How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows the Easy Way 

Looking for ways to secure your files in your Windows PC without going through the technical hassles of putting passwords? Need to hide your files and folders quickly? Well, Windows allows you to safely do that, without using any third-party software.

Hiding files and folders in Windows PC is pretty rudimentary. Meaning, anyone who knows their way with the computer can easily find it. However, there are some cases where you simply need to do it to hide stuff from your kids and other users in your household. Since files are hidden, people who don’t know they exist may not bother to purposely find them in the first place, especially if you hide them deep into your operating system directories.

As said earlier, this is an extremely basic trick, and probably the oldest trick on the book. So use it at your own risk.

Learn Where to Hide First

First thing’s first. If you’re going to hide something, you better don’t put it somewhere that is easy to notice, such as the My Documents. Rather, put in a place that people would not typically go. A good example is the C:\Program Files\Common Files.

Creating a new folder here will not hurt anything, and not many people will go browsing through this place, since they’re mostly installation files. The good thing about hiding files is that, there’s no easy way of searching for them in the computer, making this trick a little more useful.

Once you have your files stored in a folder in an unlikely location, you can start hiding it.


Hiding Folders in Windows

Hiding folders in Windows PC is as simple as changing one of the folder’s properties. Windows Explorer reads this property, and shows or hides the folder appropriately. However, there’s an option that you can choose called “Show hidden files and folders”, which will easily display all folders, no matter what the hidden property was set to.

Basically, we need to change this setting so hidden files and folders aren’t shown. Similarly, this is the reason why you don’t want to store your files in obvious locations. This is because no one really opens folders from obscure places.

To hide files, go to My Computer and then click Tools. Then click Folder Options. For Windows 7, go to Organize > Folder and Search Options. You can also click Start type the word search and then click Change search options for files and folders.


Click View tab from Hidden Files and Folders section. Then choose the radio button of Don’t show hidden files, folders and drives. Click OK to save changes.

Also, make sure you check the box Hide extensions for known file types and Hide protected operating system files. This is usually set by default, but it’s still good to check anyway.

Now to hide the folders, head to the folder where the folder you want to hide was saved. Right-click and choose Properties.

From the General tab, check the box at Attributes section named Hidden.

Then, click OK to hide the folder in the current window you have opened. Obviously, the folder will be hidden, and you won’t be able to see it. To see the hidden folder, you have to do the same procedure above and change the option back to Show Hidden Files and Folders.

If you’re looking to save anything to the hidden folder, simply un-hide and then save the file to the folder, then hide it again.

You can also specify the entire path in the File Name box.

Say for example you want to save a Word document to the folder. Simply type in C:\Program Files\Secret\filename.doc then click Save.

There you have it! That’s how you hide folders in Windows PC. As said earlier, this is a pretty basic trick, which means it can only be effect for non-computer savvy users. For more tips and tricks, check out Dual Monitors Guide. 

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