Dell Single Monitor Articulating Arm: An In-Depth Review

Dell is widely known for their monitors and laptops, and they have been consistent in their quality in both categories. Dell also ventured in computer solutions aimed for ergonomic and comfortable computing, providing consumers with the best ergonomic tools to pair with their computer and display. A few months ago, Dual Monitors Guide reviewed the Dell dual monitor stand, this time let’s take a closer look of Dell single monitor arm

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Who is it for?

Dell MSA14 single monitor articulating arm is for users of single display setup looking to maximize their workspace for viewing comfort and ergonomics. It is specially designed for Dell monitors.



Optimized Ergonomics for Monitors But Can Also Work with Other Display Brands


Like any other good quality articulating arm, this product allows users to position their LCD monitor and get the best viewing position for their workstation. It promotes productivity with its multi-adjustment system, including tilt, swivel, height adjustability, and pivot features. This tool easily snaps and holds Dell monitor panels through the VESA mount, with no need of screws.


Adjusts Any Way You Want for Comfort and Better Productivity

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Dell single monitor arm lets you adjust your display in any way you want, giving you a more comfortable and ergonomic viewing angle for your monitor. The arm allows versatile adjustability, such as height adjustment of 10.5 inches, depth adjustment of up to 21 inches, can swivel the display up to 90⁰ or up to 300⁰, according to users’ needs.

Business users working in collaboration with their colleagues will definitely enjoy this LCD arm, as it allows easy sharing of information by easily moving the display.

Recreational users, gamers in particular, will enjoy a more comfortable setup, as they can put their display in the best position possible to help relieve fatigue in extended computing/playing sessions.


Specially Optimized for Dell Monitors

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This LCD arm easily attaches to the standard Quick Release system in Dell monitors without using any screws or hardware. Simply position the monitor’s mounting holes to the Quick Release slot and snap it in. VESA-compliant monitors from other brands can also be attached to this LCD arm using VESA adapter plate, which is conveniently included in the box. This single monitor arm can support displays up to 20.5 lbs. heavy.


Makes Way for More Spacious and Organized Workspace

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Replacing the monitor stand that comes included in your monitor with this monitor arm from Dell will let you reclaim a huge space on your work desk, giving you better space to do your daily tasks, from working on your computer, typing on your keyboard, writing, and even keeping important reference materials and documents. The arm also comes with built-in organization tools that will help you eliminate clutter from your desk, and keep your workspace a comfortable and conducive work environment. The integrated cable management system in the LCD arm and Behind Desk Cable Organizers gets rid of cable clutter, keeping your desktop clean and neat from annoying cables and wires from your computer hardware and peripherals.


Variety of Mounting Options

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Dell single monitor arm allow variety of mounting options to fit every user’s unique desk. Users can also mount their display on the side, rear or slot (standard 2.4-inch grommet hole) on their desk.


Design and Features

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Fully Adjustable Arm Allow Free and Easy Adjustments

The fully adjustable arm provides free and easy adjustments. The arm can swing side to side with excellent range. It can also pivot nicely from both left and right to switch from landscape to portrait orientation, and vice versa. You can raise and lower the arm close to your desk or high above it. However, you may need to readjust the screws (tighten or loosen) to get the best hold that you want. You can also tilt your display so it lays nearly flat on your desk, which means it’s great for touchscreen monitors as well.


Impressively Strong Built

The base of Dell single monitor arm is quite large, the arms are understandably heavy, while the bottom-side screw that secures the whole thing feels strong. This gives you the confidence that the arm can handle your monitor securely and keep it in stable position, no matter how hard you swing the re-position your display on your desk.

Set-up Needs A Little Patience and More Common Sense

Set-up is the most common criticism for the Dell single monitor arm. While Dell could use some better instructions, the product is only made up of 3 major parts. The set-up instruction uses pictures for setup, with no explanations whatsoever, but it doesn’t need a genius to understand and put the three major parts together.

If you find yourself having a hard time setting up the whole thing, then go straight to Dell’s product page and watch the 3-minute video for the setup. If you’re using a Dell monitor, then you can easily use the “Quick Release Mount” to mount the display to the LCD arm. This is the nice part about the set-up, as displays can be quickly attached to the arm through VESA bracket.

Dell also included VESA bracket kit on this product’s package for easy attachment of any computer monitors.


Tech Specs

Package includes the Single Monitor Arm (4 parts), 2 screws , 2 Allen Wrenches (5mm & 2mm), Dell Single Monitor Arm VESA plate, Thumbscrew (C x 2), Screws, S2 x 8 (short), S1 x 8 (long), 8 Spacers, and documentation.


Bottom Line 

The Dell MSA14 single monitor articulating arm may be far from perfect, but it is certainly one of the best ones out there. It can be a pain to setup, as the package lacks the instructions for easy and hassle-free assembly, but it definitely provides a really good function, and you will soon forget the pain of setup as you enjoy its function for a long time.

The arm swings freely and in a very wide side-to-side range. It also allows the monitor to pivot, so you can switch your orientation from landscape to portrait, and vice versa. The ability to hold grommet holes is a testament of the product’s design, as it provides stable and secured base for your precious display.

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