Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan; An In-Depth Review

Vacuum laptop coolers have provided us excellent alternative for laptop cooling from the bulky, if not heavy cooling pads. They come in compact pocket-sizes, making them easy to carry around and use anytime. Also, instead of blowing outside air into the laptop, which sometimes doesn’t work, it sucks hot air out, acting like an extra external exhaust fan for the laptop for optimal cooling. Like in cooling pads, we also have less popular brands in vacuum coolers that can definitely compete with their popular, and often times expensive counterparts; one good example of which is the HAYATA LPC-03 Air Extracting Laptop Cooling with Vacuum Fan. It’s cheap, but don’t mistake its price tag for low quality, as it can definitely provide some cooling. Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more

Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan is obviously designed for laptop users, and this one seems to have a good balance of gaming and industrial feel, making it a good choice for users both gamers or non-gamers. And since it’s compact and pocket-size, it’s the perfect choice for laptop users one-the-go.



As said earlier, Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan doesn’t come with any fancy feature, which had definitely helped keep its price tag low. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide the cooling for your laptop though, as the built-in fans are powerful enough to provide optimal cooling.


Powerful Yet Ultra-Quiet Fans Perfect for Work Environment

Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan (image from Amazon)

Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan worked as advertised, dropping the temperature of the laptop 20 to 30˚ F down when set on high mode. The superior quality built-in high speed motor provides excellent airflow and head displacement for the computer, even at higher loads. What is even more interesting is how quiet the fans are.


Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan (image from Amazon)

Despite of having powerful motor and fans, this vacuum laptop cooler has no problem working on silent mode, as it works in ultra-quiet fashion, providing noiseless operation for a noise-free environment. It’s a great tool for offices and home offices where you want a quiet environment to do your tasks on your computer.


Design and Features

Design wise, the Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan look more like a tank – it looks industrial, tough, and compact. Unlike many of its competitors, it doesn’t come with the fancy design or bells and whistles to make it look futuristic or gaming-centric. There are no blue LEDs or LCD screens, etc.


Adjustable Power Dial for On/Off and Power Adjustments

Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan (image from Amazon)

Instead of coming with On/Off, + and – buttons to adjust its power level, this vacuum fan comes with a power dial on the side, which lets users turn the device On and Off and adjust the power level of the fan. Everything is simplified in this device, which means you need to listen to the fans closely to identify the power level.


Easy and Quick Installation for Your Convenience

Package comes with a user manual and instruction guide with clear instructions, making this tool extremely easy to install and setup to your laptop. From beginning to the end (four step installation), it will take about 10 minutes to get this thing to fully operational mode.


Tech Specs


Package includes the vacuum cooler, a pane, a user manual, a USB cable, and four window sleeves.


Bottom Line

Despite of lacking the blue LED light, gaming-centric design, LCD screen, automatic function, etc., the Hayata LPC-03 Vacuum Fan works. In fact, to say that it’s effective is a huge understatement. It looks and works with basic and straightforward functions, which definitely helped keep it extremely affordable.


Cranking up the vacuum at maximum power level may result to high-pitched humming, and can be heard even with your headphones on (but not playing). Obviously, it goes away if you start playing the audio of your computer or play music. The bracket may come off easily from time to time, which means you must be a little patient about it.

If you’re considering of getting a vacuum laptop cooler, but don’t want to spend more for a small piece of equipment, then this is a good choice for you. It’s definitely not the most powerful and efficient out there, but it does provide a decent job in providing the cooling help your laptop needs, for a very cheap price.

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