Ohuhu Adjustable Vented Lapdesk; An In-Depth Review

We all know how uncomfortable and taxing working on a laptop can be compared to a desktop computer. Your hands are forced in an awkward and limited position of the laptop’s keyboard, and doing it for a long time takes a toll on the body, particularly on the shoulders and back. This is why we use lap desks, and laptop stands. Though these ergonomic solutions don’t really solve the problem (unless they have a separate tray for keyboard and mouse which puts hands and arms in ergonomic position), they provide some relief which is extremely beneficial for extended use. One good example is the Ohuhu Adjustable Vented Lapdesk. Know more about this product in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Ohuhu Adjustable Vented Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Ohuhu adjustable vented laptop desk is obviously designed for laptop users looking for the comfort and ergonomics of a sit-stand desk, and bring that convenience with them on the go. It’s portable, light, and easy to carry around, making it a convenient travel-buddy. It’s also quite cheap, which makes it an attractive solution for users on a budget.



Ohuhu Adjustable Vented Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

As with most laptop desk in the market, the Ohuhu adjustable vented laptop desk features a light, but ultra-durable build for portability and ease of use. It also comes with a pair of silent cooling fans to help keep your computer cool and work for longer hours without the fear of overheating.

Also, like many good quality laptop desks in the market, this one can also function as a standing desk platform or sit-stand desk, giving users the option to use the product for either sitting or standing position, all with the same comfort and ergonomics.


Comfortable, and Multi-Functional Portable Desk

Ohuhu adjustable vented laptop desk is a pleasure to work on, thanks to its highly comfortable design. The flat top surface is big enough to accommodate almost all laptop sizes. The easy adjustment and setup means you can comfortably work on your computer, anytime, anywhere, from practically any position with this portable desk.

When not used for laptop, it can be used for different purposes, such as a TV dinner tray, writing desk, book tray, and more. Basically, it’s a portable elevated desk for almost anything you want.


Wide Range of Adjustability and With Special Locking Buttons

Ohuhu Adjustable Vented Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

This portable laptop stand offers 360˚ adjustment range, allowing users to find the best angle and setup position for their laptop computer in their workstation. This means complete configuration to almost any angle or height. Each of its segments is also extremely easy to adjust, re-adjust and reposition at any point of its adjustment range. Simply hold the button of the joint to release and re-adjust to the angle of your liking, and release the button to lock it in place.


Thin Build Means It’s A Great Space Saver

This Ohuhu laptop desk can be folded flat to just about 1.57 inches. This means you can always slide the desk tray to your bag and take it with you, and use it anytime, anywhere.



Design and Features

Ohuhu Adjustable Vented Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

The Ohuhu adjustable vented laptop desk is made from strengthened aluminum alloy for firmness. This means it’s a light, but definitely durable laptop stand. It holds computers firmly on its grooved surface and secures them with ABS clips.

The 360˚ range of adjustment is paired ensures comfort and ergonomics for all users, regardless of the setup and position they like to have. There’s also a grooved table surface to keep the laptop from slippage. The front edge along with the two slide proof ABS clips keeps the laptop in place.


Additional Side Tray for Your Mouse

We all know how difficult it can be for certain tasks to work on laptops without external mouse. Unfortunately, not many laptop desks are able to address this issue. Ohuhu on the other hand, sees this problem and addresses it accordingly by providing an additional side tray dedicated for mouse. This additional tray of course, is not exclusive for external mouse. It most definitely can hold a cup of coffee or a beverage of your choice. Regardless of how you use it, it’s definitely a great feature to have.


With a Pair of USB Powered Cooling Fans for Better Laptop Ventilation

Ohuhu Adjustable Vented Lapdesk (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, the Ohuhu adjustable vented laptop desk comes equipped with a pair of super quiet cooling fans located underneath its work surface. They provide the needed cooling for better good air circulation for your computer, allowing you to work and play for longer hours, without the fear of overheating and damaging your laptop. The fans are USB pluggable, which means it needs power from your laptop to work.


Tech Specs

Package includes the vented desk, a mouse board, one USB cable and a pair of board clips.


Bottom Line

There really is nothing much to complain about Ohuhu adjustable vented laptop desk, it’s basically everything you can expect of for its type and price. It looks simple and straightforward, but its basic design is also its strength. It’s made up of aluminum alloy, which has been the standard for quality laptop desks in the market, as they’re light and durable, perfect for portability.


This desk holds laptop firmly thanks to the slide-proof ABS clip. It also comes with an additional tray dedicated for mouse, which you can of course, use another way, such as holding your coffee, etc. It’s pretty versatile as well, as its design doesn’t only work for laptops; you can also use it as TV dinner tray, for your tablet, for reading, writing, table for projector, sound equipment, and of course, use it as standing desk or sit-stand desk. Its work surface is large enough to support laptops up to 17-inch of size.

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