LG 24GM77; An In-Depth Review

The market is filled with high-performing gaming monitors, with all promising to deliver the best gaming experience through smooth and clear gaming. However, we all know not all can live up to their promises. Only a handful can really satisfy a hardcore gamer, and even then, different gamers who play different games have different requirements. The LG 24GM77 is one of the products out there that quite lives up to its claims – ultra-fast performance and highly accurate colors – both are integral aspects of gaming. But what makes this monitor different from other good gaming monitors? Read this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

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Who is it for?

The LG 24GM77 is aimed for hardcore gamers. It may not be able to sync to the highest output of top-tier graphics card, but it is enough to provide excellent gaming experience. Thanks to its 144Hz Refresh rate, 1ms Pixel Response and Dynamic Acton Sync (DAS), along with other robust features, which reduces input lag. A solid choice for gamers looking for mid-sized gaming displays.



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The LG 24GM77 is a well-equipped mid-sized 24-inch gaming monitor that runs in 1080p resolution and delivers fast performance and accurate colors. It also comes with a handful of gaming-centric features and settings to choose from to further improve your gaming experience.


1ms Response Time, Clear Motion 240 and 144Hz Refresh Rate for Smooth Gaming

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When it comes to gaming, the LG 24GM77 really delivers excellent performance. Thanks to its 1ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response and 144Hz Refresh Rate, this monitor works with smooth action with no signs of ghosting or motion artifacts, even on highly demanding titles on PC such as Crysis 3. The same goes for Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox 3, the game looks fluid, clean and crisp, even in high action situations.

Also, this LG gaming monitor takes pride on its Clear Motion 240, an anti-blur feature specially designed for first person shooter (FPS) games, which is said to be faster than 1ms. This feature significantly helps reduce blurs, so you don’t miss out any action.


Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) for Real-Time Action

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In terms of Input lag (the time it takes for the monitor to recognize and react command from a controller, which is measured by Leo Bodnar Video Signal Lag Tester), this LG monitor registers 27 milliseconds with DAS disabled. Enabling the DAS feature jumps the input lag to a whopping 10.3 milliseconds, giving gamers the ability to catch each single moment in real-time. However, you can’t turn on DAS and Clear Motion 240 simultaneously. Fortunately for you, the 144Hz refresh rate is good enough to eliminate all motion blur and glaring, which is a worthwhile compromise.


Highly Accurate Colors Right Out-of-the-Box and Good Grayscale Performance

Based on chromaticity test, the LG 24GM77 registers highly accurate colors right out of the box, with colors red, green and blue perfectly aligned to their ideal CIE coordinates. Most TN panels don’t product rich and deep colors compared to its IPS counterparts, but LG managed to improve this displays’ color performance that colors look bright and evenly saturated.

In terms of grayscale performance, this LG gaming monitor is far from excellent, but it is generally good. Setting Black Level at highest level, this monitor can display every shade of gray. DisplayMate 64-Step Grayscale test shows darkest blacks were not very dark. Setting Black Level to low make black look darker, however, it compromises the two lightest gray shades as they look a little whitewashed. This however, is a very common issue among any TN panels in the market, and is not a major shortcoming by any means.


LG Black Stabilizer Sense for Improved Gamer Visibility in Game Light in Dim Light 

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One of the many gaming-centric features that come with this monitor is the enhanced gamer visibility, which is the Black Stabilizer Sense. This feature works by brightening dark scenes, helping gamers easily spot enemies lurking in the corners, hiding, waiting and camping in dark areas, another excellent feature for FPS games.


Three Gaming Modes to Fit All Your Gamin Requirements

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There are three gaming modes to choose from in LG 24GM77with each one dedicated for specific type of game, giving you all the edge in your display. There are two FPS game modes to choose from, and one RTS mode.

Mixed Viewing Angle Performance

Viewing angle performance of LG 24GM77 is also far from the best in the market. Horizontal viewing angle is quite good, considering it’s a TV panel, there is no noticeable loss of luminance or shifting of colors. However, the top angle has some issues, as viewing the monitor from the top (at around 55° from center) image starts to look whitewashed. The bottom view is even worse, as there’s a significant loss of luminance and severe case of color shifting at 50° from the center. These viewing angle shortcomings are very noticeable, even when you pivot the display from landscape to portrait mode.


