Humanscale QuickStand Desktop Riser: An In-Depth Review

Humanscale have been making computer solution products for years, from keyboard trays, monitor arms and monitor mounts and an adjustable-height desk they call Float Table (check out our in-depth review here). All of its products are strong contenders in the industry. The QuickStand desktop riser is its debut entry in the desktop riser market. We all know it’s a fast-growing and a highly competitive market, which is why we have dozens of good options out there today. Thus, they made sure they put their mark on this product – used their trademark modern aesthetic design to make it work perfectly with modern work and office environment. But is its functionality as good as it looks? How does it stand against its rivals? Let’s find out in this Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review.

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Who is it for?

As a quick sit and stand solution, this desktop riser is intended for computer users who are looking for a full-scale workstation that doesn’t only great ergonomics, but the aesthetics to fit with their work space as well. It’s a very versatile desk riser and flexible enough to fit users up to 6’4” tall. However, its worksurface is not meant for users with tons of workstation peripherals. So if you only use keyboard, laptop and maybe a notepad, pen and smartphone on your worksurface, then Humanscale QuickStand Desktop Riser is for you.


Though quite a late entry in desktop riser market, the Humanscale Quickstand desktop riser is well-equipped for office desk dominance, as it can stand toe-to-toe against the best in the market today, such as the Ergotron WorkFit-S and Kangaroo Pro.


Three Variants to Choose From, Including the Dual Monitor Variant 

Humanscale made three model options of the Quickstand desk risersmall platform, larger platform, and the dual monitor platform. Specs and some important details differ from these three variants, but they have a common denominator – the Quickstand is designed to work perfectly with desks of different depths, ranging from 24 inches to 36 inches. The worksurface of the larger variant measures 28 inches, which is the same size as its close rival Kangaroo (though not as deep), and beats the Ergotron WorkFit-S which only measures 23 inches.

(image from Humanscale)

Decent But Limited Adjustment Range with Easy Adjustability Mechanism

In terms of range of adjustment, the 5 inches independent monitor adjustment and 23 inches total height adjustment of this desktop does pretty well against its strongest competitors. The platform is also very easy to adjust, helping users switch from sitting to standing position conveniently, as it comes with easy grip on both sides of the platform.

(image from Humanscale)

Also, this Humanscale desk riser doesn’t allow swivel function for the monitor. Kangaroo allows monitor to pan 90⁰ side to side swivel and a little tilt range for smaller monitors. Additionally, the tilt joint for the display seems a little sticky, and not as easy to adjust as the Kangaroo, which features a utilitarian style.


Compact and Lightweight, But with Limited Weight Capacity

Compared to its competitors though, it doesn’t use the most heavy-duty components, keeping the total weight light. However, it can only carry monitors up to 11 lbs., and has a limit weight capacity of 25 lbs. This means this riser won’t be replacing your workstation, but only complement it. Thus, the weight capacity is not a big issue. Nevertheless, when compared to the 16 lbs. monitor weight capacity of WorkFit-S and the impressive total weight capacity of 34 lbs. of Kangaroo, we can say QuickStand falls in this category.


Good Stability for Workstation Use

Construction wise, this riser is very similar with WorkFit-S, except from the embedded keyboard surface which comes with work platform, the latter has its keyboard tray suspended. While Humanscale’s riser wobbles a little from time to time, it is just as solid as its Ergotron counterpart, if not more solid. Kangaroo beats them both with its excellent stabilization leg.


Design and Features

(image from Humanscale)

Design wise, Humanscale used their trademark modern design aesthetic in making the QuickStand desktop riser. The form indeed follows its function, and it comes with a very elegant design that you can pair perfectly with your modern office décor.


Innovative Build and Design to Improve Work Setup

(image from Humanscale)

At first, QuickStand desktop riser is easily one of the best-looking products of its kind in the market today. Clearly, Humanscale spent good amount of time in determining what computer users really want and configure this product to make everything work in harmony, from work posture, to how cables run throughout the workstation, up to the lifting mechanism.


Attaches to the Rear Side of Your Desk

Another common issue among desktop risers is that, spacious models tend to consume so much desk space, making them feel awkward for people with smaller desks. This product from Humanscale however, attaches to the back side of the desk, so it will not obstruct the front of your workspace, making it feel like a more traditional moving top workstation. This design however, comes with a price, as you will not be able to lower the riser’s typing surface below the table, which can be a challenge to work with when sitting down. In terms of ergonomics, this setup is less than ideal.


Two-Piece Clamp to Secure the Base

Quickstand desktop riser comes with a 2-piece clamp to secure the column along with the attached monitor, keyboard and mouse. This clamp can be attached either to the back edge of the desk or through a grommet hole. The clamp can lock tabletops as thick as 1/2 inch to 2 3/4 inch thick, and it’s quite easy to setup to any desk with that thickness without needing any tools.


Great Cable Management System to Help Keep Your Workstation Nice and Neat

(image from Humanscale)

Humanscale solved the long-standing problem among desktop risers (cable clutter) by providing an excellent cable management system in their Quickstand desktop riser. Users no longer have to worry about running their display cable and power cables throughout the riser’s pole, as they’re well fixed on to the pole. The same goes for the keyboard and mouse cables – hidden from your workstation to give you a workstation free of cable-clutter.


Tech Specs

(image from Humanscale)

Bottom Line

(image from Humanscale)

For years, ErgoDesktop’s Kangaroo and Ergotron’s WorkFit-S have stood on top of the race in desktop risers when it comes to adjustability and functionality. Humanscale doesn’t shy away from these two competitors with its debut desktop riser product QuickStand desktop riser. Though it doesn’t necessarily surpass its competition, it is well-equipped enough to challenge them the two at the top spot. It has its own share of shortcomings, such as the limited weight capacity, limited adjustability, and lack of bells and whistles to make it stand out. However, the ability to provide great convenience, paired with good-looking aesthetics, this ergonomic solution from Humanscale is really worth to consider. It can adjust the depth of its worksurface, and it’s pretty convenient to switch from sitting to standing.

The hefty price tag of this desktop riser may easily turn away most consumers, as a matter of fact; it is more expensive than the WorkFit and the Kangaroo. Also, it lacks the quick-release brake like most products of its kind. Plus, it sets the display in somewhat stiff setting.

However, if you’re looking for an ergonomic solution that offers great aesthetics as well, along with its trusted functionality, then you should definitely check out Humanscale Quickstand desktop riser. This product has great elegant appeal that would make it easily look good in any desk or office. A couple of tweaks on its adjustability can definitely catapult this product to one of Amazon’s best-sellers.

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