Kangaroo Pro Junior; An In-Depth Review

Standing desks are awesome in so many ways, and more and more people are getting clued into this fact. Unlike sitting, standing and frequently moving help improve your productivity and work efficiency through elevating your energy and both physical and mental health. However, most standing desk products in the market today are insanely expensive, and they require you to overhaul your workspace and replace your existing desk. This is where the idea of desktop riser stemmed from – let computer users get the best of both worlds by retaining their existing traditional office desk and enjoy the benefits of standing desks. One of the few desk risers that is taking rave reviews and appreciation from consumers today is the Kangaroo Pro Junior from Ergo Desktop, a compact work surface that offers wide range of style, convenience and elegance. Know more about this impressive product here at Dual Monitors Guide’s review.

Who Is It For?

If you’re looking for a desktop riser that will give you the benefits of a sit-stand workstation but will not require you to ditch your existing desk, then the Kangaroo Pro Junior is one of the few options out there that you need to consider. It is built with Ergo Desktop brand of quality and very easy to setup and install to your desk.



Ergo Desktop’s Kangaroo product line is composed of 11 unique models that range from the grand Kangaroo Elite down to the compact and petite Wallaby Junior. The standard model can work nicely with most users, as it comes with all the basic features you need for an efficient desk riser, full-featured and extremely solid. The Kangaroo Pro Junior however, is unique on its own way, thanks to the swiveling VESA mount that lets users angle and tilt their display to their desired position. This unit is also smaller and lighter, which means it carries less weight than its bigger siblings, perfect for desks and workspaces with limited space. But despite that, it still has the same kind of quality and functionality as the other models in its product line.


Easy to Adjust, Easy to Use for Optimum Comfort and Mobility

The Kangaroo Pro Junior belongs to a small family of adjustable desktop risers with easy use function. And adjustability is its biggest selling point. Unlike most of its competition, namely Ergotron WorkFit line and Varidesk, the Kangaroo sit-stand riser comes with independently moving monitor and keyboard mount, which provides significant mobility and comfort for daily use. The good amount of space between the display and keyboard lets you find the perfect spot for your hands and head to position as you work on your computer.

The easy adjustment also changes your setup from sit to stand, and vice versa, without compromising the ergonomic quality.


Design and Features

As said earlier, the Kangaroo Pro Junior from Ergo Desktop is small, compact, and lightweight. And though it is not designed to hold as much weight as its larger siblings, it still possesses the same quality and functionality as the other models in the Kangaroo product line.


With Extendable Stabilizing Arm for Added Ergonomics

The extendable stabilizing arm component of the Kangaroo Pro Junior may not be its most good-looking feature, but it definitely works as far as functionality and efficacy is concern.

Can Work Perfectly Even with Very Tall Users

Many desktop risers in the market today, struggle in providing the same kind of comfort and ergonomic to tall computer users. Though Kangaroo had the same issue in the past, it is no longer an issue today, as Ergo Desktop already solved this problem with their improvements in this particular product – new ‘Roos can stretch and be modified to work perfectly for users up to 6’5” tall. Also, anyone taller than that should never fear, as the brand came up idea of a separately sold keyboard riser that can shipshape to suit with very tall users. These options lets people of different height and arms / torso length can definitely fine-tune this workstation’s monitor and keyboard height until they are just right.

This accessory also works double with the ‘Wallaby’ option, which only has one adjustable platform, like the Varidesk.


Easy to Setup, Pre-Assembled from the Box for your Convenience

The unit comes pre-assembled right off the box, and setup and installation comes very handy. The base comes with a non-scratch layer that will preserve your desk and keep it safe from scratches. It is very easy to mount, and to be simplistic about it, anyone with an existing desk with enough space can mount this sit-stand desktop riser on it, and turn that desk to a standing desk, without using any extra tools, clamps or clasps, except maybe a wrench if you want to fully secure the mount to your table. This riser can be mounted to your desk even without the wrench though.

The instructions in its manual are laid out nicely and easy to understand. Assembly of the remaining parts to riser is straightforward as well. However, to secure the mount to your table, you may have to ask someone to help you hold the desktop riser in place as you turn your wrench and tighten the screws.


Tech Specs

Ergo Desktop’s Kangaroo Pro Junior has some serious style. While the product mostly comes in black or metallic finishes, ‘Roo is available in wide selection of models and colors. It even has a good-grain finish model that will easily add elegance to your desk and workspace. Its ability to serve both as a standing desk and a sitting desk is quite an attractive asset to have in anyone’s workspace. The spacious work surface comfortably accommodates any keyboards size and mouse (though there is not enough room for a full-sized mouse pad, which isn’t entirely a problem at the surface is enough to register most mouse movement without experiencing serious issues, unless you’re a heavy gamer). 

Generally, this desktop riser is more than good enough for most types of computing use. Some users experience stability issues, but this just comes partially at the expense of a rather awkward detached leg/pole, which slides under the keyboard tray. But if you want to get rid of this problem, Ergo Desktop sells a replacement with complete models. This product may seem a little pricey than most of its simple and straightforward competition. Also, this particular model is not designed for laptops. Ergo Desktop though, has tons of options for laptop users looking for desktop risers.

All in all, the Kangaroo Pro Junior from Ergo Desktop deserves all the praises and good reviews it gets. It is one of the few ergonomic solutions that converts existing desktop to a sit-stand workstation. In terms of quality and functionality, it is definitely one of the best out there, and its high ratings in Amazon can attest to this. The independent monitor and keyboard tray provide optimum ergonomic adjustment for uses of different height and preferences. Browse through Dual Monitors Guide now to check out more in-depth reviews of different workstation solutions now!

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