Low Power Consumption

One of the many good things about this LG gaming monitor is that, unlike many of its top-tier competition, this one right here requires a low power to perform at its best. This LG display only runs at 23 watts in both Custom and Cinema Picture modes, with varying results at different game modes. To compare, AOC G2460PG and BenQ XL2420G, which are its closest competition right now, runs at 32 watts and 30 watts respectively.


With VESA Mounting Options

Like most mid-sized gaming monitors, this one right here comes with four VESA mounting holes, for wall mounting or third-party ergonomic solutions, such as monitor stands, desk mounts, and workstations.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Mounting Options

Design and Features

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There’s nothing flashy about LG 24GM77, it’s a simple, straightforward-looking monitor with black cabinet and red accents, which is effectively giving people a good idea that is not a regular midsized monitor.

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The screen runs 1920x1080p (Full HD) resolution, and is reinforced with a non-reflective, anti-glare coating, making it perfect for gaming. It comes with thin nice and thin bezels (0.6in), which makes it a good option for dual monitor, if not triple monitor gaming setup.


Telescopic Arm Supported by a Stable and Fully Ergonomic Stand for the Best Gaming Experience

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The whole cabinet weighs 3.85kg, and is supported by a rectangular stand. The monitor is held by a telescopic arm, which gives it excellent adjustability options. It can adjust 4 inches in height, tilt 25°, and pivot 90° to let users switch from landscape to portrait mode, and vice versa.


Buttons and Controls

Underneath the thin bezel is a small control panel that holds two navigation buttons (arrow buttons pointing left and right), a Game Mode button, Black Stabilizer button, and a Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) mode button.

The Black Stabilizer lets you adjust the black contrast of your display and improve visibility in dark scenes. Das on the other hand, reduces input lag. Game Mode buttons lets you toggle through three Gaming modes and seven gaming presets, which can be customized in their Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Color Temperature, Sharpness, Black Stabilizer, DAS, Motion 240 (anti-blur feature).

You can access the Menu system through the small jog dial located at the bottom of the control panel. This dial lets you adjust the settings manually, and even improve color levels by fine-tuning through the 6-Color Hue and 6-Color Saturation settings. The jog dial also provides access to the input source and power the display On and Off.


I/O Ports

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LG 24GM77 has a generous set of inputs/outputs ports. The back side of the cabinet has two (2) HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, DVI port, and a VGA port, along with an upstream USB 3.0 port.

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There are also two (2) USB 3.0 downstream ports at the left side of the cabinet, beside the headphone jack.


Tech Specs

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Included in the box are the USB, DVI and VGA cables, a resource CD and a red cable organizer clip to route the cables nicely.


Bottom Line

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Considering all of its gaming-centric features and its competitive functions, there’s no doubt in our mind that the LG 24GM77 is one of the most solid choice for gamers looking for a 24-inch monitor, whether it’s for a standalone display or for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups. The product is able to deliver smooth gaming action, highly accurate colors, with very low input lag, which are all important factors for excellent gaming experience. It comes with robust set of feature, but like most TN-based panels out there, the viewing angle is its shortcoming. However, most gamers, if not all, sit in front and straight to the display, which actually negates this shortcoming.

Also, more and more gaming monitors out there come with speaker, this display doesn’t have one. But considering the inferiority of most built-in speakers, it’s no deal breaker for this LG monitor.


LG 24GM77 really doesn’t fall short in its promise of excellent gaming experience. It has really great out-of-the box color accuracy, plus calibration options to even fine-tune the settings. It may not have active G-Sync or Active Sync system, and some game modes may introduce unwanted edge enhancement from time to time, but considering all the good things about this display, most gamers, if not all, will surely still appreciate the customizable modes and extensive features of this product. Additionally, it’s only $100 more affordable than many of its competition. Its tightest competition is BenQ XL2420G, which also offers ultra-smooth gameplay, but with variable refresh rate (thanks to Nvidia's G-Sync technology), and loaded with features as well.

All in all, the LG 24GM77 is still a great choice for any hardcore gamers out there.

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