How to Sync Your Windows 10 Desktop to OneDrive

Windows 10 may not be able to protect the files you stored in your default folders, fortunately for you, you have this guide to make sure you have them all backed up in OneDrive.

Each Windows 10 account comes with a default set of folders. They’re the basics, namely Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos, basically folders that let you organize your files. To sync your files locally, there’s the OneDrive which is kept up to date automatically.

But have you ever thought of merging the two and make your Desktop still your Desktop, but constantly being synced to OneDrive cloud instead of backing up manually? Fortunately you can do it, and it’s much easier than you think.

In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process to move default user folder in your profile to OneDrive and keep them all backed up and protected.

Moving User Folders to OneDrive

     1. Open File Explorer

     2. Then, go through:



You can of course, open the Run Command through Windows key + R. Then, type in %HOMEPATH%. Then, click OK to open the current home folder location.

     3. Click to open OneDrive folder

     4. Create a new folder with a descriptive name (i.e. ‘yourname’ Files) to group            the folders you’re about to move.

     5. Inside this new folder, create a folder for each location you want to move to           OneDrive. For example, if you’re moving the Documents folder, then create           a new Documents folder inside OneDrive.

     6. Then, go back to the account name folder where default folders are located.

     7. Right-click Documents and select Properties.

 8. Hover to and click Location tab

     9. Click Move

     10. Go to OneDrive folder and then open the newly made Documents                     folder.

     11. Click Select Folder button, you’ll see that the default location path has               now been changed.

     12. Click Apply

     13. A window will prompt you to move any contents from the old location to the new one. Simply click Yes to continue.

     14. Complete the task by clicking OK

It’s actually that simple! To move the remaining folders, such as Desktop, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, etc., simply do the same process for them.

Obviously, if you regularly download a lot of stuff regularly from the Internet, you may want to consider moving the Downloads folder. Besides, these files are usually not as important as your usual files.

Reverting the whole process is quite simple as well. 

   1. Open OneDrive

   2. Go to the folders you want to restore old location

   3. Right-click that folder and then click Properties

   4. Click Location

   5. Click Restore Default button

   6. Click Apply

A window will prompt you to recreate the original folder in the old location. Continue by clicking Yes.

 8. Click Yes to confirm

     9. Complete the process by clicking OK

Do the same process for each folder you want to revert

Parting Tips

There are a bunch of benefits in taking advantage of this feature. Though you may not be able to keep all your files in the default folders backed up in cloud seamlessly, you can have the same configurations on other computers to organize and sync your files across different devices and make them all accessible through web browser using <>.

Also, this will keep you from making duplicates of your files (which we all know can be a hassle), while apps that use default storage locations will now save get saved directly to OneDrive without extra steps on your part.

Also, while you can follow these steps with a free account, the 5GB storage space will get eaten up really quick. Thus, a paid OneDrive or a Office 365 subscription storage are your best options. 

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