LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany; An In-Depth Review

Lap desks are straightforward and simple products. Without significant differentiators aside from the material and colors, the number of choices out there can be quite overwhelming. Some products are made unique with their design and various bells and whistles. But if you’re looking for elegance in simplicity, a straight-up beautiful product with comfortable functionality, then you should definitely check out LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany. It’s easily one of the best out there in terms of ergonomic comfort and aesthetics. But what differentiates it from other products? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

As with most quality lap desks in the market, the LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany is for anyone looking for a stable surface for their laptop away from their desk or table, particularly, well of course, on their lap. The easy way to describe this is, it's easily one of the best out there.



LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany (image from Amazon)

LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany easily stands out from the rest of the pack. The large work surface fits regular sized 15-inch MacBook Pro perfectly, with spare space for mouse and iPhone or even a small notepad. It rests comfortably on your lap, stable and easy to pick off should you want to stand, thanks to the soft cushion underneath. It also effectively shields your lap from the heat, while the smart design of the cushion underneath dissipates body heat better, making it comfortable for users to work on their laptop with this lap desk for hours.


Beautiful and Smooth Mahogany Surface

LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany is not your ordinary lap desk, because rather than using the usual plastic for the surface, it uses a beautiful mahogany wood. Now this may not offer any notable advantage over its plastic counterpart from keeping the laptop cool, but the stability, stiffness and aesthetic appeal of wood is really hard to beat. LapGear however, made their own XL Lap Desk plastic counterpart, which flexes when pick it up. It also comes with sharper edges that may be uncomfortable for others to grasp.


Design and Features

LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany (image from Amazon)

Underneath Cushion Made Up of Foam Beads That Molds To Your Lap and Keeps Heat Off

LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany (image from Amazon)

In most cases, lap desks come with one huge cushion underneath for support. Though this setup indeed, works in most cases in providing good comfort and support for the lap top, very few really succeed in keeping body heat from causing discomfort. LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany offers something different as it uses two long strips of cushion filled with foam beads. These foam bead cushions works in two way, they provide stability by shaping and molding to the shape of your lap, while allowing better air circulation underneath, making this lap desk not nearly as hot as most of its competitors that uses soft but thick foams.It molds easily to your lap, allowing users to work on any seated positions they like, something we don’t find easily in other designs.


Solid, Stiff But Smooth Work Surface for Work Convenience

LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany (image from Amazon)

The large work surface of this lap desk is big enough to support large laptops (up to 17 inches) and perhaps, even a mouse or a smartphone on the side. It is extremely easy to grip and thin enough to hold, but still stiff enough that it will not flex so easily even when loaded, making it extremely convenient to pick up, without you worrying about losing your grip or will it tip and dump your laptop to the floor.

Those who want to do their writing, drawing, doing crafts, or even eating on their lap, while lounging on their sofa and watching TV, can definitely enjoy this one too.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany is definitely a well-made product. It’s comfortable to use, whether you’re in your living room, bedroom, or even while on a train or plane while traveling. The work surface is quite wide, fits wide array of laptops, even 17 inches. The wood finish feels nice, which puts an elegant and classic aesthetic that works in almost all setups. There’s nothing to complain about the bottom cushion, as the two strips is filled with foam balls that molds its shape easily to the shape of your lap. They come in different sizes as well, the larger front strip provides a good tilt for the work surface.

The most common complain about this product though is also in its cushion. The bean bag strips can flatten out and can have less cushioning over time. Both strips are sewn into a cloth-covered plastic sheet, which is attached through a Velcro at the bottom of the desk. Which means the entire cushion is replaceable. However, LapGear don’t sell replacement cushions both in Amazon and its website.

All in all, the LapGear XL Executive LapDesk Mahogany is easily one of the best in the market today. Its strengths easily beat its drawbacks. If you’re looking for an all-around lap desk, whether for home use or traveling, then you should definitely put this one at the top of your choices.

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