KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler; An In-Depth Review

Cooling pads or laptop coolers provide the cooling most laptops need to run and perform well, especially in CPU-demanding tasks, such as photo-editing, video-editing, graphic design, games, and various specialized programs that demand CPU power. However, we all know many of them are simply inefficient in cooling down the laptop. The concept of cooling down hot air in the system simply results to producing more hot air inside the computer. Thus, some of the high-end quality products may be nice and can certainly deliver the much needed cooling, but some makes and models are just not enough. This is why the concept of vacuum laptop cooler is born – they don’t fit flatly underneath your laptop, instead, it attaches to your laptop’s vent and suck out all the hot air. An incredibly smart concept which is simply what just many laptops need. One good example of this product is the KLIM Cool+ gaming laptop cooler. How does it provide the cooling? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to find out.

KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler (image from Amazon)

Who is if for?

KLIM Gaming Laptop Cooler is designed for high-performance laptops that needs help in cooling, especially people working in tasks and programs that require heavy CPU work, such as photo and video-editing, big title games, etc. It’s also light and pocket sized, making it extremely portable and easy to carry around, perfect for users on the go.



KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler (image from Amazon)

KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler brings the best of both worlds; though it doesn’t fit flat underneath your computer, it takes very little space, pocket sized, quiet, and simply does the job pretty well. Like laptop coolers however, it does require USB connection to work.


Intuitive Cooling and Easy to Use

Most vacuum laptop coolers come with both manual and automatic cooling operation, the KLIM Gaming Laptop Cooler on the other hand, comes with a special feature that enables it to accurately gauge the temperature of the computer and provide the proper cooling measures the laptop needs.

Users can also select the speed they want for the fan manually to choose between optimal cooling or less noise, making it a little more versatile tool for various working environments.

This tool may not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it basically has everything you need for cooling, and it does the job perfectly well. Users can switch the speed manually and automatically. As with other vacuum coolers, the maximum setting provides optimal cooling, while the lower and medium setting are meant for quiet operation.

Design and Features

Without a doubt, the KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler looks amazing. Design wise, it’s eye-catching, even looks solid and futuristic, giving us an idea of its target demography – the gamers. But since it’s designed to attach to almost all laptops, this means anyone can use it, so long as it’s on a flat surface.

Works with Almost Any Type and Size of Laptop

KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler (image from Amazon)


Unlike laptop coolers that sits underneath the laptop, vacuum coolers attaches to the laptop’s ventilation holes. Meaning, it can work with almost any design and size of laptop, as it only needs to be attached to the vacuum holes to run its fans and suck the hot air out. That means any laptop within 10 inches to 17 inches of size can definitely use this laptop cooling tool.


With LED Display for Temperature and RPM

KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler (image from Amazon)

The highest fan setting is at 4500 RPM, but you don’t need to guess its setting, as the manufacturer have provided a display of the tool’s current operation through an LED screen. Also, users can opt to switch off the LED lights, should they want less distraction when working.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler is definitely one of the best out there when it comes to performance and ease of use. It’s extremely powerful (at maximum speed) and quiet (at minimum speed), and the fact that it is compatible with almost any size and style of laptop makes it an extremely versatile to have. Also, because it is pocket size and lightweight, it is extremely portable; easy to carry around and use anytime, anywhere.


There really isn’t much to complain about this cooling tool, as it perfectly does what it’s supposed to do; helps your laptop lower temperature by 15˚ to 30˚ C (59˚ F to 86˚ F). Also, it is a little bit more intuitive than many of its competition, as it provides easy reading (thanks to LED screen) and automatically responds to temperature levels.

All in all, the KLIM Innovative Cooling Design Gaming Laptop Cooler is an excellent too; it looks cool and definitely efficient. It’s the perfect solution for gamers, graphic designers, or anyone who needs help in cooling their laptops.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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