Readaeer Folding Laptop Table; An In-Depth Review

Laptop stands are really taking over right now, from offices, cubicles, and home offices, as more and more laptop users are seeing the benefits of portable ergonomics. However, as with other ergonomic solutions, not everything is made the same. And there are actually quite a lot of products out there that fail in their claims, especially in quality and durability. One of the many products that proved to be legit on its claims however, is the Raedaeer Folding Laptop Table. It may come from a lesser-known brand, but it’s up there with the good ones in terms of quality. What makes it a good option? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Readaeer Folding Laptop Table (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Raedaeer Folding Laptop Table is definitely aimed for laptop users looking for a better ergonomic setup for their computers, be it in their office, home office or on the go. It’s lightweight, compact, portable and extremely easy to setup and use. It’s also one of the cheaper brands out there, making it a practical choice.




Built for Multi-Purpose use

The large workspace of Raedaeer Folding Laptop Table makes it an ideal tool not just for laptop use, but also for different purposes, such as sketching, writing, reading, etc.


Fully Adjustable System with Auto-Locking Joints

This laptop stand lets you set and adjust your setup at any point within 360˚ range of adjustment. This means you can definitely find the right angle of position for your laptop as you use it anywhere, anytime. Also, the auto-locking joint system ensures each and every joint of the stand locks in place, keeping your computer safe and stable on its surface.


Design and Features

Readaeer Folding Laptop Table (image from Amazon)

Design wise , this laptop desk doesn’t offer anything spectacular that we haven’t seen before. There are also no bells and whistles, which is actually a good thing, considering how these extra features add to the overall price of the product. Nevertheless, Raedaeer Folding Laptop Table is definitely a well-designed product. It comes with a black matte finish which nicely balances industrial and professional design. It’s no head-turner, but it looks quite sturdy and durable.

The whole laptop desk is made up of aluminum alloy, which assures light weight and extremely strong and hard-wearing construction.



Large Desk Space

Readaeer Folding Laptop Table (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, the large desk work surface of Raedaeer Folding Laptop Table makes it quite versatile and suitable for different purposes. Consequently, it can accommodate large laptop sizes, and has no problem providing ample and stable support for laptops up to 17-inch of size.


Compact, Foldable and Easy to Carry

Readaeer Folding Laptop Table (image from Amazon)

As with many good quality portable laptop stands in the market, this one also has extremely compact design and its foldability feature lets users slide it inside their bags and carry the laptop stand around anywhere. Pair that with easy setup and you get to bring the ergonomic benefits of the stand anywhere, anytime.


Tech Specs

Readaeer Folding Laptop Table (image from Amazon)

Bottom Line

The Raedaeer Folding Laptop Table provides a simple way to use your laptop computer with ease and comfort. It may not be the best out there due to its architectural limitations, but it’s extremely durable and quite capable in delivering everything you need.

Again, it is extremely durable, which is fascinating as it’s quite light. Thanks to the aluminum material used for its construction. It doesn’t bend, nor wobble, especially if you place a larger and heavier laptop on top.

Another great aspect worth noting about is the mouse pad extension. Many laptop stands don’t offer such feature, because they’d rather give you a larger desk surface than provide a tier dedicated for your mouse. Raedaeer on the other hand, took advantage of the opportunity, providing better position for your hands and wrists through a dedicated mouse pad tray. Whether you choose to sit or stand, the mouse will always be in the right ergonomic position for you.

So if you work on your laptop computer for extended hours every day, or you watch movies, videos, play games regularly and find it difficult to do normal things you do on your computer as it gets hot easily, then a laptop stand like this one is for you.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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