Desktop Riser and Sit-Stand Workstations for Laptops Reviews

For people looking to experience the benefits of sit-stand desks, but don’t want to get rid of their existing work desk, desktop riser is the best alternative. It offers almost the same benefits, minus the hefty price tag.

Sit-Stand Workstation for Laptops on the other hand, are is especially designed for laptop users who want to get the same benefit of sit-stand desks.

Ergotron WorkFit-TL Review

Ergotron WorkFit-TL, as with any other products from the WorkFit series, is targeted for office workers. Basically it’s designed for people who work on their computer for long hours every day, particularly who work on two screens or dual monitor setup. It provides a standing solution, while allowing users to work on their chair anytime they want.

VersaDesk Sit-to-Stand Electric Standing Desk Review

VersaDesk Sit-to-Stand Electric Standing Desk is a motorized sit-stand desk. It conveniently moves and switches from sitting to standing position as you please. Simply press the button and stop at your desired height setting and you’re good to go.

CubeFit Standing Desk Review

CubeFit Standing Desk, as with other sit-stand desk converters is for people looking to try out the sit-stand work setup, but doesn’t want to spend big chunk of money for expensive products. It fits in any desk, thanks to the flexibility of its split-level design which takes up very little desk space, leaving users with more space to work on their existing desks.

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk Review

FlexiSpot 27" wide Stand Up Desk is for anyone looking for a solid, stable sit-stand workstation for an affordable price and can go within the load limits of its category. It’s a well-designed product with a sit-stand capability that offers optimal comfort and ergonomics,

ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation Review

As with other sit-stand workstation, the ER Sit-stand Desktop Workstation provides excellent sit-stand solution for office and home office workers with limited work space. It’s definitely a great alternative for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of a sit-stand desk

Varidesk Soho Review

The Varidesk Soho is designed for computer users who wish to use a sit-stand desk everywhere, without replacing their existing desk, or having their existing desk entirely occupied by a large sit-stand workstation. It is light, foldable and portable, which means it’s also great for traveling.

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk Review

Designed for multi-functional use, the iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop desk is an all-around portable laptop desk. The simple, straightforward and open architecture design makes it’s not only conducive for on-the-go laptop users, but can also serve as a portable bed tray or bookstand.

Stand Steady Traveler Folding Stand Up Desk Review

Stand Easy desktop riser is undoubtedly meant for laptop users, whether for home office or the usual business office (cubicle) setup. Its small foot print, compact and light weight design makes it quite easy to carry around and use anywhere.

Lavolta Ergonomic Laptop Table Desk Review

Lavolta Ergonomic Laptop Table Desk is obviously for laptop users. However, it’s not exclusive for laptop use, as it is versatile enough to work as a portable desk for your crafts, or to have your breakfast on bed, or even a tablet PC holder.

Varidesk Cube Corner 48 Review

As with other Varidesk desktop risers, the Cube Corner 48 is designed to provide an elevated workstation and allow users to work on sit and/or stand position, while providing the most ergonomic setup for corners.

X-ELITE PRO Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Review

X-Elite Pro adjustable sit-stand desk sports a simplistic design, but comes with great versatility. The scissor-like legs provide strong and stable support, and offers great height adjustments.

UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk Review

UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk, a compact and portable desktop riser that provides stable and secured sit-stand setup for laptop and desktop users. A good alternative if you’re looking to save money from premium sit-stand desk.

Halter Manual Adjustable Height Table Top Sit-Stand Desk Review

Halter Manual adjustable height table top sit-stand desk offers a convenient transition from sitting to standing position and vice versa with the help of its crank-type adjustment. It is pretty solid and versatile, fit for any workstation.

Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Review

Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk is one of the most versatile sit-stand desktop riser out there. It comes with a retractable keyboard shelf for ergonomics.

Varidesk Pro Review

Varidesk Pro changes your workstation to a sit-stand desk without changing your desk. It is pneumatically assisted mechanism smoothly switches from sitting to standing, and vice versa. Plus, it provides better room for keyboard and mouse.

Varidesk Pro Plus Review

Varidesk Pro Plus is the bigger and better version of Varidesk Pro. It’s a ready-to-use desktop riser that offers solid build, and stable support for sit-stand setup. It can also support dual monitor setup.

Stand Steady Original Standing Desk Review

Stand Steady Original Standing Desk is a solid and affordable way to convert your existing office desk to a standing one. The heavy-duty work surface is paired with a set of adjustable legs that rests atop of your current desk

Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation Review

Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation is an innovative desktop riser. It uses a fully articulating arm that you can push, pull, lift and adjust anywhere to reposition your laptop on your desk and let you work in either sitting or standing.

Taskmate EZ 6400 Review

Taskmate EZ 6400 is for anyone looking for sit-stand workstation solution but don’t have the luxury of space and doesn’t want to ditch your office desk. It is compact with small footprint, but it's well-built and solid for everyday use.

Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Review

Ergotron WorkFit-T is easily one of the best desktop risers in the market. It provides spacious work surface, stable and secured base and a great space-saving upgrade.

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