Samsung C770 S24C770T: An In-Depth Review

No matter how Windows tried to convince people that their latest Operating System – Windows 8, is a very easy OS to learn and get used to, there is no getting around that fact that switching to that OS from Windows 7 can be disorienting for some, and for many, a frustrating experience. The biggest part of that frustration comes from the different Start Menu and the fact that most apps in Windows store are now built for touch input. Those who are using new models of laptops have the touchscreen system to support the requirements of the new OS, while who don’t will surely have a tough time dragging things on their screen with their mouse. This is the kind of problem touchscreen monitor like Samsung C770 S24C770T tried to address –help computer users in their transition to the new OS with easy swipes and taps of the monitor screen.

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Who is it for?

If you don’t have an issue over computer monitor price, and you’re looking for something that prioritizes aesthetics and good performance, with improved touchscreen system, then the Samsung C770 S24C770T can be a great option for you. This 23-inch display is equipped with the reclining stand that allows comfortable swiping and tapping of the screen, while color accuracy and brightness and grayscale performance make things on screen look more vivid and well-detailed.



One of Finest Stand-Alone Touchscreen We’ve Seen

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The Samsung C770 S24C770T is the brand’s entry monitor for Windows 8 arena, and it’s a sharp 24-inch touchscreen monitor that uses multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA) panel technology that allows it to display accurate, bold colors and highly detailed images. It also takes pride from its 10-point capacitive touchscreen system, bezel-free design and a sliding stand that makes it quite a pleasing display for Windows 8 users and will brighten up any room.

The screen is covered in glass, which adds to better viewing angle and more vivid colors. However, the glass also causes the screen some reflection issues if you have overhead lighting. Also, the screen washes out direct sunlight, which causes contrast issues when viewed at a long angle (reclined position) – whites will not look as bright, and blacks will not look as deep.

Good Color and Grayscale Performance

The Samsung C770 S24C770T delivers accurate colors straight from the box. The CIE chromaticity chart shows that this MVA panel is able to produce red accurately in the ideal CIE coordinates, while colors blue and green are just a little off, but still inside the acceptable range and doesn’t cause any tinting or oversaturation of the picture.

Grayscale performance on the other hand is very impressive. This Samsung monitor is able to display all shades of gray based on the DisplayMate 64-Step Grayscale test. While the 3000:1 contrast ratio provides outstanding details for the highlights and shadows.


Highly Responsive 10-Point Touch System

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Another strong feature for this touchscreen monitor is its highly responsive 10-point touch system. The screen allows easy and pleasurable swiping, pinching, zooming and other Windows 8 gestures available in accurate and responsive process. Also, writing documents and typing on the screen is easy on the wrist as the screen can be tilted all the way back.


Decent Energy Efficiency

Though not utterly impressive, energy efficiency of this product is considered good, as Eco mode can cut off power consumption up to 50%. The Standard mode consumes 31 watts, while Eco mode pulls that all the way down to 16 watts. Pictures may appear dim though.


Impressive Stand with Multiple Adjustments for Ergonomics and Comfort

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The unique stand of this Samsung monitor is one of its best qualities as it is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. It’s a sliding stand that allows 60° tilt range, allowing users to position their display in their most comfortable angle, whether they are sitting or standing. This silver stand is supported by a stable hinge that allows smooth movement.

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It holds the screen nicely on your desk, and supports touch movements on the screen without allowing any wobbling. The stand seems to better suits for users who prefer standing though.

The reclining adjustment function of the stand doesn’t allow the display to swivel or adjust in height. But because the stand is made up of a solid metal, you can easily and conveniently put a riser underneath (a thick book or something similar) under the base to raise your display’s height.


With Built-in Speakers

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Samsung C770 S24C770T has a pair of built-in speakers, one for each side of the cabinet. These speakers get really loud for a monitor. They may not be the most impressive speakers in a monitor, as they tend to sound muddy when set in the highest volume level, but they are quite a convenient treat for anyone who doesn’t want to have extra PC peripherals on their desk.

Quick and Easy Setup

The Samsung C770 S24C770T is very easy to setup. Package comes with the 60 inches long HDMI cable, which is usually enough for most types of computer setups. If you wish to have the touch data though, you need to connect the mini HDMI cable to the back of the monitor to your computer. However, the included USB cable is only 38 inches long, and you may need to purchase your own longer USB cable to conveniently connect the Samsung monitor to your computer or if you want a dual monitor or multiple monitor setup.

Once you have the cables connected to your PC, including the power cable, your computer will detect the screen automatically. The monitor also automatically switches to HDMI port when active signal.

If you use this monitor as your sole display for your Windows 8 computer, and you have connected all the three connection requirements (HDMI, USB and Power), the monitor will automatically work after a couple of minutes or less with its automatic setup. Windows will automatically install the required drivers for the display’s touch features.


Design and Features

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From PCs to tablets, up to smartphones, Samsung is known for making stylish designed products, and Samsung C770 S24C770T is no exception to this rule.


Bezel-Free and Stylishly Design Display

The edge-to-edge glass, half-inch screen bezel, and seemingly brushed-aluminum back make a very appealing display that will look good in any workstation or office environment. The metal finish in the back cabinet is made up of plastic, while the glass however, is shiny and a bit reflective. Nonetheless, the whole thing feels compact and solid.

The brand’s logo is embedded on the bottom bezel.


Connectivity Options and Inputs/Outputs

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Because this monitor is designed to tilt, all its ports are located at the back attached to its stand. The back of the cabinet houses two (2) HDMI ports, a mini USB port (for touchscreen input), and a headphone jack. A pair of HDMI ports is appreciated, allowing the display to double as a TV (with the help of a cable box) or a screen to use with a gaming console. There’s also a headphone jack.

Function Buttons with On-Screen Label

Pressing any buttons will automatically launch the monitor’s on-screen menu, with each buttons having its on-screen labels. Buttons include the Main Menu, Volume Control, Input Selection and Power. The Main Menu function allows setting adjustments for the display’s brightness levels, HDMI black level (dark or normal), PC or AV mode, screen size, and an Off/On timer.

Though the device doesn’t allow adjustments for Color and Contrast or choose Picture Presets, users can still make these changes through the MagicTune software, a convenient utility tool that allows you to make such adjustments using the monitor’s touchscreen system and your computer’s mouse and keyboard.

Aside from Brightness, Contrast and Color controls, there is also the MagicTune feature for Eco power saving settings, touch calibration tool to calibrate the touchscreen function, and the brand’s very own MacBright Picture Presets, which includes the standard Presets you will need for all, or most types of computing use, namely Standard, Cinema, Dynamic, Game, Contrast and Custom.


Tech Specs

Package includes the HDMI and USB cables, a resource CD, a cleaning cloth, and a quick setup guide.


Bottom Line

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With solid performance and pleasing aesthetics, the Samsung C770 S24C770T is a good choice for anyone looking to maximize their Windows 8 experience. The screen produces good-looking display with decent color accuracy, deeper blacks, good viewing angles, and better color reproduction that many of its competition in the market.

If you want to do more calibrations and thoroughly adjust the image settings, then you will need the help of display picture adjustment software, as this monitor’s options are fairly limited, allowing only changes for brightness and volume adjustments.

All in all, this display is able to deliver vibrant colors with smooth and accurate touch commands, while the sliding stand makes reclining easy and provide more comfortable touch control.

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