Royal Craft Wood Multi-Function Student Lapdesk; An In-Depth Review

Not all lap desks are made equal, that’s a fact. Some come with handy features, while some come equipped with bells and whistles we barely even need, let alone use. Though there are already hundreds, if not thousands of different products out there, most of them seem to come in the same design and style; they come with soft cushion and high quality top surface, but many fail to recognize the need for a larger space needed for other workstation peripherals, such as a dedicated mouse pad and a slot for gadgets, especially smartphone. This is what makes Royal Craft Wood Multifunction student lapdesk a unique choice – its large work surface comes with dedicated features for the things you will need. Read more about this amazing product in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Royal Craft Wood Multi-Function Student Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The Royal Craft Wood Multifunction student lapdesk is designed for laptop users who love to work on their computer on their lap, with extra space for mouse and smartphone. It comes with multiple ventilation holes, a dedicated mouse pad and slots for tablet and smartphone. Basically, it’s a portable mobile workstation.



Royal Craft Wood Multi-Function Student Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

A Thoughtfully Designed Mobile Station Desk

Even at first glance, it’s easy to say Royal Craft Wood Multifunction student lapdesk is well-thought of and a well-designed lap desk. It may look like just a piece of wood with carvings for ventilation and special slots, but its simplicity is what makes it quite a unique piece that we don’t always find in the market. Made up of all natural bamboo, this lap desk shows a classic, quality and elegant design that will never fall short of your expectations, and will definitely suit whenever or wherever you use it, whether you’re on plane or train, or at home lounging on your bed or sofa.

With Ventilation to Keep Your Precious Laptop from Overheating

This lap desk features 23 square holes that on its work surface, providing ample ventilation for laptops to effectively and efficiently disperse heat, keeping it cool for longer period of time, and ultimately allowing users to continue working on their laptop as they please.


Keeps All Your Gadgets in Place

Royal Craft Wood Multi-Function Student Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

This lap desk strives to be the perfect solution for all your mobile workstation needs, as it comes equipped with the special features you need to keep your workstation essentials at arm’s reach, making it the most convenient and space-saving solution, especially for your devices. It comes with special slots for your smartphones, tablets, etc.; making it a practical solution.


Design and Features

Royal Craft Wood Multi-Function Student Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

Convenient and Comfortable to Use, Thanks to the Ergonomic Design

As said earlier, Royal Craft Wood Multifunction student lapdesk doesn’t come with many bells and whistles. Its simplicity is actually its biggest selling point. It’s convenient, light, portable and extremely comfortable to use. It’s designed with ergonomic qualities in mind, thanks to the dedicated mouse pad that makes computing extra convenient, perfect for multi-tasking and people who use their laptop for special tasks, such as graphics design, etc.


Made Up of 100% Bamboo

Unlike plastic and other low quality air desks that use combinations of materials, Royal Craft Wood Multifunction student lapdesk uses all natural bamboo, a classic beauty that goes well with any users.


Effective Heat Protection for All Devices

Royal Craft Wood Multi-Function Student Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

To avoid overheating, this lap desk comes with 23 square holes on its work surface to aid air circulation. These ventilation holes are simple, yet efficient solution that every laptop user needs.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

What you see is what you get in Royal Craft Wood Multifunction student lapdesk. There are no hidden features and unnecessary bells and whistles that may up the price. Instead, it’s simple, basic, straightforward, making it quite a versatile choice that fits to the needs of almost all types of users.

It doesn’t offer anything fancy, as a matter of fact, it’s as simple as a piece of wood carved with holes and slots, and an integrated mouse pad. But then again, that’s what most laptop users will need in most cases.

Build wise, the product is well-made, thanks to the premium all-natural bamboo wood. The thin profile contributes to its compact and light weight, making it portable and extremely easy to carry around.

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