Guide to Office Ergonomics

As we all know, working on your computer and sitting all day, every day, imposes tons of health risks to the human body. But unfortunately, many of us are forced to this kind of setup and lifestyle, as we are stuck in our workstation or desk to work and make a living. However, the advent of ergonomics and the growing call for healthy and more comfortable work setup opened a lot of choices for us to still be productive at work, and minimize the risks of sedentary lifestyle.

If you’re looking to revamp your work setup to an ergonomic and healthier workstation, then here are the few things you need to know.

Sit-Stand Desk and Why You Need It


Sit-Stand desks or standing desk has made quite a buzz in office solutions and ergonomics industry in the past couple of years. And rightfully show, as studies show how amazing standing often can help mitigate the health risks of sitting and sedentary lifestyle. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we will discuss the importance of moving and the benefits of having a sit-stand desk.

Benefits of Standing Laptop Desks


Laptops are great travel companions, they’re compact and dependable. However, the way they are setup is not really conducive for long hours of work. Working on a laptop regularly, for extended period of time can hurt your back, neck and even affect your overall posture and body integrity, which leads to lots of health risks. You can however, counteract its downsides using standing laptop desks.

Benefits of Desktop Risers


Desktop risers, or also known as sit-stand workstation or desktop workstation, provide great solution for users who want to reap the benefits of sit-stand desks, but don’t want to get rid of their existing desks. This ergonomic solution usually comes with base to secure the laptop, or a computer monitor.

Convert Regular Workstation to a Healthy to a Treadmill Desk


Standing is better than sitting, but standing alone may not be enough for everybody. Those who are looking to get more active as they work on their computers can definitely make use of treadmill desks. Being able to sit, stand and walk on your workstation is the best way to counteract the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle.

How to Get the Best Office Chair for You


Just getting an office chair is not enough to give your body the right support it needs for long hours of daily sitting. For the best comfort and ergonomics, you need the find the best office chair that fits to all your comfort needs and body’s requirements.

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