Philips Moda 2; An In-Depth Review

Panel resolution, screen size and price are just three of the most basic ways to differentiate monitors. But rather than competing on these categories, Philips opted to take on a different route, as it pair its Philips Moda 2 (also referred as Philips 245C5QHAB) with better audio quality. But is it a good choice? Find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.


Who is it for?

Many PC users look for a good monitor but fail to pair them with good speakers. If you have invested good amount of money for your PC tower and monitor, then might as well do them justice with a nice set of speakers, right? Well, for people who can’t be bothered to purchase a pair of good quality, speakers, or don’t have the luxury of desk space to place speakers but still want a good entertainment experience on their computer, the Philips Moda 2 is for you. This monitor comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker on the base of its stand, giving users better visual experience on its 24-inch screen with improved sound experience for multimedia use.



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Good Color Accuracy and Color Uniformity for Web and Internet Applications

Based on Spyder5 Elite colorimeter, this Philips monitor scored 98% sRGB color space and 75% on the AdobeRGB range. It’s a decently accurate colors makes it a good choice for web and internet applications, which is a good deal considering its price. However, professional users looking for excellent color accuracy, such as those using with Adobe’s suite of creative tools like Creative Cloud, or variety of apps for demanding tasks, should look at the pricier options.

Color uniformity is also good, as the monitor is able to display with good luminance uniformity across the screen. However, contrast and tone response are a bit mediocre. For regular consumers, color performance can be considered excellent, as it scored 2 in its average delta-E. Color gradient however, shifts a little from the upper right corner to the bottom left, based on the test from Datacolor. However, that’s hard to notice with a naked eye.

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Also, with SmartContrast, this Philips monitor can deliver deeper blacks in great details. It adjusts colors automatically and control backlight intensity to improve contrast for the best digital images and videos for movies and games where dark hues are shown on screen.


IPS-ADS Panel Technology for Extra Wide Viewing Angle

The IPS-ADS (short for In-Plane Switching – Advanced Super Dimension Switch) combines crisp images and vivid colors with extra-wide viewing angle. Unlike many monitors out there that comes with TN-based panels, the IPS-ADS provides better image quality for viewing photos, browsing the internet, watching movies, and more importantly, better color accuracy for consistent brightness levels, perfect for professional applications, such as photographers, graphic designers, artists, etc.


SRS WOW HD with Improved Sound Technology to Compete Your Entertainment

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This is probably the strongest selling point of Philips Moda 2. The pair of high quality built-in front-firing speakers transforms your audio system for more immersive experience, making you the thrill of the movies and even games you’re watching/playing. Unlike small built-in speakers that comes with most monitors, the SRS WOW HD does not hum, rather, it provides incredible Surround Sound technology, minus the wire clutter and taking so much desk space that most external computer does. The 7W speakers deliver 5.1 sound best used for movies and musical enjoyment. It is nicely placed at the base of the stand, with a circular mesh pillow. It is aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Audio quality is loud, but it isn’t as clean as many top-tier Bluetooth speakers such as Bose SoundLink, Jambox, or Samsung Level Box.

For audio controls, Philips equipped this product with a lot of choices that lets users tune their speaker to their preferences. There’s a control right in OSD’s menu for the bass and treble, while enabling the SRS WOW HD tuning will deliver the 5.1 output, which equates to incredible sound quality. However, you can’t have all the tuning going all at the same time, which means you can only choose one from SRS WOW HD, Incredible Surround, treble and bass controls.



With Wireless Bluetooth Streaming and MHL Technology for Convenience

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Users can play their favorite music saved on their smartphone and tablet to the beautiful built-in speakers of Philips Moda 2, thanks to the Bluetooth streaming and MHL technology. And it’s not only limited for music, as it can pair with mobile devices for hands-free speakerphone calls.

The MHL connectivity on the other hand, provides a stable connection for audio/video interface with your mobile gadgets, as it allows users to connect their MHL-compatible devices to the monitor for HD streaming and high-quality audio, perfect for watching movies, videos, playing of various apps, etc. while simultaneously charge the device.


