ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation; An In-Depth Review

Multitude of sit-stand solutions has flooded the market, promising excellent ergonomics in both sitting and standing position. However, though many of them sport the same design, we all know not all are made the same, and though some were able to deliver, many fall far short from their claims. The ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation definitely belongs to the former, as it has very similar design as with other quality products. Its manufacturer however, says it has some interesting things to offer. What are these things? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

As with other sit-stand workstation, the ER Sit-stand Desktop Workstation provides excellent sit-stand solution for office and home office workers with limited work space. It’s definitely a great alternative for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of a sit-stand desk, but can’t/don’t want to replace their existing desk with a sit-stand one.


It’s definitely a great sit-stand solution for computer users. What is great about it is that, it’s not exclusive for one type of user, as it can work perfectly for both desktop and laptop users.


Easy Sit-Stand Solution

ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation (image from Amazon)

ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation switches position easily and quickly, allowing users to convert their position from tabletop (for sitting) into standing position. A standard feature for quality sit-stand workstations – provide convenience for computer users to switch from sitting to standing position and vice versa, or change height settings.


Strong and Durable Sit-Stand Workstation, Excellent Weight Bearing Capability

ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation (image from Amazon)

Durability of construction and strength of material are the two things that separate this workstation from many of its competitors. It may look very similar to other products of its kind, but very few can compete with its quality and durability, especially in its weight bearing capability.

This workstation can carry up to a whopping 40kg or around 88 lbs. on its work surface. That’s a testament to the product’s build quality and material durability. It may be designed like everyone else, but it sets itself apart in terms of build quality, which is a work of good engineering.


Saves Space By Moving Straight Up and Down

Unlike many workstations that moves in a curve when switching from sitting to standing position, which of course results to consumption of more office space, this workstation moves straight up and down. This means it stays within its footprint, which is actually what you need for sit-stand workstations – to save office space.

Design and Features

ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation (image from Amazon)

There is nothing spectacular about the looks of the ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation. It looks very much like its competitors, such as Ergotron WorkFit-T and Rocelco sit-stand desk. It pretty much just differs on the construction details. This workstation looks basic and straightforward, no bells and whistles. And that is actually one of its biggest selling points – it’s easy to understand and use, plus, it’s extremely durable, keeping your computer stable and safe.


Two-Tier Design for Ergonomics

ER Sit-stand Workstation features a two-tier design, which means there’s a tier dedicated for the laptop or computer monitor and a separate tray for the keyboard and mouse. This provides optimal ergonomics, as it puts the arms and shoulders to comfortable working position, and the display to eye level position for ergonomic neck position.


With Spring Assisted Mechanism for Easy Height and Setup Transition

ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation (image from Amazon)

This workstation comes equipped with spring-assisted mechanism, which allows the work surface to raise and lower into any of its set height position or from sitting to standing position, and vice versa, within just seconds.


Keyboard Tray Moves In Tandem with the Work Surface

One of the most frustrating things in many workstations out there with two-tier design is that, they kind of negate the benefits of the separate keyboard tray by keeping the lower tier in place and not move with the top tier when switching from one position to another, or re-setting the height of the workstation. Ergo Remedies addressed this issue in their workstation by following the steps of quality sit-stand workstations – allowing the keyboard tray to move in tandem with the work surface. The bottom tray is positioned under the top tray, maintaining ergonomic space between the two to allow users work on the keyboard and mouse conveniently.

Tech Specs

Bottom Line

There isn’t much to say about the ER Sit-stand Desktop Workstation that hasn’t already been said above. Its basic design makes it easy to decipher and use. Plus, it comes fully assembled, which means all you have to do is pull it out from its box and voila! You’re ready to setup your computer on its workstation.

It’s also one of the toughest and most hardwearing out there, thanks to its heavy duty material and excellent construction. The downside of course, is it’s a bit heavy. Definitely not a portable solution, as we’re guessing you don’t want to bring a 33 lbs. workstation with your from home to work and vice versa.

Despite its heavy metal material and solid construction, adjusting height and switching from sitting to standing setup and vice versa, is quite convenient. Thanks to the assisted spring mechanism, which assist the lifting of the heavy steel construction.

As with other sit-stand workstation, this product offers space-saving solution, as users won’t need to get rid of their existing desk in favor of a sit-stand desk, as this can provide the same benefits with the help of an existing desk.

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