FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk; An In-Depth Review

Adjustable sit-stand desks provide the ideal workstations for the comfort and ergonomic benefits they bring with their design and functionality. However, not everyone has the luxury to replace their existing desk with an adjustable one. Enter sit-stand workstations and desktop risers; the closest thing to sit-stand desks, as they provide the best of both worlds – they provide the sit-stand functionality without needing to replacing your existing desk. One of the better examples of this type of ergonomic solution is the FlexiSpot wide stand up desk. It may be a lesser-known brand, but its top quality makes it one of the best options out there. What makes this one special? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.


Who is it for?

FlexiSpot 27" wide Stand Up Desk is for anyone looking for a solid, stable sit-stand workstation for an affordable price and can go within the load limits of its category. It’s a well-designed product with a sit-stand capability that offers optimal comfort and ergonomics, perfect for people who spend extended hours in front of their computers on a daily basis and don’t want to diversify their work position from sitting to standing, and vice versa.

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk (image from Amazon)


The FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk is a sit-stand workstation, meaning it sits on top of an existing desk and adjusts in height for either sitting or standing position or change in height level depending on your requirements. It also comes with a separate keyboard tray for ergonomics. Basically it’s a desktop riser which you will have to haul on your existing desk.


Scissor Mechanism for Vertical-Lift and Save Space

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk (image from Amazon)

The FlexiSpot 27" wide Stand Up Desk may look a lot like many of other workstations in the market. However, most of its competitors use parallelogram mechanism, which raises and lowers the work surface by moving towards the user, and away from the desk, when raised. This is quite an inconvenient feature, especially for those with limited space, especially small home office and cubicles, as it forces users to step back while standing, away from their desk, pushing the chair even farther back.

Scissor mechanism system on the other hand, rises and lowers vertically, using every inch of your desk efficiently.  It will only occupy the space of its footprint. This is obviously the ideal setup, as it saves space and offers excellent stability, as the work surface and keyboard tray will not go forward, keeping the load at the center for optimal support. 


With Gas Springs for Balance and Stability

Similar to the gas springs used for counterbalance for hatchback cars, the gas springs of FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk counterbalances the weight being carried by the work surface and gears placed upon it. This keeps the whole thing stable and balanced, while helping users switch from sitting to standing position and change the height easily, without manually lifting the heavy equipment on top of the work surface and keep the top tier from plummeting downward when releasing height locks.



Design and Features

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk is pretty much a desktop riser. Meaning, it is designed to stand on your existing desk, a familiar design that we have seen utilized by other manufacturers, such as Ergotron, VariDesk, etc.

The work surface measures about 35 inch wide, 21 inch deep and narrows to 31 inch at the rear. The whole workstation measures 31 inch front to back, with 14 inch vertical travel, large enough for most types and size of users. It comes with 13 height setting options, with 1 inch increments.

The work surface and keyboard tray measure around 1/2 inch thick and must be made up of particleboard or something similar. Both tiers are gently rounded on the edges and finished with a textured glossy black matte finish with soft off-white undersides. The metal parts are painted semi-gloss black, while the base is encased in a subtle textured black plastic. Good thing about its design is, despite its hulking mechanism, it doesn’t look horrible at all.

The keyboard tray measures 25 inches from its support arms and 35 inches wide overall, and 11 inches deep in the center. Its wings “outboard of support measures 8 inches deep. This means there is more than enough room for large keyboards, enough room for a decent mouse gaming pad or trackpad, iPhone, etc. They have also provided small curbs at the back, so you will not inadvertently slide your keyboard off the tray.


Comes Mostly Pre-Assembled, the Rest Are Easy to Attach

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk (image from Amazon)

It arrives securely packed, with each component and separately packed for safe shipping. The package houses the pre-assembled workstation, which consists the work surface and lift mechanism. Separate wrapped are the keyboard tray, a couple of supporting arms, decorative round endcaps for the lifting mechanism and fasteners. Also included is the instruction manual.

This means you need to put this thing together. Don’t worry though, as assembly is quite easy and straightforward. You will need a screwdriver should you want to add the keyboard tray. The rest of the add-ons can be attached through their snap-on joint. Plus, the instruction manual is quite easy to understand. Unboxing and assembly time will take around 30 minutes, more or less.


Squeeze Handles for Height Adjustments

To adjust the height or switch from sitting to standing position and vice versa, you will have to squeeze the handles provided on both sides. The height adjustment system is assisted by a gas spring system, which allows the whole thing to lower or rise with little to no effort on users’ part. Your hands should be on both handles. Be wary of getting your fingers pinched as you adjust though.

Pushing the workstation all the way down may require some push, but it helps to know that you won’t accidentally send your monitor or laptop computer plummeting down as you work.



Solid Build with Decent Weight Bearing Capacity

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk (image from Amazon)

The FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk is quite a solid product, with 35 lbs. load limit, which is more than enough for most workstations. The scissor mechanism helps in its weight bearing capacity, as it adjusts vertically, keeping the whole thing stable and your laptop computer (and/or monitor) safe and secured in place.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

As a standing desk, this product is excellent. It feels strong and stably; it doesn’t shake or wobble even when you type rigorously on its keyboard tray. For sitting however, the extra 6 inches of the top surface, it adds to the height of your desk can be an annoying factor if your desk is already at a perfect height. The keyboard and mouse tray though adds only less than an inch off the desk. Of course you should definitely consider the available space you have in your workstation and make sure it’s large enough to fit such upgrade.

One thing you should consider is how flat your desk’s surface is. You might want to use a level for that, because even though your desk rests flat on the floor, and surface visually looks flat, some warping may cause the FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation to be unstable. It won’t be a big issue though, and you can always result to the age old method of sliding a folded paper under on feet to level the work surface.

All in all, the FlexiSpot 27" wide Stand Up Desk is a tough competitor in sit-stand workstation market. The wide and spacious work surface offers enough space for multiple devices, or workstation essentials such as water bottle, paperwork, etc. While it may not be the cheapest, it’s definitely a more practical solution for those who don’t want to replace their existing desk.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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