Flicker-Free Technology for More Comfortable Viewing

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LED-backlit monitor provide excellent brightness, this brightness however, often causes viewing discomfort as it hurts the eyes, especially for extended-hours of use. Fortunately, Philips equip this product with Flicker-Free technology, allowing users to adjust brightness and reduce flickers for better viewing comfort.


Design and Features

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Housed in a glossy black plastic, the Philips Moda 2 easily looks like a premium and top-tier product. It comes with a unique minimalist design, while the roomy 24-inch IPS screen spans the edges of the monitor for a bezel-free look.

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The narrow borders only measure 2.5 millimeters, allowing minimal distractions and maximum viewing size; a perfect feature for those who are looking to put two or three of these monitor for a dual monitor or triple monitor setup for gamers, graphic designers, etc.

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The back side of the cabinet is a textured wavy pattern to glossy black finish, which keeps things a little more interesting. This design however, attracts dirt and dusty easily, while the glossy finish attracts fingerprints, both can be a problem when using this monitor in an open space.


Buttons and Functions

For its controls and menu navigation, the power button and six capacitive buttons are all conveniently located on the front side of the cabinet. Tapping the buttons will reveal additional commands, and for navigation, menus and submenus, users have to use the left and right arrows.

Though clearly labeled, navigating the menu can be a bit of a chore. Both the menu and navigation are not always responsive or intuitive, and there are delays or lags from time to time that will make you feel you have not pressed the button.


Connectivity Options

The backside of the cabinet also houses the I/O port selections. This product supports three HDMI inputs, a VGA and audio input and output ports.


Circular Base for Sturdy and Stable Support 

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The 14.6 x 24.1 x 1.7 inches and 12.5 lbs. cabinet is supported by a stable and sturdy circular stand. The stand however, doesn’t provide much adjustment options, as it’s limited to up and downward tilt. It can’t be lifted or lowered, doesn’t swivel and can’t rotate for landscape mode.  There is however, a small clip-on for cable management which can be plugged in to the small hole located in the lower part of the backside of the stand to route your cables and hold wire clutter to a minimum.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Philips has made quite a balanced computer monitor in Philips Moda 2, in both productivity and multimedia consumption, with superb screen panel and loud audio performance. Bluetooth audio and MHL connectivity makes it a great choice for businesses, as this kind of setup give users the flexibility of connecting their smartphones and laptops, stay entertained with music or videos, or give presentations.

The Philips Moda 2 belongs to 21-inch to 24-inch range, which is a highly competitive market. The Acer UT220HQL for example, differentiates itself from the crowd with its touchscreen panel. BenQ EW2440 on the other hand, comes with quite a stylish design that integrates smartphones nicely with the help of its dock, highlighting the MHL connectivity. While the Samsung SD300 is a 21.5-inch monitor that offers great panel performance for a very affordable price. For its price range, there are certainly more options with higher resolution panels, such as QHD, and even UHD 4K. Dell P2815Q for example, bumps up the resolution to 4K for almost the same price.

Build wise, this product looks solid, except maybe for the small lip at the bottom center of the screen. Maybe Philips put it in there to help user when adjusting the monitor’s tilt range.

Design wise, the integration of the speakers gives this display quite an edge for most users. The speakers are fully capable of delivering great audio, while the image quality is good enough for most types of visual multimedia experience. The speakers are powerful, but it lacks the audio fidelity and audio tuning enhancements, which mean vocals are not as smoky and bass in jazz performances are not as punchy.

There are lots of connectivity options available, which make this Philips monitor more versatile and convenient for different types of users, whether for college students or business professionals looking to hook their gadgets or laptops.

All in all, the combination of upgraded audio experience and sophisticated aesthetics makes Philips Moda 2 or Philips 245C5QHAB is quite a good combination of a compact package. The IPS panel makes high quality and crisp visuals. For the price though, there are better options out there, such as Acer UT220HQL or Dell P2815Q which runs at 4K resolution.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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