Samsung C24FG70; An In-Depth Review

Quantum Dot is easily the fanciest term out there in screen tech, probably in computing. I mean, what could possibly sound cooler than ‘Quantum Dot.’ Samsung have been quoting this term for their TVs for years, but this is the very first time that we see this technology used for PC with the Samsung C24FG70. How does it work? And does it really improve your viewing experience, let alone gaming? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Samsung C24FG70 is being touted as one of the highest quality gaming monitors in the market today, and for many reasons. For one, it carries the Quantum Dot technology, which works by generating wider colour gamut than the traditional LCD panels. The picture quality is vibrant, plus, it sports a curved panel, which is on paper, should provide better and more immersive gaming experience.



Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

What matters most in gaming is the overall immersive experience, and that’s the reason why curved monitors have risen to popularity, alongside with gaming-grade peripherals. What we’ve been seeing in the past years is that, manufacturers are packing more horsepower in their monitors, making their displays more capable to cater the growing needs of the growing gaming population. Samsung on the other hand, went on a different route with their Samsung C24FG70 as it introduces a curved screen, along with the usual high-end gaming capabilities to deliver optimal, and immersive gaming experience.


VA Panel with Quantum Dot Technology for Better Colour Vibrancy

Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

Unlike most gaming monitors that sports TN panel for faster performance, but significantly weaker graphics performance (i.e. colour accuracy, sharpness, black level, etc.) this gaming display from Samsung sports VA panel. VA panel is significantly better than TN in terms of graphics performance.

Samsung C24FG70 brags about its Quantum Dot technology, which is definitely the first one to grab your attention the second you see this monitor turned on. But what is quantum dot really? Well, quantum dot panel placed in front of LED results to better picture quality, colors are more accurate and vibrant, the screen has higher peak brightness without compromising the deep inky blacks.


Colour accuracy of this monitor is also fantastic, as it averages Delta E of 45 (closer to 0 the better), meaning though it’s specifically designed for gaming, you can also use it for different tasks that requires good color representations. When switched sRGB mode, this monitor covers 99.6% of the colour space, which are very impressive.

In terms of brightness, this Samsung display is fairly bright too, reaching an impressive number of 379cd/m2. It is of course, important to note that if you’re playing games, it’s best to dial it down to around 250cd/m2.

The only gripe we have in this monitor in terms of its picture performance is the resolution, which is only at 1920x1080p. It’s a bit disappointing for a monitor of its price.


Ultra-Fast 1ms Response Time, 144Hz Refresh Rate and Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) Support for Fast and Smooth Gaming

Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

Despite all its amazing features that centers around better picture quality, this Samsung monitor is first and foremost, a gaming monitor. And with that, there’s very little to complain about it. This monitor runs at 1ms response time, at 144Hz refresh rate. That means there are no noticeable blurring or ghosting, rather only ultra-fluid motion. That’s quite surprising, given it uses a VA panel, which is typically weak in such areas. They attribute this product’s success in these areas to the brand’s own Advanced Motion Blur Reduction technology, a technology that uses each of the frame of the monitor’s display, activating LEDs in four different timing areas.

What is even more amazing is the low input lag (with Low Input Lag mode enabled) in this monitor. Input Lag is the measurement of the time it takes for the monitor to react on the commands of the controller. This ensures the monitor is ideal for gaming.


Curved Screen Monitor for Immersive Gameplay Experience

Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

Samsung C24FG70 sports an 1800R curve monitor, which means it can make an excellent immersive experience; you can place two to three of this monitor side-by-side to make a circular formation. That would make a perfect setup for gaming, especially FPS and racing games, where you get better and more immersive gameplay point-of-view of the. 1800R is the tightest curve available on the market, which is particularly effective for smaller screens like 24-inch.

