Dual Monitor Display Tips

In the past couple of years, the price of computer monitors has fallen drastically, paving the road for dual monitors and multiple monitor setups. Windows have become multi-monitor friendly than ever, giving computer users more flexibility to maximize their computers through multiple displays.

However, there is more to dual monitors and multiple monitor setup than just buying extra monitors and connecting cables to motherboard and video card. Using two to three monitors at once indeed provides a lot of convenience, but it there also factors you need to consider to come up with a seamless setup.

There are tested and proven ways to setup an ergonomic workstation with multi-display setup, but there are also things that worked before that has gone obsolete, or has better alternatives. This section will teach you all the things you need to know about buying monitors and computers, hardware and software for dual monitor setup, and more.

Display Tips

Asus PB287Q (image from Amazon)

Tips for Choosing Monitors for Multi-Display - This post will breakdown the most important things you need to look for when choosing monitors for dual monitor and multiple monitor setup.

Helpful Software Options

Wallpapers - All setup with multiple monitors? Now customize your screens so that you have a dual monitor wallpaper and screensaver that reflects your unique personality.

AMD Eyefinity shown at AMD ExtravaLANza in Toronto (image courtesy of Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine)

AMD’s Eyefinity lets you use different sized computer monitors for multi-screen setup. It is said to be the ultimate multi-display technology for gaming, productivity and entertainment.

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