Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1; An In-Depth Review

Not so long ago, we don’t normally see the words budget and IPS panel in the same sentence. These days however, more and more manufacturers strip their monitors down of extras to offer budget-friendly IPS monitors. This means beautiful imagery is no longer exclusive for expensive displays. One good example of this is the Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1a 23-inch budget monitor that works fine for all-around use. What makes this thing tick? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a new inexpensive monitor for home, office, or even gaming, then you definitely want to check out the Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1It’s equipped with industry standard for excellent picture quality – AH-IPS LED panel, which means it has no problem showing off beautiful imagery. Also, since it’s cheap, it makes a good candidate for dual monitor or triple monitor setup.




Good Quality Screen, Respectable Picture Performance

As expected, the screen performed well in tests; USB calibrator and open-source calibration software colout accuracy test shows this monitor can display 92.8% sRGB colour gamut for its out-of-the-box setting. A little twitch of switching to sRGB mode preset and increases that to 93.1%. Colour accuracy can’t increase any further though. These test results are decent, considering the price of the monitor.

The screen also shows deep black, as test shows black level is just at 0.2cd/m2, showing very little light coming through the screen’s backlight. Contrast level is equally good, as it scores 1000:1. The combo of good black level and high contrast makes way for fair colour accuracy that can even fit the needs of photographers and graphic designers. The rick and vivid colors of this screen can certainly match the demands of colour-demanding tasks; colors red, blue, and green looked bright, vivid, and solid.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

Not only that this Iiyama monitor has the ideal size for dual monitor and triple monitor setup, it also has the perfect ultra-thin bezel that is extremely excellent to look at when two or three of this monitors sit side-by-side. Two of the best options out there for dual monitor setup are from Ergotron and Amazon Basics.


Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm (image from Amazon)

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm allows you to put two displays of up to 28-inch display side by side, or even put one on top of the other. It is made up of solid polished aluminum construction, with high quality materials. It’s equipped with Constant Force (CF) technology, which is Ergotron’s patented technology that holds monitors securely in place, and still allows smooth, convenient adjustment for optimum ergonomics.

AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm (image from Amazon)

If you’re looking for a dual monitor LCD arm that can support your two 27-inch monitor, but don’t have the budget to spend for premium products, then you can opt for AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm. This product comes with an affordable price tag, but don’t mistake its price for low quality, as it can certainly stand against the best in the market today.


If you want a panoramic view for your setup, then you can get the XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand for triple monitor setup.


XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

This triple display monitor stand is aimed for gamers looking for a panoramic triple display setup. It requires a fair amount of assembly, but once setup fully, it provides respectable support with good adjustability, perfect for both gaming and work PCs. Aesthetically speaking, it's one of the better looking monitor stands out there.



Design and Features

Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 (image from Amazon)

Primarily designed for the office environment, Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 is a small, stylish monitor, but capable monitor that definitely looks the part. It comes with a thin bezel, which is the kind of monitor you would want for a dual monitor or multi-monitor setup without breaking the bank.


Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 (image from Amazon)

Primarily designed for the office environment, Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 is a small, stylish monitor, but capable monitor that definitely looks the part. It comes with a thin bezel, which is the kind of monitor you would want for a dual monitor or multi-monitor setup without breaking the bank.


Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 (image from Amazon)

For its connectivity options, the ProLite XU2390HS-B1 has a fairly generous I/O ports, considering its price. Selection includes HDMI, DVI, and a VGA port. VGA of course, is a welcome option for anyone looking to hook up the monitor with an older laptop which may not have digital ports, or anyone looking for a multiple monitor setup for their PCM with only a DVI and VGA outputs. As expected, there are no USB hubs in this monitor.


With Integrated Speakers

This Iiyama monitor may be stripped off of many extras and features, but it still managed to include speakers, which is just a welcome addition for most users. It comes with a pair of 2W speakers, which is by no means special – they’re decent general use, like listening to music while working, watching videos, movies, etc. But it’s definitely not for optimal entertainment. They sound tinny and lacking bass, which is expected.


Wobbly Stand, with Limited Adjustability, with VESA-Compliant Mounting Holes Though

Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 (image from Amazon)

In terms of build quality, this monitor is what you’d expect from its price – the stand feels wobbly. Also, it offers limited adjustability, which means it doesn’t swivel, adjust in height, or pivot. This means you would have to make your own arrangements to get the screen at the right height.

There is of course, the VESA mounting holes to save the day. This means you can ditch the wobbly stand for monitor stand with articulating arm, or for dual monitor or even triple monitor setup. Besides, the 23-inch screen and ultra-thin bezels are perfect combo for multi-monitor setup.


Tech Specs

Package includes the VX2363Smhl-W monitor, a Power cable, AC/DC adapter, VGA cable, HDMI cable, Audio cable, a Quick start Guide, and the ViewSonic Wizard CD (User Guide).


Bottom Line

Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 is definitely a no-nonsense monitor. It may be stripped off of the extra features compared to most IPS-paneled we see in the market, but it’s straight to the point; it has everything a basic monitor needs and does the things it’s expected to do really well. Aesthetics and performance wise, this monitor doesn’t jump off the page; colour accuracy and contrast is fair.

It’s far from perfect obviously, and it has lots of flaws. For one, the stand is mediocre, it doesn’t have a USB port, and obviously, it lacks the options of presets and extra features that make it more enjoyable to use.

Nevertheless, Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 is still a great buy, considering the picture quality you get for the price.

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