settling to user’s desired position. This includes decent angles of adjustments, from tilt to height adjustment. Once set, the screen is remarkably stable. Nudging or tapping the screen doesn’t change the position, nor does bumping the desk. Obviously, the 34-inch screen can’t pivot.


With VESA-Compatible Mounting Holes for Better Ergonomics

We don’t usually see monitors this big mounted to the wall. However, should you wish to have a different setup, or better ergonomics for your monitor, you can mount this display to the wall or to a aftermarket monitor stand via VESA.


Tech Specs

Package includes the power cable, HDMI and DP cables.


Bottom Line

Samsung CF791 is definitely one of a kind with its great colour accuracy, contrast ratio, quantum dot technology, and of course, the dramatic 1500R curved screen. It is packed with all the features you can ask for an immersive viewing experience.

Image quality is superb. That’s out of the question. Quantum Dot technology ought to deliver sharper and more accurate colors for a much lower cost than their OLED competitors, however, this monitor comes with quite a hefty price tag, though it’s definitely far from being the most expensive ultrawide monitor out there.

The main obstacle for this monitor of course, is the price. It’s definitely one of the more expensive ones, and in terms of price range, there’s plenty of competition. However, when it comes to choosing its real competition (all things considered, such as aesthetics, performance, features, etc.), it’s pretty hard to find something that gets close to Samsung CF791It sits pretty comfortable at the top of ultra-wide curved screen monitors in almost every factor – price, quality and performance all taken into consideration. It looks great, making a luxuriant workspace that can replace your dual monitor setup. The size and scope, along with its impressive curved screen with quantum dot technology provides an immersive experience for its users. Acer Predator Z35 is a good alternative if you’re looking for a monitor with blistering refresh rate, but then again, it doesn’t come with the curved screen and the quantum dot display. Also, there’s the LG 38UC99 which is even more massive, and uses IPS panel which delivers immersive viewing with its massive panel. However, it doesn’t come with the impressive contrast as its Samsung counterpart, plus it’s even more expensive (about $500 more).

Samsung CF791 may be expensive, but there is definitely a good reason behind its hefty price tag. It’s simply a fantastic all-rounder, plus the colossal screen is packed with all the right features for an excellent viewing experience. The Ultra WQHD resolution provides crisp visuals, alongside with good colour accuracy. Also, it’s surprisingly good in gaming aspect, making this monitor not just the good choice for graphic designers, video and image editors, but even for competitive gamers as well. Thanks to its lack of blurring and ghosting. Without a doubt, Samsung really made yet another fantastic monitor in this one. If you can afford it, then you can never go wrong by having it.

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