Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500; An In-Depth Review

Most of us really have quite a good workstation or study corners, complete with a stylish desk and comfortable office chair, lamps, etc. But as with most laptop users, we barely spend long hours there with our laptops, as we most of us prefer to just laze around the sofa or bed, while browsing through websites or even when writing or doing whatever tasks we do, as that’s how we like to use our laptops. However, putting our laptop on our lap is simply not as comfy as it sounds. The computer limits our movement, and they tend to heat up during usage, making it uncomfortable, if not unbearable in most occasions. This is why we have lap desks, and Logitech comes up with quite an excellent product for this very purpose with their Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500. What makes it different, if not better than other Lap desks in its series line and other brands? Check out this this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide for more details.

Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 is obviously meant for laptop users, mainly for those who love to use their laptops on surfaces other than their desks, such as on their lap and lounge on their bed or sofa, or for users who are always on the go and needs an ergonomic travel buddy.



Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 seeks to solve all troubles concerning to discomfort and inconvenient of using laptops, allowing users to use it like it was meant – on our lap.


As Comfortable As It Can Get, Thanks to Smooth Surface

Built with especially heat-resistant body, this lap desk actually provides excellent laptop experience for a comfy “me time” with your portable computer. Not only at home, but most definitely on the go; you can definitely use it when traveling, while on the train, bus, plane, etc. Thanks to the smooth top surface, you can definitely work comfortably on this lap desk, whether it’s with your laptop or tablet.


Heat-Shielding Design

Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 (image from Amazon)

Design is not the only thing unique about this lap desk, it is also made up of four (4) protective layers, keeping your lap comfortable and safe from heat of your laptop as it keeps the heat of the laptop away from your body. Most of its competitors use two layers (top surface and cushion) joined together, while this one ensures quality through durability and functionality by using twice more layers that perfectly works together.


Air-Mesh Fabric for Breathability

Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 (image from Amazon)

This lap desk uses an air-mesh fabric for both comfort and breathability. This helps the laptop dissipate heat through its vents, and allows users to use their laptops for longer hours without the fear of overheating.


Angled Riser for Ergonomics

Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 (image from Amazon)

This lap desk is designed with 12˚ angled frame, giving laptop users the perfect posture and hand positioning, making it comfortable to work with their laptops for long hours.


Design and Features


Solid, Stable Ultra-Lightweight Design

The Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 is definitely made with convenient portability in mind, as it is ultra-light that users will not even feel it’s inside their bag when they take it along on their journey. It can be easily stored on the window ledge or under the bed, and use it any time they need it.

Also, with solid and stable design, users will be able to enjoy their portable computer anywhere, anytime.


Thin and Streamlined Profile for Easy Storage

Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 (image from Amazon)

The Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500, as with any other lap desks from Logitech, comes with beautiful thin streamlined profile, which looks good in any computer and room it’s used. It can be stored neatly anywhere, from your couch, to your bed.


Padded Layer for Support Cushion

Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 (image from Amazon)

As with any good lap desk products out there, this one comes with a padded support cushion underneath to provide soft and comfortable lap support, which also helps keeping the portable computer stable while on top of your lap.



Tech Specs

Package includes the Logitech comfort lap desk and a 3-year limited warranty.


Bottom Line

Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 is most definitely an excellent choice for on-the-go laptop users, and a mouse-have for tech-savvy household. It provides a great solution for those who love to laze around the house or sit in the park and work on their laptop.

Its biggest advantage is obviously its stylish design. It definitely looks smart and elegant – the wide smooth top surface is paired perfectly with a breathable and ultra-comfortable pad for leg cushion and comfort. That’s aside from the four-layer design and heat-shielding capacity. These features are what set this Logitech lap desk from its competitors.


If there’s anything Logitech can improve on in this lap desk, it would be the fact that it’s not foldable. The large work surface provides wide space for anyone to conveniently work on, however, it’s a big large for most bags and suitcases. Or, they could have at least provides a built-in handle for easy carry.

Nevertheless, Logitech Touch Lapdesk N500 is quite a competitive product, and a great choice for any laptop users. It may not be perfect, but it is packed with excellent combination of features and design, putting users in a really good position with their laptop, which definitely makes a good option for users who love to use their laptops away from their desk.

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