Ergotron MX Mini Desk Mount Arm: An In-Depth Review

Ergotron has been in the ergonomics market for quite some time, and they’re one of the more trusted brands when it comes to dependable quality and innovative design that truly brings out the best in your computer use. What’s even more amazing about this brand is, it shows no signs of stopping, as they still continue to make newer designs to address all the needs of wide range of users. One of its newer designs is the Ergotron MX Mini Desk Mount Arm, which is essentially the smaller version of its previous MX desk mount. Despite its size, it maintains the same quality and innovative design. How does it stand against its competition? Let’s find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.


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Who is it for?

The Ergotron MX Mini Desk Mount Arm is meant for computer users who work with small or mid-sized and lightweight displays. It maintains the same premium features as its bigger brother, along with the attractive finish.



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The Ergotron MX Mini Desk Mount Arm offers slimmer profile and delivers expansive height adjustment range, along with full range of adjustability, from full tilt, pan, and rotation. As with other Ergotron stands and mounts, it offers the same brand of ergonomic comfort through improved productivity, and combines it with stylish design to fit with any workstation.


Works Perfectly with Mobile Devices


Dedicated for lightweight monitors, Ergotron MX Mini Desk Mount Arm can also work perfectly well with other lightweight displays, such as Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad.


Upgradeability for Better Tablet Setup

For tablet users, you can always add the tablet holder accessory to make an ultra-flexible mount arm setup for your workstation.

For secured and ergonomic setup for your tablet, you can combine the MX mini with the accessory Lockable Table Mount. The upgrade also allows handy document setup for the tablet, allowing users to tilt their device 90° and position the mobile device parallel to their worksurface.



Design and Features

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Made with High-Quality Polished Aluminum for Aesthetics and Quality

As with other Ergotron products, the Ergotron MX Mini Desk Mount Arm is made up of high quality polished aluminum. It’s well-built, extremely durable and designed to fit any work environment. And as with other Ergotron models, this one also comes with quite an exceptional design, making it quite the right solution for anyone working on small and lightweight displays, and trying to save some space on their desk.


Cable Management System to Keep Your Workstation Clean and Clutter-Free


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The cable management system for this Ergotron desk mount allows easy and hassle-free way to route your cables inside its arms and extensions and put them cables away and keep your desk clutter-free.


Easy Installation and Effortless Operation

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Ergotron always makes sure their products can be setup and installed by all users, even those without good skills in assembly and construction. It comes with two basic mount choices; grommet and clamp, and both options offers easy and hassle-free installation.

Plus, it includes hardware for installation on Ergotron’s WorkFit-T and TL sit-stand desktop workstation.

Also, using its articulating arm and moving your display anywhere you want in your desk is as easy as pushing the monitor with your fingertips. The arm moves smoothly, but keeps the desk in place in stable and secured fashion.

Obviously, with grommet, you need to make a hole on your desk to setup the mount arm. Clamp on the other hand, simply needs some room at the backside of your desk to clamp and lock on. It is also the easier and faster option.

Screwing the monitor on the mount also comes easy, thanks to the VESA bracket tools that comes with all Ergotron products. It supports VESA 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm, while the package also comes with thumb screws and head screws for the VESA mount.


Tech Specs

Package includes the mounting arm, extension, desk clamp, grommet mount, monitor attachment hardware, and installation hardware for WorkFit-T/TL.


Bottom Line

All in all, the Ergotron MX Mini Desk Mount Arm indeed maintained the standard of Ergotron in its elegant aesthetics and superb functionality. It allows flexible adjustments, which means it can provide all the ergonomics you need for your display, be it a small monitor, a laptop, or even a tablet.

It holds displays securely, without having to need accessories to fit in your desk space. The downside of course, as a mini desk mount, it is not designed to hold big and heavy displays. It is means for small screens, which should be helpful for people working on a limited space, and in office cubicles.

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