Nixeus Vue 24-inch; An In-Depth Review

Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s Free-Sync are selling at a premium, targeting dedicated gamers and providing them with better gaming experience. Nixeus on the other hand, tries to break this trend by introducing Nixeus Vue 24-inch, a budget-friendly gaming monitor that can run FreeSync from a Refresh Rate of 30Hz to 144Hz. But what does this mean for gamers? Check out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.


Who is it for?

Nixeus Vue 24-inch is for all the gamers out there who are looking for an excellent mid-sized monitor without the premium price tag. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles as well as fancy aesthetics, rather, it’s a straightforward gaming display with the fastest pixel response, refresh rate and AMD FreeSync for more immersive gaming experience.


Unlike G-Sync that normally adds more than a hundred bucks to the price of the monitor, FreeSync monitors don’t require additional hardware inside them, which theoretically means cheaper price tag. Nixeus takes advantage of this by introducing a new 24-inch screen that runs 30Hz to 144Hz Refresh rate, which is a very important feature for gamers, all without breaking the $300 barrier.



Ultra-Fast 1ms Response Time and 144Hz Refresh Rate for Faster and Smoother Competitive Gaming

Nixeus Vue 24-inch (image from Amazon)

The TN panel of Nixeus Vue 24-inch runs at 1ms Pixel Response Time, which is the fastest recorded response time we have in the market today. Pair that with 144Hz Refresh Rate and gamers will certainly enjoy the fast and smooth gameplay experience, perfect for competitive gaming, particularly for FPS (first-person shooter) games. The low Input Lag also adds more gaming advantage, as the screen can quickly recognize and execute commands from the controller.


With AMD’s FreeSync Technology

Nixeus Vue 24-inch (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, Nixeus Vue 24-inch comes with FreeSync technology from AMD. This means the world’s fastest 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate are even made better. FreeSync is an adaptive technology developed by AMD to minimize, if not totally eliminate video tearing and stuttering, delivering smoother and even more immersive gaming experience. The result is more beautiful visuals.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup


If you're like many hardcore gamers out there, you will surely consider putting two of this Nixeus gaming monitor side-by-side for a dual monitor gaming setup, which is fair, as 24-inch is the perfect size for dual monitor gaming. Fortunately, there are lots of options out there, such as Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm and  AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm. Both comes with two fully-articulating arm to allow flexible and ergonomic adjustments.


Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm (images from Amazon)

The Ergotron's product is made up of solid polished aluminum construction, which lets it last ten times longer than its competition in the market. It comes equipped with the brand’s own Constant Force (CF) technology, which allows the arms to hold both displays in place securely, and still allow users to adjust eat display easily and smoothly, with one soft touch.

AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm (images from Amazon)

The Amazon Basics product works almost the same. It can support two monitors of up to 27-inch size in each arm. It may not come with the CF technology and polished aluminum construction, but it's definitely a quality product as well, plus, it's the more affordable choice between the two.

Design and Features

Design wise, the NX-VUE24A is a pretty plain monitor. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles that call for attention, such as large logos, colored trims or any design that screams gaming aesthetics. It uses textured black plastic for its cabinet, which is effective in keeping light reflections.

The cabinet itself is a little slimmer than many gaming monitors out there, measuring just less than 1 inch. The bezels are a little wider at the bottom that on top and sides.


The screen is layered with matte coating, which means it doesn’t suffer from glares and reflections. It’s a slightly more aggressive coating, but it doesn’t compromise image quality.

This simple design continues around the backside of the cabinet. The black plastic cover rounded the backside smoothly, with small row of vents for air circulation.



Buttons and Controls

The control buttons are located at the bottom right corner of the cabinet, which are labeled with tiny molded icons. The icons are difficult to see, which means you need a little learning curve to get used to them and change settings without accidentally turning off the monitor.

The four buttons provide access to the OSD (On-Screen Display), and they require a firm press to operate. It may feel a little less intuitive, compared to the controllers and joysticks we have seen in many newer models of gaming monitors. There’s also a blue LED power indicator, which feels a bit bright, but not as distracting as we might thought.

