Humanscale Float Table; An In-Depth Review

Being around for quite a long time, Humanscale have made quite a lot of great computer ergonomic solutions, such as monitor arms, monitor mounts, keyboard trays, and just recently a desktop riser. But one of the products that really cemented its name in the ergonomic solutions market is its Float Table, which is said to support load of up to 130 lbs. and still provide great adjustability and functionality. It uses counterbalance technology, putting it quite at the top of the adjustable-height sit-stand desk list. But what really makes this desk special? Can it justify its price tag? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide and know more.

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Who is it for?

The Humanscale Float Table is designed for users looking for a full adjustable height sit-stand desk that can provide heavy load. Rather than using crank or electric adjustment mechanism to adjust height, it uses counterbalance technology for better adjustment mechanism, perfect for modern office décor. Its worksurface is also spacious enough to keep everything you need on your table, it can even support dual monitor setup.



Excellent Counterbalance for Quick and Smooth Height Adjustment, Making it Feel Like Floating

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Counterbalance mechanism technology works on a tension system that acts against a load. When set properly, the Float Table provides smooth and sleek movement, regardless of how much weight you put on its tabletop. The Float Table utilizes a crank for counterbalance adjustments, to release a brake, users have to squeeze the small paddle and allow the desk to move up and down.

(image from Humanscale)

The desk quickly glides between 27 inches and 47 inches, which means users as tall as 6’2” will still enjoy the great functionality of this desk. If you’re a little taller, and you want to put a treadmill underneath to make a treadmill desk, then you might want to look for higher desks, such as the Electra height-adjustable desk and the ThermoDesk Elite, both from iMovR.

One important note about the counterbalance system though is that, if you’re going to add or remove some weight, then you need to adjust the tension on the crank, or risk having overly-assisted movement on one end and tough movement on the other. The brand offers both mounted crank and removable crank versions for this desk, the mounted option will cost you $80, but it is far easier to use.

Convenient One-Hand Adjustment

The desk can also be adjusted with one hand, quite a convenient feature if you’re holding something important on the other hand.


Wide Range of Desktop Sizes to Suit Your Specific Workspace Need

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One real problem about adjustable height sit-stand desks is that, though they can adjust in different height levels and cater the needs of different users, some users need specific set of adjustability options. Humanscale understands this need, thus, they made different variations of the sizes of their Float Table, ranging from svelte to spacious. This means computer users from all sizes can find the right Float Table for them, with the right adjustability range.


Design and Features

(image from Humanscale)

Humanscale, throughout the history of its products, is known for making both high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing ergonomic solutions. The Float Table is no different, as it continues this tradition, combining good aesthetics with great functionality. Float Table puts functionality above anything, but good aesthetics doesn’t fall far behind. Besides, Humanscale is known for well-designed solutions that suits modern office environment. This product in particular, is made up of polished aluminum frame and steel body that would fit perfectly to any office setting. Any color options would perfectly match its aluminum and white finish.


Spacious Leg Space

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Under the desk is an obstruction-free design, there are no further frames to support the table, giving you more space to move your feet. Some counterbalance desks out there come with bulky pedestal uprights, consuming the leg space and making it feel uncomfortable to work on.

This is one of the many reasons why you will often find this table in high-end offices and business establishments, such as law firms and offices in Wall Street, and it can toe-to-toe against the current top product of its kind – ThermoDesk Elite. However, the base legs can’t spread wider to allow both treadmill and chair. If that’s the kind of setup you want, then you should check out the NextDesk Terra. It is a little pricey, but it can’t be used for sit-stand-walk configuration.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

(image from Humanscale)

At first glance, the Humanscale Float table sports a seductive appeal that would fit perfectly to modern office settings. With the innovative counterbalance technology, similar to other high-end adjustable sit-stand desks in today’s market, this product has great things to offer for full-time computer users. The desk is fast and easy to adjust and switch from sitting to standing position and vice versa.

This desk is extremely well-designed and operates smoothly and quietly, unlike adjustable-height desks with electric motor and crank. Plus, the spacious and uncluttered foot space, along with the great design make it a great choice for any work environment sporting modern décor.

Though it is quite a brilliant piece of work, it has its own share of shortcomings as well. One is that, it can be pretty expensive, something you can truly expect from a desk of its caliber. Also, Humanscale provides two options for the adjustability, the removable crank and the built-in crank. We highly suggest you go for the latter, as it makes everything easy. Also, though it fits perfectly to modern office, it may be tough to match to dominantly wooden and ‘Earthly’ offices. If you’re looking for wood-grain color desk, then you should check out iMovR ThermoDesk line. It offers the same counterbalance technology with great classic desk top.

All in all, the Humanscale Float table is by all means, an excellent height-adjustable sit-stand desk, and it is truly one of the most flexible choices you can find in the market today. If you’re looking for a good-looking desk, then you will never go wrong with this one.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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