Patekfly V5 White Vacuum Cooling Fan; An In-Depth Review

Vacuum cooling fans probably have the best solution for laptop heating, as unlike laptop coolers that push outside air into the computer, it actually sucks the hot temperature out, aiding proper ventilation to laptops. Also, because of their size and lightweight, they’re extremely portable and easy to carry around. Which means it’s the best travel-buddy for laptop users. Paketfly, which is one of the trusted names in this type of product, has made a handful of vacuum fooling fans. One of its latest models is the Patekfly V5 White Vacuum USB Air Extracting Super Cooling Fan Cooler, and like its predecessors, it looks unassuming, but definitely gets the job done. How well does it stand against its competitors? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Patekfly V5 White Vacuum Cooling Fan (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Patekfly V5 vacuum cooling fan is made for laptop users on the go, particularly professionals who doesn’t want to have fancy-looking accessories for their computers while working away from home or office. It looks simple and basic, but definitely delivers the job.




Adopt Japan Double Ball Turbo Fan

Patekfly V5 White Vacuum Cooling Fan (image from Amazon)

Equipped with double-b all turbo fan, Patekfly V5 vacuum cooling fan has excellent airflow and greater heat displacement. Also, the fans are Japan-made, which is extremely ideal for long hours of use, as we all know the quality and dependability of most products made in Japan.


With Microchip MCU Control for Smart Operation

As with many of its brother in Paketfly, this model also comes with a microchip MCY control for smart operation. Meaning, it’s fully equipped to accurately read the temperature of laptop and provide the accurate corresponding cooling operation for the computer when set at automatic mode.


Design and Features

Patekfly V5 White Vacuum Cooling Fan (image from Amazon)

As with many models in Paketfly vacuum cooling fans, the Patekfly V5 vacuum cooling fan as well doesn’t come with fancy gaming-centric design and lots of bells and whistles. Rather, it comes in a simple, box-type design that looks basic, neat and professional. Aesthetic wise, there’s nothing special about this product, but as what we have seen from its previous models, it’s actually what the manufacturer have intended to do.


Buttons and Controls

Patekfly V5 White Vacuum Cooling Fan (image from Amazon)

Below its LCD screen are the two buttons of Patekfly V5 vacuum cooling fan. On the left is the speed control for the fans, while the right button is for On/Off and switching from Manual to Automatic operation mode. Everything is indeed simplified in this model.


LCD Screen for Convenient Use

As with the other models in Paketfly, V5 vacuum cooling fan also comes with an LED screen which shows both the operation mode of the fan and the temperature of the laptop. It’s an extremely convenient feature that saves users from the guesswork, as it allows you to easily keep track of the condition of your computer.


Auto and Manual Operation

As with many of its competitors in the market, this one too comes with auto and manual operation options. If you’re feeling lazy and you just want the device to do all the work, you can set it to automatic mode and let the vacuum cooling fan do its job. It comes with accurate temperature reading which automatically sets the device to the right fan speed and efficiently provides the laptop the cooling it needs.

For manual operation of course, users get to choose the fan level of the device, which of course, affects the noise level. Though it is relatively quiet (the minimum fan setting is definitely less noisy than the maximum fan setting), there’s a slight hissing sound when set at maximum speed. This means if you’re working at night, and you don’t want any distractions, you can set the fan at minimum and enjoy a nearly noise-less cooling for your laptop.


Tech Specs

Package includes the cooler, a pane, user manual, USB cable and four wind sleeves.


Bottom Line

As with other Paketfly models, the Patekfly V5 vacuum cooling fan doesn’t come with anything fancy in both aesthetics and performance. Unlike most vacuum laptop coolers that come with fancy and gaming-centric design, this one comes in basic, box-type and extremely straightforward and simple design, which actually makes it an excellent condition for non-gamers. It looks neat and professional.

And as with many other vacuum coolers out there, this one also requires some installation to setup. It comes with the basic plate which allows the cooling tool to attach to your laptop underneath, and the silicone sleeves which attaches to your laptop’s vent to be able to suck hot air from inside your laptop.


Performance wise, what you see is what you get in Patekfly V5 vacuum cooling fanIt is undoubtedly effective; it may not have one of the most powerful fans for optimal cooling, it is pretty decent when it comes to helping manage your laptop’s temperature. Also, the smart cooling system is a convenient feature that saves users from the guesswork. All in all, it’s a respectable product, extremely portable, neat and reasonably priced, if not affordable.

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