LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage; An In-Depth Review

We turn into laptop cushion pads and lap desks when we want versatility and convenience with our laptops when lounging on our bed or sofa, or even when traveling and using our portable computer on the go. They’re excellent ergonomic solutions, as they provide tons of comfort features for laptop users, especially when dealing with laptop heating. However, most of these ergonomic solutions lack the storage solution many people need. Enter LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with storage. As its name suggest, it comes with easy-access storage for whatever stuff you need with you when using your laptop on your lap. What makes this lap desk special than its competition? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors guide to know more.

LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with storage as its name suggest, is meant for laptop users looking for extra storage space. It’s spacious enough to accommodate large laptops, and extremely convenient for users who are always looking to have some of their important stuff near them as they work on their portable computer.



LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk is a union between classic aesthetics and modern practicality, as it aims to provide excellent ergonomic solution for laptop users looking to user their portable computer on their lap with the convenience of easy-access storage. It’s the perfect tool for your laptop at home or on-the-go, and an excellent travel-buddy, whether you’re on a train or plane.


Large Work Surface for Your Typing Needs

LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage (image from Amazon)

LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk comes with nice and spacious work surface, providing enough space for users to rest their arms and work comfortably on their laptop. It can provide support for laptops up to 17 inch of size. Meaning, those with regular sized laptops can definitely make room for an external mouse, which is an extremely important feature for mouse-specific tasks.


Inner Storage Compartment for Convenience and Padded for Safety

LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage (image from Amazon)

Aside from its beautiful wood finish, this is probably the biggest selling point LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk. The storage in this lap desk is big enough to house all your workstation essentials, from your notebook and pen, smartphone and tablet, power bank, etc. There are actually two compartments for storage. The smaller compartment runs along the left, perfect place for pencils, pens, ruler, etc.

The bigger compartment on the other hand, measures 12 x 11 1/4 x 1 1/8 inches, practically the same size as the lap desk. Its bottom surface is made up of a lined material similar to what we see on pool tables, soft surface to keep your gadgets safe.

The lid is help by a durable piano hinge, which ensures reliability for the years to come.


Soft Padded Layer to Absorb Heat and Comfy Lap


LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage (image from Amazon)

As with any good quality laptop cushion pad, this too also comes with a padded layer underneath for comfortable laptop computing. It also helps in absorbing heat, keeping the heat from the laptop away from users’ lap. This also provides better stability for the lap desk, as the cushion molds its shape to the shape of your lap, providing better firmness for your laptop.



Design and Features

LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage (image from Amazon)

Beautiful Wooden Finish

Both the wood and the finish are very similar to other wooden surface lap desks, suitable, decent, but of course, not as durable as hardened plastic. After all, this one isn’t designed to take abuse. You definitely can’t play rough with it. Regardless, the wooden finish feels smooth and satisfying to work on. Plus, it’s incredibly light, making it comfortable for your lap.


Polished Real Wood Veneer Surface

LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage (image from Amazon)

While most laptop cushion pads come with smooth plastic surface, this one comes with a real wood finish for classic and timeless aesthetic appeal. This attractive surface looks great in almost any area you put it in.


Solid High Quality Hinges for the Lid


The hinges feel tough, but they open and close the lid effortlessly, without any issues. It’s not loosely mounted, rather, secured just with the right amount of tension. It also allows natural wiggle. There’s also an arm hinge on the right side that keeps the lid open (lock open feature) as you desire, more about this on our conclusion.

The hinges wiggle when opening the lid, which renders natural motion for the lid. Sure the manufacturer could have chosen a precision hinge, but that would definitely reflect to more expensive price tag. The hinge is pretty good enough for all types of use.


Smooth Easy-to-Clean Surface

Its antique finish also makes cleaning a breeze, simply wipe its surface down with a damp cloth and voila! It’s back to its smooth and shiny self.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Measuring 18 x 14 inches, LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk is quite a large lap desk. This provides a large overall surface space to support laptops up to 17 inch of size, notebooks, paper journals, or even large art pads. It’s definitely the perfect work tool when you prefer working on your sofa or bed.

There’s a black beanbag underneath that easily forms to shape of your lap. Keeping the lap desk stable and keeping you from the heat from your laptop.

The biggest complain about this product however, lies on the open mechanism of the storage. They placed a hinge bracket on the right side of storage space which supposed to hold the lid open. It’s a bit stiff, making it a hard to open the lid from time to time. Also, as you open the lid, there’s a small wooden plate that runs along the top of the desk that moves up and down slightly, which happens when you open and close the lid. It’s easy to predict that after a dozen of opening and closing, the wooden plate will definitely brake off. The easy fix for this of course, is to remove all the three screws that hold the bracket. It’s unfortunate that they seem to overlook this problem when consumers spot them easily.

All in all, the LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage offers a unique solution for laptop users. It’s definitely a great solution for people needing extra stuff with them as they lounge on their sofa or bed. If you’re looking for bigger, tougher, and more stable lap desk, then you can opt to something else, but expect it to be a lot more expensive.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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