Design and Features

As we all know, Samsung is not fond of producing gaudy monitors, with tons of bling and color schemes. Thus, Samsung C24FG70’s design is minimalist to say the least; comes with the usual textured matte black plastic cabinet which exudes the good-old mainstream professional look, while effectively disguising its cutting edge capabilities. Even the bezels on the sides of the screen don’t look anywhere similar to most gaming monitors we usually find in the market. It is not as thin, and doesn’t come with lots of accents. As with other Samsung monitors, they truly packaged this product with the usual subtle design. Cleverly hidden however, is the LED strip they call the ‘Arena Lighting’, which users can control to display a pulsating or breathing light. It lights the desk and the keyboard, which can be a plus for some users.


Buttons and Controls

Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

The OSD (on-screen display) is one of the most notable features of this Samsung monitor. They provided three sizeable buttons hidden under the bezel and a tactile joystick at the bottom right side of the rear panel, which also doubles a Power button. This design on the buttons is something we usually find in top-tier gaming displays, such as Asus’ ROG Swift line. Samsung states their OSD has game-style design, making their menus more responsive than others, and large enough to be clearly seen.

Accessing features may be confusing at first, due to the separate controllers, but once you get a hang of it, you will realize its convenience.

The OSD also lets you tweak the colours and gamma individually, along with refresh rate, response time and enable Low Input Lag mode.

For its game modes, the monitor provides factory-calibrated multiple game modes to instantly optimize black gamma levels, contrast ratio and sharpness for FPS, RPG, RTS and AOS game genres.


Connectivity Options

Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

For video inputs, this monitor comes with two HDMI 2.0 ports, and one DisplayPort 1.4 connector. Both video inputs are placed at the backside of the monitor’s cabinet. They point outward, rather than downward, making them easier to access.

For audio, there is a pair of 3.5mm audio jack, one for your headphones and one exclusive for maintenance. Unfortunately, there are no USB ports for this product. Would have been really convenient if it has at least two USB ports for users to charge their mobile devices easily, while playing, or using the computer.


Special Stand with Special Functionality, with VESA Option


Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

Samsung C24FG70 also features a unique stand design which Samsung calls the ‘Dual Hinged armed design’. At first glance, it looks more like a robotic arm than a stand. The monitor itself comes with a tilting range, but very limited. With the mechanism of the stand however, it’s been provided with a variety of versatile adjustments, something we usually find in mounted monitors. Monitors are significantly smoother, while the arms hold the display firmly in place.


Samsung C24FG70 (image from Amazon)

The common complaint about this mechanism however, is that the screen seems to wobble, even with minimal indirect force. A swipe on the mouse or heavy typing on the keyboard can cause the screen to shake. This can be a headache for people who work for hours in front of their computer screen. Despite this flaw however, the stand definitely adds to the overall professional look of the monitor.

The base of the stand is also another point of complaint, as it can definitely take a lot of desk space. It does however, provide enough stability.

The monitor is VESA compatible as well, which means you can definitely replace the stand for a much better monitor stand or monitor mount.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Samsung C24FG70 is without a doubt, an excellent all-rounder; with superb colour accuracy, 144Hz refresh rate, low input lag, fast response time and great build quality, it’s almost hard to find something bad about this monitor. The Quantum Dot backlit VA panel certainly do not disappoint.

They however, dropped the ball on a very important aspect of monitor design – the flimsy stand. Though innovative, adjustable and flexible, it’s hard to like that stand when it compromises stability for good articulation. It can be quite disturbing when you’re using the monitor on a daily basis. You can of course, get yourself an aftermarket monitor stand, monitor mount, etc.


Indeed, there are tons of 24-inch monitors available out there that runs in fast 144Hz Refresh Rate, and 1ms Response Time. However, most of them, if not all of them, use TN (Twisted Nematic) panel, a panel technology that is generally dedicated for fast-twitch performance, and not really for better overall graphics performance. Samsung C24FG70 however, uses VA (Vertical Alignment) panel, and complemented by the 1800R curve screen.

This product is also surprisingly well-priced compared to many gaming monitors at 24-inch. However, when you consider the fact that it’s still at 1080p, you can say it’s a bit steep. But if you consider all those good things above, you definitely have one good monitor with this one.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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