How to Remove a Virus Using Windows Defender Offline Tool

We’ve heard those horror stories – someone’s PC is practically dead simply because their kid clicked a pop up ad from some sketchy website. Something was downloaded and infected the computer with a malware, causing it to not load properly. And when trying to log into Windows, they keep in getting an error message like:

"Interactive logon process initialization has failed"


Who knows what that sentence truly means. But the point is, the person could no longer get into his Windows machine. And because of that, there’s no way of removing the spyware from the computer. He could not even get into Safe Mode and run an anti-virus program. The only available option is to nuke the computer (delete everything), reinstall, and start from scratch. Or, use an offline spyware scanning tool to remove gets rid of the malware before Windows even gets a chance to boot up.


If you’re experiencing this problem, then this post is for you. Fortunately for you, Microsoft has provided their users with a cool offline version of the Windows Defender. This program works by scanning the system outside of Windows and rid it off of infections. From here you can start your computer and the malware will be completely gone, and hopefully, your system will start and work normally again. It’s a pretty convenient thing to have than having to delete and reinstall everything.

So how do you use it?


Get the Offline Virus Scan

Get started by downloading the Windows Offline tool here:


This means you have to download the program and save it on a USB or create a CD/DVD bootable media that runs Windows Defender. Create the media and boost the computer from the saved USB drive (or CD). The system will scan and fix any problems for you.

Once you have the program (32-bit or 64-bit), run it and you will see the welcome window. It usually looks like this:

Click Next to get the offline media started. Accept the license agreement, and from here, you’ll choose an option where to save the program:

For this example, we will be using the flash drive. The USB will be formatted to install Windows Defender Offline. It needs only about 250MB space, but it has to format the whole USB.

Click Next to start the process.

After completing, you will see the instructions on how to use the new media:

From here you can boot up using the media and see the familiar Windows Defender screen. If your computer can’t boot the USB drive automatically, then you will have to change the boot order in the BIOS first.


All definition files are downloaded when you use the install tool. This means you will need the internet connection (or anything that updates the definition files). Should you need to run the tool again later, you will have to make a new media again to download the latest files and make a bootable media.


There you have it; you now have the offline tool to disinfect your system off of malware and spyware.  Hopefully you won’t need it; but it’s good to know that you have something like this at your disposal.

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