NEC MultiSync EA244UHD: An In-Depth Review

The NEC MultiSync EA244UHD is the brand’s very first 4K display, paving its way to otherwise known as Ultra High Definition (UHD). Whether you want to call it 4K display or UHD, this technology fires four times as many pixels as the current standard Full HD 1080p. With that, NEC took a giant leap forward in this monitor, providing far better image quality that comes from cramping more pixels into the same 24-inch screen size. But is it really a good leap forward? Does it really provide better viewing experience? Check out this in-depth from Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

If you’re a computer professional and you’re looking for a display with great image and 4K display quality, accurate color reproduction and great grayscale performance, but don’t like the idea of big widescreen monitors occupying your limited work desk, then you should check out NEC MultiSync EA244UHDthe brand’s flagship monitor for 4K display. Yes, it is a little expensive, but it delivers outstanding colors and grayscale performance, crisp UHD imagery, and all the connectivity options you need.



Color Precision and Great Image Quality

The NEC MultiSync EA244UHD is a stellar performer, and that’s a fact. 4K test images showed to be sharp and highly detailed, while Windows desktop icons and texts can look crazily small on its 24-inch screen. This is one of the few disadvantages of having a monitor packed with so many pixels on a small viewing space. However, its small package packs a lot of good big things, particularly the 10-bit panel that sports 4K resolution.

NEC opted to use AH-IPS TFT panel rather than an IGZO (Indium gallium zinc oxide) we normally see in most 4K displays today. The latter is one of LG’s newest panel technology partners, and it provides improved color accuracy and better light transmission, which also means lower power consumption compared to its earlier counterparts.


Superb 4K Viewing Experience

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Whether you’re watching high definition movies or playing action-packed and demanding games, the 4K experience in this monitor is an experience on its own. This NEC MultiSync display will give you the best visual experience, be it dark or light scenes. You may have to tweak and fine-tune you quality a little bit, but your hard work will definitely pay off. Also, fine-tuning image quality in this monitor is conveniently easy; access the Black Level setting from the OSD controls and reduce it a few notches and experience a world of difference. It’s quite a refreshing and satisfying thing to know that visual quality weakness can be solved right in the monitor’s settings, rather than a shortcoming of the actual product.


Excellent Color Accuracy and Grayscale Performance for Better Image Quality

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MultiSync EA244UHD’s out-of-the-box color accuracy is as good as it gets. Chromaticity test shows colors red, blue and green are perfectly aligned to the ideal CIE coordinates. This means the screen has no trouble displaying precise colors. Plus, the monitor is very easy to re-calibrate and fine-tune for best viewing experience, making it an ideal screen for any type of work, particularly color critical projects.


Decent 6ms Pixel Response for Gamers

Like most pixel-packed mid-sized 4K monitors in the market today, the 6ms pixel response and 29.4mx lag time of NEC MultiSync EA244UHD may not be very impressive, especially for hardcore gaming. There is occasional blurring of artifacts, images and environment here and there in games. Despite being a business monitor, it can handle fast motion scenes. Also, this NEC monitor supports 60Hz signal through DisplayPort input, which means it is very capable of displaying silky games and smooth cursor control.

Excellent Viewing Angle for Your Entertainment Needs

Viewing angle is excellent in this monitor, as it barely causes any shift in color even in the most extreme angle. This is great news for anyone looking for an all-around 4K monitor for entertainment, as things on the screen are displayed clearly wherever you sit in your room.


Extensive Range of Image and Picture Management Settings to Fit Your Viewing and Work Preference

The On-Screen Menu of NEC MultiSync EA244UHD is very similar to the other MultiSync models, particularly the NEC MultiSync PA242W-BK. It is very easy to navigate and familiarize with. The Menu gives you access to the basic picture settings, such as Brightness, Contrast and Black Level, as well as more advanced settings including six Dynamic Visual (DV) preset modes. All are optimized to suit your specific viewing needs. Selection includes Standard, Dynamic, Text, Photo, Movie and Gaming, all of which automatically adjusts in brightness based on your screen’s content.

The Color menu has five (5) Picture Modes, which displays various color gamuts, namely Full (native), sRGB, Adobe RGB, DICOM SIM (for medical x-rays) and Programmable (for use with hardware calibration solution). Each mode comes with advanced controls that let you adjust and fine-tune settings better, including white temperature, six-color hue, six-color offset, and six-color saturation levels.

Image management also comes with Multi Picture setting, which lets users split the monitor screen into two, three or even four partitions, and have each one at different video signal.


Great Power Management Settings

The MultiSync EA244UHD is equipped with great selection of power management settings, allowing you to enjoy your monitor without worrying about high energy consumption. This monitor has three (3) Eco modes, namely Off, Eco1 (works by changing brightness level for Energy Star requirements), and Eco2 (changes brightness level and reduce power consumption by half).

This monitor also has four (4) Auto Brightness modes to better save energy, including Off. The first setting adjusts the brightness level of the monitor automatically and dynamically, using the ambient light sensor. The second setting adjusts monitor brightness based on the screen’s white content. The third one uses both of the screen’s ambient light and white content to adjust brightness accordingly.