The On-Screen Display of this monitor is well laid out and simple in functions. There are a couple of added features, like the Dynamic Contrast Ratio. But we know this feature is less ideal for games looking for the right color reproduction. Gamma adjustment is also present.

For the Color Menu, the modes are broken up to Temperature, sRGB and User Modes. The default setting is 6500K, which is visibly warm. sRGB is pretty close and can’t be calibrated. User is a good option, as it allows users to increase the output, while User Define unlocks other controls of the RGB for grayscale calibration.



There is one of each kind of video input in this Nixeus gaming monitor, namely HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2a, VGA, and DVI. The HDMI connection can run up to 120Hz Refresh Rate, while the DisplayPort allows up to 144Hz Refresh Rate, with FreeSync enabled, of course. DVI connection can also run the 144Hz, but without FreeSync. VGA on the other hand, is limited to 60Hz. The only thing missing on this monitor is the USB ports.


With Built-in Stereo Speakers

NX-VUE24A comes with a pair of built-in stereo speakers, which are decently loud for games. But as with most cheap monitors out there with free speakers, they sound tiny and lacks the bass, which is something we can all expect.


Nice Fully Adjustable and Stable Stand, But Needs Assembly, with VESA Compliant Mounting Holes Too

Nixeus Vue 24-inch (image from Amazon)

The stand comes in two pieces, a base and an arm. It doesn’t come pre-assembled, which means you need to put them together. There are eight small screws to be used with Philips-head tool. The black screws will attach the stand’s arm, while the silver screws attach the base. Make sure you use the washers for the former screws.

The stand feels solid, however, its tilt, swivel, and height adjustments feel stiff. Also, the tilt function doesn’t offer wide range of adjustment. Also, there’s a height-lock button on the stand that you need to press to raise or lower the panel, so it can lock on its place. The stand also allows pivot adjustment for the screen, which means you can rotate your display from landscape to portrait, and vice versa. There’s a small hole for the arm for cable management.

The backside of the cabinet also features VESA-compliant mounting holes, which are excellent for more comfortable and ergonomic setup as it allows the use of third party solutions such as monitor stands or monitor mounts with articulating arm or dual monitor stand, or even triple monitor stand for more immersive gaming experience.


Tech Specs

The package come with few basic stuff, which is essentially all you need to run the screen at 144Hz Refresh Rate. There’ a DisplayPort cable and analog audio connector. Power supply is external, which is in the form of a small brick. The Quick Start Guide comes with the warranty information, which you will need, unless you register your purchase online.



Bottom Line

Most monitors that come with an affordable price tag, particularly gaming monitors, use TN-based panel. Despite its limitations in viewing angle, TN panel still offers the most practical and easiest way to make a responsive display, with low input lag and fast refresh rate. Nixeus Vue 24-inch is the first one to change this landscape, as it uses a TN panel with W-LED from AU Optronics that can run at 144Hz Refresh Rate, without overclocking or modification.

For its image quality, there isn’t much to expect from this Nixeus monitor. The TN panel has poor color quality, and viewing angles is bad too. You will have to sit straight into the monitor, as side angles will cause the colors to look washed out.

Running at standard Full HD (1920x1080p, with 92ppi), this monitor can run high framerates games, without needing expensive video card. All you need to do is turn on its V-sync and keep the fps from going above 144Hz. The best thing about this monitor’s FreeSync is its incredibly low price.

Design wise, it’s a pretty straightforward monitor. No ‘loud and proud’ gaming aesthetics or extra features, fancy controller, picture modes or USB ports, which is understandable, considering its price range. Also, the gamma response of the panel looks a little odd, which you can of course, correct with some tweaking.

All in all, there are certainly tons of reasons to love about this monitor. First, it is the cheapest monitor out there capable of 144Hz Refresh Rate. Second, its FreeSync function runs at full range - 30 to 144 FPS. Third, the screen is nicely coated without compromising too much of its picture quality. It’s a great gaming monitor for gamers on a budget.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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