Loctek D5D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts; An In-Depth Review

With countless of choices out there for third party ergonomic solutions for computer displays, finding the right dual monitor stand can be quite a daunting task. Of course, there are lots of factors to consider, but of course, you want to get the best option your budget can afford. Loctek is one of the lesser known names in monitor solutions market that is starting to make its mark. Their products Loctek D5D and D7D, which belongs to cheap and expensive price range, respectively. In this entry, we will take a closer look at Loctek D5D to find out how this dual monitor mount stand against the steep competition in cheap monitor mounts.

We have reviewed Loctek D7D, you can check it out here.

Loctek D5D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Much like its expensive sibling D7D, Loctek D5D is meant for dual monitor display. However, it’s not meant for bigger and heavier displays, and it doesn’t offer as much adjustments and monitor repositioning as its more expensive brother. This product however, is a good option for anyone looking for an affordable dual monitor solution, and doesn’t require a lot of re-adjustments while working on their computers.



Loctek D5D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

Compared to its bigger brother Loctek D7D, the Loctek D5D sports a rigid frame with reduced adjustability and movements. Built wise, the latter has more plastic, and sometimes, the plastic on the arms gets stuck between the joints, which means you may need to pry it open to loosen.


Gas Spring Monitor Mount to Hold Two Displays in One Small Base Mount


Loctek D5D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

This monitor mount offers a nice way to mount and hold two displays side-by-side, while simultaneously save the most desk space. The arm adjusts easily, allowing users to push the monitors comfortably, but in a limited range of movement.

Loctek D5D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

This system hovers the monitors off the desk gracefully, as well as provide height adjustments, 360° horizontal free rotation, tilt and swivel function (-85°, -15 °, with a swivel angle of 360°.


Dual Articulated Arm for Adjustments

Loctek D5D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

Unlike the D7D that uses a swivel ball, the D5D uses a dual articulated arm, which adjusts displays up and down, left and right, which means a lot more limitation compared to its bigger counterpart.


Design and Features

Aesthetic wise, there is nothing extra special about Loctek D5D. It looks quite simple and straightforward, but in a good way, as its simplicity is actually its appeal.


Loctek D5D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

Loctek D5D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

The simple design of this dual monitor mount also adds to the easy installation process, anyone with basic knowledge of building or has the time and interest to put this thing together and setup on their desk can definitely do it in 20 minutes or so (depending on the kind of mounting they choose).

Like other third party monitor stands out there, there are two ways to setup this mount to the desk; the clamp and the grommet (for people who can’t pull their desk away from the wall and needs to drill holes on their desk).


With Cable Channel to Keep Your Desk Neat and Clean

Like the D7D, the D5D also comes with a cable channel where users can hide their monitor cords, power cable, etc. and keep their desk neat and clutter-free. It allows easy and hassle-free cable routing and cable management. Though it is made a lot cheaper than its bigger brother, the cable management in D5D is quite a plus, as many cheap monitor mounts and stands only offer zip-ties for cable management.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Basically, the difference between Loctek D5D and the Loctek D7D is justified in their respective prices. The former has limitations in design, adjustability and movement, and weight capacity. The D7D compensates these limitations with better design, more tough and hardwearing built, better range of movement for adjustment, and a little higher weight capacity.


The D5D has a limited weight capacity of 11 lbs. per monitor arm, which means mid-sized displays with heavy cabinet can be a problem, as monitor may tilt if not sag on the desk.

All in all, the Loctek D5D is a good product for its price. It may not be the best, but it’s up there when it comes to value; it sports a simple appeal and competitively priced. It does what it’s supposed to do given its price; it holds on two displays in place, while allowing some adjustments for users to set their dual monitors in their most comfortable work positions.

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