The Human Senor detects movement (or the lack thereof), helping users better conserve power in their monitor use. This setting works by automatically shifting screen’s brightness to low, when no action is detected for a given period of time. The screen continues to switch dark, until the monitor switches to power saving mode when it detects no motion from the keyboard and mouse. When the sensor detects movement, the monitor then returns to its normal operation setting. Like other MultiSync monitor models, this one comes with a carbon meter, which measures its own carbon footprint and use of electricity.


Dual Monitors and Multiple Monitor Setup Option

As like any other 24-inch monitors, putting two MultiSync EA244UHD monitors side-by-side for dual monitor setup (or three monitors for triple monitor setup, etc.) is a great choice for people looking for bigger computer screen real estate. Also, putting two 3840 x 2160 resolution monitors is great for entertainment setup, such as home theater and even gaming. This monitor comes with a fully adjustable stand, and VESA standard mounting holes, allowing you to use third party solutions like dual monitor LCD arms and wall mounts giving you more flexibility for a more ergonomic workstation.

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Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm  for example, is a fully-adjustable LCD monitor arm that lets you put two 24-inch size monitors either side-by-side or one on top of the other. The arms can lift both LCD screen off your desk, leaving you with more workspace. You can reposition your display up, down, forward and back with one simple touch.

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If you're planning to pair this monitor with your laptop, then this monitor arm is really for you, as it allows convenient integration of your mobile computer, thanks to its special notebook holder.

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Design and Features

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Design wise, there is nothing extraordinary about NEC MultiSync EA244UHD. The 24-inch screen is housed in a 2.8-inch thick cabinet and 11 lbs. chassis. Its design is pretty simple and straightforward, maintaining the usual business-centric look we normally find in most NEC monitors. The screen is housed in a matte black cabinet, with 0.5-inch thin top and side bezels, while the bottom is a 0.75-inch thin, which houses the power button, touch-sensitive buttons and two sensors; motion and ambient light.


Equipped With All the I/O Ports You Need

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One of the many good things you can find in NEC MultiSync EA244UHD is its wide selection of inputs and output ports. The rear side of the cabinet houses the I/O ports, namely two (2) DVI (single link) inputs, two (2) HDMI inputs where one can double as MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connection, one USB 3.0 upstream port and two (2) USB 3.0 downstream ports, and two (2) ControlSync Jacks (in and out).

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The MHL connection allows users to connect compatible smartphones, tablets, or various devices to your monitor and display multimedia content. This NEC monitor works at 60Hz, displaying UHD (3,840-by-2,160) image, through one DisplayPort inputs, but it is limited to 30Hz when using one of the monitor’s HDMI ports.

IT administrators out there will surely love the ControlSync feature of EA244UHD, as it can make their life a lot easier with one master monitor controlling five (2) additional monitors connected to the ConstrolSync cables (optional). Users can also turn the connected monitors On, Off and mute its audio. Also located at the right side of the monitor is the headphone jack and a single USB 3.0 port for your convenience. 


Fully Adjustable Stand for Your Convenience and Ergonomics   

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The fully adjustable stand of MultiSync EA244UHD provides stable support, great convenience, flexibility and ergonomics. The round black base is paired with a telescopic mounting arm, which can be extended up to 5 inches for height adjustability, tilt 30°, and pivot 90°. The bottom of the base houses the Lazy Susan mechanism, which allows users to swivel the screen.

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This NEC monitor however, doesn’t come with auto-rotate support feature, which means you have to change your screen’s orientation through your PC’s graphics card control panel when you pivot your display from landscape to portrait orientation, and vice versa.

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The cabinet also comes with four VESA-standard mounting holes, which means you can easily mount this monitor to your wall using LCD monitor wall mount or use LCD monitor arm for improved flexibility and ergonomics in your workstation.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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The NEC MultiSync EA244UHD is not only one of the 11 newest additions in MultiSync’s EA line, and it’s also the only one to sport the 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, and with that, it is also one of the most expensive. It’s a business monitor that comes in a small package and brings a lot of big things. One of the many good things about owning this display is the high resolution you get without taking too much space on your desk. 24-inch monitors have smaller footprint, making it more manageable and easy to make room for.

Though it’s not the best monitor for artists and graphic designers, it’s still a very good alternative for professionals on a budget, working on some projects, as it has no problem showing crisp and sharp images.

Though NEC is not claiming this monitor to be a professional-grade monitor, it has all the functionalities and features that exceed many professional monitors in the market. The out-of-the-box performance may not be as impressive as it should be, but a little tweaking can go a long way, and despite its relatively small and limited screen, it shows the finest 4K quality for superior viewing experience. Even gaming didn’t suffer much motion blur as we thought it would. All in all, the accurate color reproduction, solid grayscale performance and great set of features of NEC MultiSync EA244UHD makes it one of the best mid-sized UHD monitors out there today.

For more in-depth reviews and buying guides like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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